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Best Solution for Cell Phone Short Circuit Problem

The Universality of cell phones are higher and higher, so the problem of short circuit becomes very common now, there are a lot of cell phone failure caused by a short circuit such as overheating, or may not boot, sometimes restart, charging and draining battery power very fast, etc.. Have you ever found these systems on your cell phone? If your cell phone get water in, charging with an incompatible charger or even sparks or smoke coming out. This may indicate that it has been short circuited. How to get the professional cell phone fix when your handset get shorting?


To repair a short cell phone, first you have to delete its shorting to fix it.

1. Disassemble your phone and take out the cell phone PCB. Be careful not to damage it! Now remove the LCD, the camera and so on, because we only need the main board.

2. Thoroughly clean the entire circuit board with specific phone PCB cleaners, such as alcohol, spirit, IPA and so on, and now completely dry. After each step, you have to check to see if the shorting is solved. If not, go on to the next step.

3. Try to deep clean the PCB. There is a liquid that Emma is called Elma in the oriental country watch technician. If you don't have access to the HK solution, you can use any mild soap if you can solve it.

Note: Make sure you remove the LCD, camera, etc from the PCB before dipping the circuit in Elma. Also make sure, you have dried the PCB completely. It' s advisable to dry the PCB twice as water droplets remain below the chips on the motherboard.

If the short circuit is solved, you may think there are some dust particles that cause a short circuit. Dust is one of the biggest enemies of a smooth working circuit board. The other enemy is moisture. Here are the advanced procedure we must follow for your phone fix:

Two things we should consider:

1. The entire PCB is short

2. A component or IC on the PCB is short and making the entire PCB short.

If the PCB is short, we cannot dig it out and fix it! We will consider that any of the component or IC is short.

Check whether the resistor, capacitor, diode and other components are short circuited manually. Capacitors have more chance of being short circuit because they will burn with darker color. Remove it and check the short circuit with a multimeter. If it is gone, you have to weld a same working part in its position. If this problem has not been solved yet, continue the next step.

Connect the circuit board to the battery, press the power button and keep it in 10-20 seconds. Take out the battery and check immediately if there is any part or IC heating. The heating part is likely to be short. Remove it and check again. If there is a problem, replace the heating element / integrated circuit.

If there's still a problem, it's hard to fix it. You have to remove all the components one by one and check if the short circuit has gone or not. But because there are hundreds of such components on the phone's motherboard, it may take days or weeks, so it's not feasible! The only way to do it is to replace the whole motherboard if it''s possible for you.

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Bring The Best Positioning Mould For Maintenance Work

When maintenance staff repair the phone, often require a lot of maintenance tools, such as mobile phone disassemble tools, test tools, unlock tools, battery activation tools and some professional mobile phone positioning mould. Now Vip Fix Shop Team will introduce you some phone positioning mould, it will play a great role in our maintenance of the mobile phone.

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Universal Phone LCD Screen Mold Jig Holder

The professional Phone LCD Screen Location Mold holder is universal Metal Mold Jig Holder for iPhone/ Samsung and other Mobile Phone LCD Screen Assembling. 

♦ The advanced aluminum Mould Mobile phone LCD Screen Mold Jig Holder Clamp will make your repairs more convenient.

♦ This universal mould fits for iPhone/ Samsung and other Mobile Phone.

Universal OCA Laminating Jig Holder Clamp

Universal OCA Laminating Jig Holder is cell phone repair tool.

♦ It is used for laminating and positioning your smartphone LCD for more convenient repair and refurbish jobs. 
The size of the jig fixture is flexible and adjustable so that can be compatible with almost cell phone LCD screen devices. 

♦ It will offer perfect service for your mobile phone maintenance.

Universal Metal Positioning Mould

The Metal Mould phone LCD Screen Holder is a fix tool for phone LCD and screen.

♦ It is used for positioning and fastening mobile phone LCD screen to allow more convenient repair operation. 
This jig holder is available for all mobile phones below 7 inches.

Universal LCD Screen Positioning Mould Glass Holder

Universal LCD Screen Positioning Mould Glass Holder is used for iPhone 5 5s 6 6s 7 7p Vacuum Metal Mould LCD Screen Laminating and Positioning Alignment mold, Remove Polarizing Film Mould LCD Screen and UV Glue Remover Positioning Mould Holder For iPhone 7 7p 6 6s 6plus 6s plus 5 5s.

LCD Screen Laminating Positioning Alignment Mould

LCD Screen Laminating Positioning Alignment Mould is iPhone screen repair tool.

♦ It is designed to locate pre-installation LCD screen touch to allow easy and convenient repair, this position mould is available for multi size iPhone screen.

80/90mm Universal BGA Reballing Station

80/90mm Universal BGA Reballing Station is phone repair tool.

♦ It is used for auto fixing and reballing the chips, the magnet inside design will make repair work more fast and convenient. 

♦ This high precision reballing tool is available for both 80mm and 90mm reballing stencils.

More information about phone repair guides and tools, you can choose Vip Fix Shop Team.


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