​​​​​​​Medusa Pro Box Samsung Huawei Unlocking Flashing Tool 

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Professional-grade Repair Toolkits to Fix Your Phone
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    Medusa PRO Box is a professional Samsung Huawei LG phone flashing and mobile unlocking tool, through JTAG, USB and MMC interfaces, Medusa PRO Box is designed to repairing dead boots of the devices (mobile phones, PDAs, modems, etc.) or these devices recovery.

    Medusa Pro Box Samsung Huawei Unlocking Flashing Tool 

    Medusa PRO Box is a professional phone flashing and mobile unlocking tool that lets you work with a wide range of Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, ZTE and other mobile devices through JTAG, USB and MMC interfaces. The main intended purpose of Medusa PRO Box is repairing dead boots of the devices (mobile phones, PDAs, modems, etc.) or these devices recovery, until they become fully operational. Medusa PRO Box Software is a windows application for Medusa PRO Box, provides convenient interface for end user.

    Medusa PRO - Hardware Features:

        Fast USB 2.0 high-speed hardware
        JTAG support for ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7
        Up to 24MHz JTAG speed
        Transfer speed via JTAG interface up to 1 MB / s
        eMMC support up to MMC 5.0 standard
        1-bit and 4-bit MMC bus modes are supported
        Standard 20-pin JTAG interface
        Built-in JTAG PIN finder
        Built-in USB CCID smart card reader
        Built-in RJ45 Multiport, Unibox capable

    Medusa PRO - Software Features:

        Full-featured professional-grade Medusa PRO software
        Software fully supports all operations (Read, Write and Edit) with any required memory sections through JTAG, USB and MMC interfaces.
        Easy and smart Graphical User Interface (GUI), suitable for beginners and for experts
        Fast repair of target device with Smart-Repair-Files (SRF)
        SRF contains partition data and other necessary data (help files and diagrams)
        Data in SRF is compressed (less to download, quicker to work)
        Built-in Partition Manager
        Now you can edit and save required for your work partitions, this leads to convenient and easy way to service devices. In addition, with Partition Manager you may open Full Flash file in binary format, edit it and write it back to the device.
        Simple per-partition operations (Read, Write, Erase, Edit) of the target storage device
        Built-in Smart-Repair-File Constructor with Partition Manager for creating custom SRFs
        SRF file could be taken from the device or read out from Full Flash file in binary format. This feature allows the user (without developer's assistance) add devices to the list of supported models, which are not officially supported yet. User will be allowed to upload that custom SRF file into separate section of Support Zone for further analysis by developers. If custom SRF file would be recognized as a legitimate and correct, name (or nickname) of the author will be presented in the following update. Thus, user has been given the opportunity to participate in the development of Medusa PRO and became known in certain circles.
        Built-in Download manager
        Allows you to download files directly from the software.
        NAND, OneNAND, NOR and eMMC storage devices are supported via JTAG interface
        NAND, OneNAND and eMMC storage devices are supported via USB interface
        eMMC storage devices are supported via MMC interface
        Up to 1 MB / s transfer speed via JTAG interface *
        Up to 6 MB / s transfer speed via MMC interface with 4-bit bus *
        Up to 2.2 MB / s transfer speed via MMC interface with 1-bit bus *
        Windows 10 compatible software

    * All measurements were done on ASUS M5A97 R2 motherboard with AMD FX-8370 CPU and with Medusa PRO Box connected to USB 3.0 port, located directly on motherboard.

    Medusa PRO Box - Supported CPUs:

