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Guide: How to Repair the Most Common Cell Phone Faults

When mobile phones are used normally, cell phones often fail due to various natural causes because of their different characteristics and classification. So, when the users send their faulty cell phones to cell phone repair shops, what should  technicians so when repairing such a mobile phone? Are there any repair skills you have to learn? What cell phone repair tools you need? In this article, Phonefix Shop Team will show you some tutorials.

1. Accidental Drop 

Generally speaking, some of the faults of a mobile phone are the following:

1) the cover is easily damaged and you can replace it directly, it not difficult to repair. But you have to notice that the cover of the mobile phone is easy to deform. It should be carefully carried out during the disassembly with phone opening toolkit, and it should not be forced to pry hard so as not to cause further damage.

2) the antenna is easy to break, and only the corresponding antenna needs to be replaced during repair.

3) the filter is easy to break, resulting in failures such as no network access, no emission and weak signal.

4) due to the use of surface welding technology, all kinds of malfunctions caused by the easy opening of the integrated circuit will cause repair of the mobile phone.

2. Water damage

The malfunction that is easy to appear after the water damage

Because mobile phones are possibly used everywhere, it is inevitable that they will be affected with damp or get water in. At the same time, because of the high degree of integration of the internal circuit of mobile phone, when the mobile phone is  water damaged,it usually causes the following faults:

1) circuit board failure

On the one hand, due to the accumulation of impurities and electrolytes in the water, fouling may cause circuit failure. In particular, when the mobile phone is inflow when the cell phone turns on, the direct electrode is easy to cause the fault of the integrated circuit and the power supply circuit on the circuit board of the mobile phone without cleaning and drying.

On the other hand, a variety of impurities and electrolytes may be left on the circuit board when the water mobile phone is volatile, which will directly change the parameters of the circuit board in the design, resulting in a decline in performance and indicators. Therefore, when the mobile phone is water damaged, it needs to be properly processed before the cell phone can be repaired.

2) cell phone circuit is easy to get broken

1.  the power supply circuit is easily broken. Because the power supply circuit is the place where the large current works, if the mobile phone fails to process in time after entering the water, the power supply circuit will easily burn short when it starts.

2. The circuit with perforation is easy to break. Because this kind of parts are easy to accumulate corrosive substances, and not easy to remove. The time is long, and it is most rotten to cause breakage.

3. Integrated circuits and small pin components such as resistors and capacitors are also most susceptible to corrosion and breakage.

If you want to get more professional guide for cell phone repair skills, please contact China Phonefix Shop Team for help!


Repair Guide: iPhone 6S Take Photos Blurred

Nowadays, mobile phones have become the most convenient tool for people to take pictures everyday, and people are more and more like to take pictures with their mobile phones. Record the bits and pieces of our lives through the camera function of the mobile phone. We take pictures, not only to record our own lives, but also to express a life attitude and our thinking about life. Many good moments in life require a mobile phone to record. The iPhone 6s is not only high in pixels but also has a clear picture, which is favored by people. But recently, many people have said that their iPhone 6S camera is blurry. Why is this happening? How to repair? Please follow our phonefix shop team to see the solution!


Restart iPhone 6S

Generally restarting the phone can effectively solve the problem. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Drag the slider to completely turn off the device.Once the device is turned off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

Check your iPhone camera

When your iPhone 6s is taking blurred photos, don't think you need to replace the camera. Try the following steps step by step to check if a blurred image appears due to incorrect operation.

1. Make sure nothing is blocking the camera lens. If you need to clean the lens, use Cleanroom Wiper to clean it up.

2. Make sure nothing is blocking the camera lens. If you are using a phone case, try removing it. When using the iPhone 6S, the metal case or magnetic lens can interfere with optical image stabilization. If you have a metal case or a magnetic lens attachment, try taking a picture without it. Then compare the quality.

3. Adjust the focus by clicking on the person or object in the preview screen. When the camera is adjusted, you will see a screen pulse or a short entry and exit focus. In photo mode, try to stay stable while adjusting the focus. If you move too far in any direction, the camera will automatically refocus to the center. In video mode, you can adjust the focus before starting recording.

Recovery iPhone

Connect your device to your computer with an original data cable.

Select it when displaying iPhone in iTunes.

In the Summary panel, click Restore.

Click Restore again to confirm that you want to restore your device to factory settings and delete all data and content. iTunes will download the device software files and restore your device.

After the device is restored to factory settings, it will be restarted. If so, you will see the "Slideshow Settings" welcome screen. Follow the steps in the device Setup Assistant.


Replace the iPhone camera

1. Turn off the machine first, then remove the two fixing screws at the bottom.

2. Use a wind gun to properly heat the edge of the phone to heat the edge of the screen. After using the suction cup to pull out the gap, you can use a crowbar, a cymbal, etc. to slowly separate the screen.

3. Using the flat end of the phone's crowbar, slowly lift the battery connector and remove it. Carefully pick up the battery connector and do not accidentally pick up the battery connector's securing slot. If you make a mistake, you will damage the battery connector.

4. Remove the Phillips screw of the fixed EMI (electromagnetic shielding) cover on the motherboard and remove the electromagnetic shielding metal plate.

5. Use the tip of the phone's crowbar to remove the cable. After successfully separating the display assembly from the middle frame assembly, use a pair of tweezers to tear off the insulating tape on the head cover.

6. Remove the Phillips screw from the earpiece holder. Note: All removed items will be reinstalled on the phone. Place the screws in the corresponding position on the magnetic screw mat for subsequent operation.

7. Remove the front camera cable. If the adhesive of the cable is too tight, you can use a hot air gun to heat it up so that it can be removed more easily. Put a new iPhone 6S camera into the phone body.

8. After installing the camera, boot and test whether the phone is normal. If there is no problem with the functional test, then shut down. Reassemble all parts back. Screw mounting is essential and must be installed in strict accordance with the screws on magnetic screw mat.

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