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Imperfect Features: iPhone X Face ID Twins Test

As early as the iPhone X has not yet officially debuted, the news about the iPhone X has been filled. All intelligence shows that this will be a new iPhone that is very different from our past. It is equipped with a large number of new technologies, Apple seems to be in this "big cycle" to take a radical step, like the Apple LCD displays have always been great, but this year iPhone X OLED panel is the best, and Face ID replaced the fingerprint scanner that is the traditional home button, etc. On the other hand, these changes are likely to make the iPhone X is not only low yield, the price will go beyond all expectations. 

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Today, we tell the iPhone X Face ID disadvantages. Face ID is the first Apple device use a face-mapping technology that can be used unlock the phone, verify Apple Pay, and essentially replaces the fingerprint scanner (or Touch ID). There is an array of tiny sensing hardware at the top of the iPhone X screen, Face ID used infrared light to scan your face with an infrared sensor to determine whether you are the person who is allowed to unlock this phone

One iPhone X user shared a video of his brother unlocking his new phone using Face ID. This video caused lots of people attention and questions, revealed a potential flaw with Apple new security system, which uses 3D facial scanning. In the video, the iPhone X user showed his new iPhone X, then handed it across to his younger brother. While the brother is unable to unlock the phone with his glasses off, once he puts his glasses on the iPhone X unlocks. 

Apple has noted the potential problem and said that "The probability of a false match is different for twins and the children under the age of 13, because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed."  In other words, siblings or identical twins gave the system problems.

If your have twin brother, your evil twin may very well be able to unlock your phone. If you have an untrustworthy person whose face is very similar to yours, Face ID might be risky. You must be carefully.

The best things is the Face ID will keep using as your appearance changes. Face ID isn' t a static system. When you start to grow a beard or gain/lose weight, it will notice and learn that your appearance has changed. It means Face ID should be resilient to the changes we go through as we age, change hair or makeup, and other ways that our appearances vary from day to day.

Since Face ID is backed by powerful silicon and algorithms, we hope that Apple will continue to strengthen Face ID twin-discerning capabilities. In the meantime, identical twins will probably be using a passcode on the iPhone X.

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What Phone Fix Tools are Essential for Professionals?

Phone fix has been very commom because of the popularity of mobile phones, almost everyone holds a smartphone now, it' really convenient for the immediate contact and daily consumption with our phones. if you are a DIY phone fix hobbyist, you may buy some basic toolkit and devices. However, for professionals, you need to be available for all kinds of repairs such as broken phone motherboard, broken inner components, broken LCD, etc. Obviously, you have to buy a whole set of complete phone fix tools to save your time and improve efficiency. Here VIP FIX  will list some categories below, go and get the essential tools for your professional repairs!

Phone Fix Programmer:

- Nand Programmer – Naviplus 3000, JC PRO1000, WL, etc
- Chip Programmer – ACT PRO, WL, etc

Replacement Chips:

- iCloud Unlock Chip Kit ( iPhone 6S/ 6Plus)
- iPhone CPU 
- iPhone Nand – 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
- Flex Cable
- Big & Small Camera
- Home button
- Motherboard

Commom Screwdriver Set: 

- Pentalobe Screwdriver – Five-Pointed Star Head 0.8mm
- Philip Screwdriver – Philip' s head 1.5mm
- iPhone Middle Plate Screwdriver – Philip' s Head 2.5mm
- Middle Plate Screwdriver – Sleeve Head 2.5mm (iPhone 6s)
- Triangle Screwdriver – Triangle Head 0.6mm (iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus)

Opening Tools :

- Blades & Knife
- LCD Opening Pliers
- Roller Opening Tool
- Screen Opening Card
- SIM Card Tray Eject Pin
- Curved Screen Opening Tool
- Big and Small Suction Cup

- Stainless Steel Pry Bar
- Triangle Pry Piece
- Plastic Pry Sheet 
- Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar

- Straight Tweezers
- Curved Hook Tweezers

Integrated  Phone Fix Platform:

- Screw Memory Board

- Screwdriver Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

- PCB Holder

- LCD Heating platform

Soldering Tools: 

- Electric Soldering Station
- UV Dryer Lamp
- BGA Reballing Stencil

- Anti-static SMD Hot Air Welding Station
- Solder Paste & Flux

- Diagnostic Tools

- Electronic Microscope

- Digital Multimeter

- Desktop Magnifying Glass

- Power Supply Tools

Cleaning Tools:

- PCB Cleaner;
- Dust Blower
- Anti-static Cleaning Brush
- Adhesive Removal Tool

If any of the above or other phone fix tools you have demands, please ask VIP FIX Shop Team for help!



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