        Qualcomm MSM6245
        Qualcomm MSM6246
        Qualcomm MSM6250 (A)
        Qualcomm MSM6260
        Qualcomm MSM6270
        Qualcomm MSM6275
        Qualcomm MSM6280 (A)
        Qualcomm MSM6281
        Qualcomm MSM6290
        Qualcomm MSM6800
        Qualcomm MDM6270
        Qualcomm MDM8200
        Qualcomm QSC1100
        Qualcomm QSC6010
        Qualcomm QSC6270
        Qualcomm MSM7200 (A, B)
        Qualcomm MSM7201 (A, B)
        Qualcomm MSM7225 (A)
        Qualcomm MSM7227 (A)
        Qualcomm MSM7227T
        Qualcomm MSM7600
        Qualcomm MSM7625
        Qualcomm MSM8225
        Qualcomm MSM8227
        Qualcomm QSD8250
        Qualcomm QSD8650
        Qualcomm APQ8060
        Qualcomm APQ8064
        Qualcomm APQ8064T
        Qualcomm MSM8260
        Qualcomm MSM8660
        Qualcomm MSM8930
        Qualcomm MSM8930 (A, B)
        Qualcomm MSM8960
        Samsung S3C6410
        Samsung S5P6442
        Samsung S5PC110
        Samsung S5PC210
        Samsung S5PV310
        Broadcom BCM2133
        Broadcom BCM2153
        Broadcom BCM2155
        Broadcom BCM21654
        HiSilicon HI6731
        Marvell PXA270
        Marvell PXA312
        ST-Ericsson ST-U8500
        ST-Ericsson ST-U9500

    Medusa PRO Box - Supported eMMC Models:

        Samsung eMMC
        Sandisk eMMC
        Pretec eMMC
        Hynix eMMC
        Unknown (Sandisk) eMMC
        Toshiba eMMC
        Micron eMMC

    Medusa PRO Box - Supported Flash Vendors:

        ST Micro

    Medusa PRO Box - Supported Flash Devices:

        AMD / Spansion NOR
        Hynix eMMC
        Hynix H8BCS0QG0MMR
        Hynix H8BES0WU0MCR
        Hynix HYH0SSJ0MF3P
        Hynix H8ACSOPL0MCR
        Hynix HYC0SEH0MF3P
        Hynix H8BES0UQ0MCR
        Intel NOR
        Micron eMMC
        Micron 1024Mb
        Micron 256Mb
        Micron MT29F1G08
        Micron MT29F1G16
        Micron 512Mb
        Pretec eMMC
        Samsung eMMC
        Samsung NOR
        Samsung 1024Mb
        Samsung 1024Mb
        Samsung Flex-OneNAND 512Mb
        Samsung OneNAND 1024Mb
        Samsung Flex-OneNAND 1024Mb
        Samsung Flex-OneNAND 1024Mb DDP
        Samsung OneNAND KFH2G16Q2M
        Samsung OneNAND KFH2G16Q2M
        Samsung KFH2G16Q4M
        Samsung OneNAND KFW4G16Q2M DDP Demux
        Samsung OneNAND KFW4G16Q2M DDP
        Samsung OneNAND KFG4GH6Q4M
        Samsung K5G1G13ACH
        Samsung K9F1208
        Samsung K9F1208
        Samsung K9K1216
        Samsung K9F2808
        Samsung K9F2808
        Samsung KBE00500AM
        Samsung K9F5608
        Samsung KF92G16
        Samsung 1024Mb
        Samsung 512Mb
        Samsung 512Mb
        Samsung 512Mb
        Samsung 512Mb
        Samsung K9K2G08
        Samsung K9F5608
        Samsung K91G08
        Samsung K91G08
        Samsung KBE00S00AM
        Samsung K9LAG08U0M
        Sandisk eMMC
        ST Electronics NOR
        ST Micro 128MB
        ST Micro 512MB
        Toshiba TC58NW
        Toshiba TC58512FT
        Toshiba TY9000AC10AOBG
        Toshiba TCDAM82F1
        Toshiba TC58DDM92F2
        Toshiba TY9000A800J0GG
        Toshiba TC58NYG0S3CXGJS
        Toshiba TYA000BC00DOGG
        Toshiba TH58NYG2S8C
        Toshiba TC58NYG1S8C
        Toshiba TH58NYG2S8C
        Toshiba TH58NYG2S3C
        Toshiba TC58512FT
        Unknown (Sandisk) eMMC
        Unknown eMMC

    Medusa PRO Box Package list:

        Medusa Pro (box with a smart card) - 1 pc.
        Micro UART cable (with 530K resistor) for Samsung C3303K - 1 pc.
        Optimus cable - 1 pc.
        Medusa Pro JIG Adapter - 1 pc.
        Copper wire 0.1 mm - 1 pc.
        USB A-B cable - 1 pc.


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