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HELP! How to Resolve My iPhone Screen Rotation Problem

This article explains to you the solutions of iPhone screen can't rotate. As we know, the Apple iPhone is the one of the most sought-after and premium smartphone series out there. However, there always has some problems like all electronic devices. Before you use the iPhone repair tools to replace it, you can resolve by some simple software method. 

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Maybe you came across this situation that you efforted to rotate the iPhone to any direction when watched videos or photos, but the iPhone refused to rotate screen, unresponsive to rotate or it either stays in portrait / horizontal mode. It may even make you think your iPhone is broken or you need to replace the inset parts. If you are going through such problem, don't worry, there are some solutions to help you.

Why does my iPhone screen not rotate?

Generally speaking, the iPhone display problem are due to hardware damage or software damage. When your iPhone has the screen rotate issue, you can do these steps. 

1. Application fault: the App's damage will cause the iPhone randomly malfunction, like rotate screen fault.

2. iOS software updates: the old version may appear screen aging phenomenon, and appears the fault. 

3. Hardware fault: It is the worst cases, the drop or liquid caused the hardware or physical components have been damaged.

How to resolve the iPhone screen not rotate issue? 

♦ Method 1. Check the screen rotation

– The first way, you need to check if the iPhone LCD screen rotation is locked. Maybe you are not checking the screen rotation status, if the screen rotation is locked, then it won't turn sideways.

– Therefore, to check the screen rotation status and disable the Portrait Orientation Mode, simply swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and you'll open Control Center. At the control center, tap Portrait Orientation Lock and make it turn off. Then, exit the Control Center and try to rotate.

♦ Method 2. Turn off the display zoom settings

– If you turn on the Display Zoom feature to enhance icon and text size to make easier to see. You had better to turn off it. Because the Display Zoom might affect the natural rotation of your iPhone screen. Therefore, try to turn Display Zoom and see if it can fix iPhone won't rotate. 

– Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom section > View, then select Standard mode.

♦ Method 3. Force restart the iPhone or app

– When you want to rotate the iPhone screen, the application itself is not responding. If your find iPhone won't rotate only when you open a specific app, then this is the most likely reason. In this case, force close the application might help.

– Double tap the iPhone Home button and locate the app you want to quit, swipe up to force close. Then restart the app to see if it works now. In addition, you can also try to restart iPhone to get a fresh start.

♦ Method 4. iOS software update

– Maybe the iOS software system gets a bug that stops iPhone from rotating. You can update the iOS to stop screen not rotating problem. This has been fixed in the newer version. So, when your iPhone screen can't rotate, see if any iOS update is available, then update and install.

♦ Method 5. Fix iPhone can't rotate problem

– If all the solutions above are not work, you must try the hardware solution to resolve the fault. So you must consider to repair it, you can repair by yourself or take it to the iPhone repair shop. Generally speak, the professional phone repair shop will help you to resolve the problem. Vip Fix Shop Team will problem you the high quality phone repair tools, such as the JM-P01 full set toolkit, VC890D digital multimeter and QUICK TS1200A soldering station, etc. 


Professional Guide: Welding Jumper Wire on Cell Phone PCB

Welding jumper line is common and necessary for mobile phone repair professionals. Generally, the main board of the mobile phone is 7 to 10 layers, which depending on the different brand or models of mobile phones. If the line or trck on cell phone PCB is broken, the part of the voltage that it provides will not work. At this time, the welding jumper repair is a decisive factor. In this article, VIPFIX will introduce the process of the complete welding jumper wire and the necessary phone PCB soldering tools you need to complete a professional mobile phone repair.

Most of the cell phone main board repairs are done through a jump line. Different parts of mobile phones, such as monitors, keyboards, loudspeakers, microphones, LED lights, different integrated circuits, different widgets and electronic components, have different jumper settings. The important thing is to first check and find out the phone's fault or lost track, and then do the jump wire repair.

What repair tools required to weld jumper wire?

•  jumper wire

•  PCB holder

•  Soldering iron

•  Multimeter

•  Solder wire

•  Blade

•  Soldering flux

•  Tweezers

How to weld jumper wire on cell phone PCB?

1. Prepare a PCB holder, disassemble the cell phone and put it on the PCB holder.

2. Prepare a phone repair digital multimeter, check the cell phone to find out the track fault or lost line.

3. Prepare solder flux, and apply it on the place where you need to weld the jumper wire.

4. Prepare jumper wire, cut the jumper to the required length, and peel it off with a blade.

5. Prepare tweezers, grab one end of the jumper line and weld them to a point on the track of the fault line. Use high quality tweezers to hold wires and high quality soldering iron and solder wire.

6. Check. Catch the other end of the jump line and the solder to another point on the track. Check the jumper with the multimeter.

How to fastly search tracks on cell phone PCB?

1. Through PCB of the same model

2. Through jumper diagrams in Google images

3. Through schematic diagrams

The last method is the most reliable assistant for welding jumper wire. There are different ones for different cell phone models in the market such as WUXINJI schematic diagrams, ZXW schematic diagrams, etc.

More professional cell phone repair tutorials and guide please consult our VIP FIX Shop Team



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