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The Worst Feature Of The iPhone X

When iPhone X released, we witnessed the greatest innovation of Apple. iPhone X is Apple biggest achievement at this year. iPhone X released, many new and useful features have emerged, for example, as the tenth anniversary of the iPhone commemorative models, iPhone X has a stunning OLED HDR display rather than iPhone LCD display, A11 bionic processor, AR features and a set of comparable SLR camera. But it still has some flaws, so iPhone fans have to think twice before deciding to buy.

Maybe it brings many benefits for us, as the iPhone X grants you with its extra-large screen and new 3D mapping capabilities etc, but it gives up the home button and makes high price, so there are many drawbacks worth considering before you make purchase. 

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iPhone X is very expensive
One of the conspicuous part of the iPhone X may be its price tag. One of the conspicuous part of the iPhone X may be its price tag. The device is even more expensive outside the U.S. for example, customers in Italy, Russia and Poland, will have to pay around $ 1,600 for the 256GB version of iPhone X.

But Apple business continues to rely heavily on iPhone sales, although it has reached its peak in 2015. The company knew there was a market for high-end smartphones, but the high price, Apple fans reluctant to buy X. On the other hand, the rising prices of Apple and Samsung represent a new era for smartphones, but it is a major monetary blow for us.

Touch ID is missing
Touch ID has evolved over the years to become one of the fastest and most secure biometric unlock systems in any modern smartphone. iPhone X makes many X buyers must face with a new, unverified system. 

People were amazed by iPhone X innovative and practical, but it also has a big loophole. Because two brother that had a different age, they did an experiment that is little brother unlocked the iPhone X by Face ID, so the high security of Apple said is not total trust. This insecurity does not exist only in twins.

UI complexity makes one-handed use difficult
Since iPhone X does not include the iPhone home button, or even a software version, the entire UI for iOS 11 on the device has been changed. You must  learn and master new gesture and sliding system, and you must use two hands to slide. Because when you closing the application requires swiping up from the bottom, swiping up and holding down to open the multitasking application switcher. Control Center now slides down from the right, and swipes down from the left to enter the list of notifications.

Such as accessing Siri by holding one of the side buttons, which raises the question of your phone being turned off now. There is also a problem with capturing mobile screenshots, which include holding down the home button and the power button. So perhaps use the iPhone X with one hand is more difficult.

A11 bionic chip and wireless charging is not the newest
A11 bionic chip and wireless charging is also on iPhone 8, it also undermines the value of the iPhone X, limiting its unique OLED screen and front camera technology. The same applies to Apple's new wireless charging feature, which will work throughout the iPhone 8 Series and X, as both devices have the same glass backplane.

If you want to buy the fastest chip Apple makes, and know the the new wireless charging feature and the security, familiarity of Touch ID, you can buy the iPhone 8 with its more functional Rich and more attractive at its lower price point. So if you can think rationally, then you will make better absolutes.

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The Easiest Ways to Protect and Fix Your iPhone

iPhone are more and more universal around us today, therefore, the industry of fix phone are also more popular and profitable. To avoid sending you damaged phone to a cell phone repair service, you need to protect it very carefully. The life of a cell phone depends on how you handle with it, if you don't protect it in a proper way , it's no doubt that it will be very  easy to get damaged. No matter the interface or inside parts of phone. Here VIP FIX  list some easiest ways to protect or DIY fix your phone!

• Protective Case

This is a basic way to protect your cell phone. A strong case is a good protection for avoiding the damage in accidents. You may choose a rubber outer case, which will be a great way to protect your iPhone in case it is dropped, and screen protectors can help the touch screen avoid scratches and dings. Try getting a case that can have multiple functions, such as amplifying photo capabilities.

• Use Battery Correctly

It is not easy for replacing the iPhone battery. So use your iPhone in a right way when charging or power off. you may try to let the battery run all the way out two times over the course of the month to help prolong its overall life. 

• Reboot Twice a Week

You may try to reboot your iPhone regularly because it works similar to a small computer, it will make your iPhone restore working in most of cases. Once or twice a week should be sufficient. If there are software glitches this should also be the first way you can have a try. 

• Avoid Water

Never place your iPhone in a wet place. You'd better not to use the phone when you are getting a lot of precipitation. Rain and snow are dangerous for the iPhone and if it gets wet, it may not be able to recover. Because it's very possible the components or spare parts inside of cell phone will get damaged and stop normal working. So keep your iPhone dry is very essential!

• No Shake

You may shake your iPhone in many cases. But what we advise is not to shake the phone too dramatically as this can affect the internal circuitry. You will be tempted to workout with it because of its iPod function, but be careful not to toss it around too much. Keep it level when you can.

• Avoid Magnets

You should be clear that strong magnets will cause a negative result  for the inside components of a cell phone, so you'd better make your iPhone be kept away from magnets. This applies mostly just to major electromagnets, but even small magnets should be kept a little bit away.

• Avoid Lint or Dust

Always Keep your iPhone clean, especially be carefully not to allow lint and dust go into the phones crevices and internal mechanisms. You can clean by using cotton swab to plug the headphones in and out a few times. Also you can use a microfiber cloth and a tiny bit of water to get rid of all grime.

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