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2018 Guide: 3 Methods for iPhone X Black Screen Repair

When the iPhone X screen is black, you can hear the phone ringing, but you can't pick up because the screen is still black. There may be many reasons for your iPhone screen gets black. One reason may be water damage or hardware damage, or your phone might also fell into ground accidentally before. The iPhone X black screen death may also occur due to software problems, or firmware modifications. Some of the methods mentioned below can solve this problem, even if your device is running on iOS, you can try these methods 11.3. 

The various ways that we talked about before are through a black screen to fix your iPhone or Bluetooth doesn't work on the iPhone X, the iPhone camera doesn't focus, or the application freezes, so let's talk about the iPhone X in this article.

1. Reset your iPhone X device
2. Restore your iPhone X device
3. Repair iPhone X black screen, no data is lost

- Reset your iPhone X device

The first thing you need to do to solve the problem of iPhone X black screen is hard reset your device. Here are the steps you must follow to solve this problem.

Step 1: find your iPhone X home button and power button on your iOS phone.

Step 2: hold the home button and power button until Apple logo appears on the screen.

Step 3: now, release the button and wait for the device to restart.

If this method does not work, then you can restore iPhone X device via iTunes.

- Restore your iPhone X device

You can follow these steps to restore the iPhone X device:

Step 1: download the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: use the USB cable to connect the iOS smartphone to the system.

Step 3: After that, iTunes will start detecting your device. Now, go to the summary tab and select the option "Restored iPhone".

Step 4: now, the option to "restore" is confirmed.

Step 5: Once completed, iTunes will start deleting your iPhone. After that, you need to install the latest iOS software.

Step 6: after all this is done, your iOS device will start restarting.

Data loss is a major drawback to using this method. If you expect a better solution, then you should use the next method.

- Repair iPhone X black screen, no data is lost

If you're annoyed with the problem of the iPhone's black screen, then you should use iMyFone D back. This software has a fantastic feature, fixing iOS systems, fixing problems, black or white screens on your iPad, fixing your iPod touch. In addition, it can fix your iPhone. Single interface enables users to repair smartphones in seconds.

IMyFone is a good solution to this problem. Install the software on your PC and follow the steps described below.

Step 1: start the software and choose the option to repair the iOS system.

Start the iMyFone D backup program on your PC, and then select "Fix iOS System" as mentioned on the left. Connect iOS devices to your computer system via a USB cable, then switch to standard mode. Stick to the instructions on the screen and keep your iPhone in recovery or DFU mode.

Step 2: download firmware download delete iPhone X black screen death

When the software locates your iOS device, it displays the latest iOS firmware for your smartphone. Now, go to the download button and take the firmware,Now, wait for it to be downloaded.

Step 3: repair iOS device

After the firmware is downloaded, you are asked to go to the option "Start Fixing" and the program will start fixing your device. The program to fix the iPhone is not long. After the process is completed, the iPhone X black screen will be deleted. 

If the above methods can't help, it's time to use some professional iPhone X diagnosis tools for further repair. If you need any technical support, you can contact us on


How To Repair My iPad Can't Rotate?

What if the ipad screen fails to rotate? Many users have encountered the same problem while using ipad air. The iPad suddenly couldn't rotate the screen, and I didn't see any special problems when I looked at the settings. So what is the reason why the iPad can't rotate the screen? When the iPad screen does not rotate, we all know how annoying it is! Today our phonefix shop team will tell you why the iPad screen can't be rotated and how to solve it. If you encounter this problem, please refer to the following.

There are many reasons why the iPad screen is rotated and locked. Under normal circumstances, the screen cannot be rotated because everyone has the following situation during the use of the iPad.

1 Unintentionally touch the "lock screen button" in the upper right corner of the right side of the iPad.

2 or accidentally turned on the "Lock Screen Rotation" function of the AssistiveTouch

3 There are still some reasons because of the problems caused by the jailbreak of the iPad or the problems caused by the download conflict plugin.

4 A small part of the reason is due to problems caused by damage to the iPad device.

How to Fix iPad can not rotate?


Solution 1:

First check if the button in the upper right corner of the "iPad right side" has been moved to the orange state. Go to "Settings" are viewed in the "General" and "Control Center".

If the button in the upper right corner is orange, this means the screen is locked and cannot be rotated. Just push the button up and change it to the on state. If the button in the upper right corner does not display an orange color or you cannot select a screen, please review the workaround below.


If you have an older iPad, Each iPad released before the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro has a switch on the right, just above the volume button. This side switch can be set to mute or switch device orientation lock. In other words, depending on how the iPad is set up, you can turn the device direction lock on or off by flipping the side switch.



