WL 0.1mm BGA Reballing Stencil for iPhone Baseband NAND A10 A9 A8 CPU

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Positioning Mold
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    WL 0.1mm BGA reballing Solder template stencil is universal iPhone reballing tool, it is designed to fix iphone motherboard BGA chip. This high quality iPhone BGA reballing stencil template can work with positioning mould to allow more convenient repair, it is available for iPhone 6/6p/6s/6splus/7/7plus.

    WL 0.1mm BGA Reballing Stencil for iPhone Baseband NAND A10 A9 A8 CPU

    [ Optional BGA Reballing Stencil Package ]

    BGA Reballing Stencil  + Black Positioning Mold

     BGA Reballing Stencil  + Black Positioning Mold + 1pcs Aluminum Mold Base

    Optional 1: iphone 5/5s Baseband and NAND
    Optional 2: iphone 6/6p Baseband and NAND
    Optional 3: iphone 6s/6sp Baseband and NAND
    Optional 4: iphone 7/7p Baseband and NAND
    Optional 5: A6 CPU upper
    Optional 6: A7 CPU upper
    Optional 7: A6/A7 CPU Lower
    Optional 8: A8 CPU upper
    Optional 9: A8 CPU lower
    Optional 10: A9 CPU upper
    Optional 11: A9 CPU lower
    Optional 12: A10 CPU lower

    [ Optional  Aluminum Mould Base ]

    it is universal, can fit with any black positioning mold

    1: Included base
    2: Without base

    [Optional Positioning Mold (Black)]

    Not univeral, can't working with different BGA Reballing Stencil, the Black Positioning Mold just match with the right BGA Reballing Stencil.

    1: Included Positioning Mold
    2: Without Positioning Mold

     BGA Reballing Stencil 

    BGA Reballing Stencil  + Black Positioning Mold

    BGA Reballing Stencil + Positioning Mold (Black)  + Universal Aluminum Mold Base (Golden)



    0.1-0.12mm thickness, high hardness, hardly deformed,  increase the success rate on BGA reballing Solder working, it is the  top quality BGA Reballing Stencil  for iphone Baseband CPU and NAND, A10 / A9 / A8 CPU..

    WL Top quality Fast Speed BGA reballing Solder template stencil

    Demo video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5MDA1NDkyOA==.html