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5 Tips Before Sending iPhone to Phone Fix Technician

With the popularity of mobile phones, phone fix industry is certainly more common all over the world. When your iPhone internal parts need to be fixed or even gets water damaged, the cost of sending to a cell phone repair shop is often much lower than buying a new one, you have to plan to give your cell phone device to qualified mobile phone repair technician. Whether it's a broken iPhone screen, faulty hardware or any other problems, qualified professionals will fix them well, but make them know something in advance is always helpful. This will help them to provide better phone fix service for you.

Here are 5 tips you have to know before you send iPhone to an experienced professional.

- Data Back Up

If you have important messages or any information on your mobile phone, it's better to keep a backup before sending it to the cell phone repair shop, and the experienced technical staff will have strict data protection measures, which is true. However, professionals always advise users to back up data before repair, so that there is no possibility of data loss. You have to backup your data through iCloud or your computer so that professionals can prevent sudden loss of data in the repair process.

- Disclose Previous Repair

It's very necessary to do this before your mobile phone technician fix your iPhone. Just as sharing your medical history with your doctor, you should disclose to your technician the previous repair experience. Professionals need to know if anyone ever worked on your device before he did. Because amateurs often cause damage to equipment repairs, you have to let your professionals know if someone has tried to fix your problem so that he will have a faster and more accurate judgment with the iPhone fault. This will be more helpful for your mobile phone repair.

- Reveal if iPhone Got Water in

This is what you have to confess to the cell phone repair technician, even if your iPhone appears to be undamaged, you should disclose its actual problems to your professional. This is because water damage will change a lot of repair work. If your device is damaged by water, it looks like it's just a broken screen that might change the time that professionals spend on your cell phones. Therefore, you should show the phone fix technician everything about your equipment.

- Protection for broken screen

If you break your iPhone screen accidentally, before you take it to a mobile phone repair shop to change the screen, you need to take some protective measures on it, the first step is to stop using the iPhone, you can use tape to cover the screen, the first is to prevent the broken glass hurt yourself, the second is in order to prevent causing further damage if some dust gets in.

- Online search for a good service center

The process of finding a good service center may not be so easy, because owning a iPhone repair shop has no specific industry requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a thorough online survey. Once you find a repair shop, visit their website and reviews to check their expertise. Follow your intuition and choose the best technician.

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Quickly Repair Your Mobile Phone cannot Charge Issue

The phone battery can't charge has many reasons. When your phone battery isn't charging properly, don't immediately assume the phone charger or battery is broken. Based on Vip Fix Shop Team years of experience, the problem and solution may be much simpler than you think. If your phone isn't charging properly or at all, take a look these very common and fast ways to fix mobile phone that won't charge.  

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1. DIY fix the USB port

If you can fix it by yourself, the quickest, easiest solution is to do a little DIY repair on the hardware. You need shut down your device, and remove the battery.

These problem are often that the metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the microUSB charger are not making good contact.

You check the charging cable and use a little spinous tools, like the VIPFIX Tweezers to inside the USB port on your mobile phone, and carefully and gently dial, then reinsert your battery and restart it. 

2. Brush the phone charging port

You should check the phone charging port and cable port. When it accumulate some dust and rubbish, it will block the port and causes certain errors in the connection between the phone and the charger or the cable. 

Keep the port clean by regularly doing this so that nothing blocks the port. Carefully look at the charging port in the bottom of your phone, and use a phone cleaning brush to brush the dust, rubbish, lint or other debris(toothbrushes work just as well).

3. Check and change the cable

The easiest way to diagnose a faulty cable is to try a different one and see if that works properly with your device. All cables have a tough life, and endless flexing and curling can take its toll. So you should check the phone cable is well. If you are using a USB cable to charge the phone then try a different cable and if your phone charges fine on the other one then you know the issue lies in the cable you are using. If the charger and the cable are a single unit then check for signs of physical damage on the cable.

4. Check the adapter

If the cable doesn't have problem, you need check the plug adapter, especially the place where can remove the charging cable.

When we endlessly plugging in and unplugging the cable, it will become a little loose.Check the adapter with the same method of check the USB cable. If needed, you must change the adapter.

5. Calibrate the Android phone battery

Calibrating the Android battery can help you ensure that your phone functions the right and it can show the right battery level. Calibrating a battery involves completely discharging the battery. It is important to note that this is not a process that you should try frequently because the lifespan of lithium batteries is negatively affected when they are completely discharged. But for users who find their Android charge too slow may find this to be a good way to fix the problem.

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