Solution 2:

If your app is designed to run in only one direction, open the app and tap the iPad's home button to log in to the home screen. Try rotating the device now. In case it spins, obviously the app is a problem, not your iPad.

Solution 3:

Another way to unlock the rotation on the iPad is to double-click the iPad home button to use the multitasking bar. Slide the bar to the right to find the rotation lock option. Now you can close the lock with a single click.

Solution 4:

To solve the "iPad screen can not automatically rotate" problem. Just restart the iPad to help you. After restarting the device, all iPad apps will be closed and restarted. To restart the iPad, press the power button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Now let go of the button. Note that when the power off slider appears, just ignore the bar and wait for the Apple logo appeared.

Solution 5:

If the "Show Zoom" feature is enabled, it may interfere with the natural rotation of the screen. Sometimes users turn on the Show Zoom feature to improve the overall visibility of the app on their device's home screen. When you turn on the Show Zoom feature, you'll realize that the icon size will increase and the fill between icons will decrease. However, this automatically overrides the screen rotation feature on your device. In most cases, even if the "display zoom" function is turned on, the user cannot notice it in advance. If the iPhone does not turn sideways even after the longitudinal direction is locked, you can follow this solution.

If all of the above solutions don't work, you still can't solve the problem that the iPad screen won't rotate, it's possible that your device may have hardware-related issues. If you have other questions, please contact us on


What should you do before water damaged happens

It is useless for you to regret after your phone suffered a water damaged, why don't you leanr to how to protect it, instead the regretting, don't it? Suffering from a sddern shut down as of the hurricane or the rainy season, we have no choices but we can do something, right? Just don't let it terrible, or influence your life. While i think we should take some preventive measures to avoid the same tragedy. Here, we Phonefix team will share something useful for you, for many others. How to protect your phone from getting wet or being water damaged.

Once this happened, the first step you need to do is turning off your phone, and then the physical way is that you put it into rice, let the rice absorb the water, as for the technician, we advise you disassemble it with professional phone opening pry tools, avoid any short circuit, don't charge it during the water damaged exists. If you are a DIY phone lover, you may know how to operate it, but if not, had better do your best to avoid this phenomenon.


Well, hope what we will share can be useful for you ,following the tips:


1 Wrap your phone in a plastic bag when raining


Do remember to bring something necessary when it's rainy, such as a simple plastic bag or zip pouch, as it can save your phone from water drop or avoid some damages. Besides, these bags are usually lightweight, portable and very convenient for your daily use.   


2 Equip your phone with a waterproof phone case


The waterproof case is very necessary for your phone, especially in monsoon. It will well protect your phone from water drop. Even if you accidentally drop your phone in any humid places such as shower, toilet, swimming pool, spa, your phone with the waterproof case will be still safe and sound.  


3 Equip yourself with a raincoat, or jacket, even waterproof bag


When you have been habit to running after work, i thought you may cannot help doing some outdoor activities even on rainy days, so that is the key. You had better take some measures first to protect your phone from getting wet, dressing a raincoat to avoid it. The waterproof bag promise you can take photos with your friends while your phone keepr running normally, just make sure the materials are resistant to the rain and waterproof enough.


4 Equip yourself with a bluetooth headset


This is a perfect solution for phone callers or music lovers. With a Bluetooth headset, your phone can be safely tucked away in your bag or pocket, then you can enjoy your favorite music or make a phone call with an easy mind.  


5 Take a spare phone 


Natural disasters may happen unfortuanately such as typhoon, hurricane, heavy rains. In recently, there happens a big strom named as "ShanZhu" in Shenzhen, many trees and plants was destroyed ,the care, the glass and the road, with the heavy rains, we are really sorry for this happening. Though we aims at phone repair, but we sincerely hope everything on this world can be safe and happy. 


For your smartphone, if you have something important data in your phone, we advise you get a second phone to have all your data and phone numbers saved, this will ensure your phone's safe and make your life and work easier, it can help you avoid the losing.

6 Take care when using it in the rain


If you have to use your phone in the rain, firtly, you should confirm there no any electronic equipment;secondly, keep some key parts away from your rain drop, such as earphone jacks, fingerprint scanner, phone home button etc; lastly, hold it tight...


There are so many smartphones dying of water damage ever year, it is not we don'care it but we don't know how to do. But we sincerely hope such terrible thing will not happen on your phones when you read this article.


Has this post helped you? If you have any more better ideas, you can refer to the articles, or contact us on, we will be willing to discuss with you.

Has this post helped you? If you have any relevant problems about your phone, you can refer to the articles below:


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