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FIXED: iPhone Blue Screen and Restarting Issue

When you are using the iPhone, the iPhone screen turns blue suddenly and then the iPhone reboots. This case is called the blue screen of death, and you are not allowed to use the device. There are many reasons on this iPhone, such as the problems with certain apps, damaged hardware, a failed iOS update or even too much multi-tasking. No matter what happened, it will affect your iPhone not working properly. You need to rid of the iPhone blue screen and wish the iPhone recover well. In this article, Vip Fix Shop Team are going to show you the solution of the iPhone blue screen of death caused by software issues.

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1. Hard reset the iPhone. 

When you want to perform a hard reset, please note that a hard reset will erase your iPhone and restore it to factory defaults state. So you must be sure to back up all your important contents including contacts, data, apps, and settings on the phone beforehand. After the reset, you may need to reactivate the iPhone SIM card through iTunes.

* Steps to hard reset your iPhone:

^ Power off the iPhone.

^ Plug in the USB cable and then hold the Home key while connecting your iPhone to iTunes.

^ On your computer, click OK when prompted with the "iTunes has detected the iPhone in recovery mode"

^ Click on Restore iPhone.

^ Next, click on Restore and Update.

^ Wait for iTunes to complete the iPhone restore.

^ When the iPhone restore is done, test your device and see if the problem is already fixed.

2. Restore the iPhone in Recovery Mode

If a hard reset doesn’t work, you can try restoring the iPhone to factory settings in iTunes. Booting into recovery mode is a highly recommended method to use, if something goes wrong with your iPhone and that you need to restore it. 

* Steps to restore the iPhone:

^ Connect the iPhone USB cable to your computer but not to the iPhone.

^ Power off your iPhone by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds until the slider shows up.
Slide the slider to Power Off the device.

^ Power and Home buttons simultaneously, and connect the iPhone USB cable to your iPhone. The device should turn on.

^ Keep holding the Home button until the Connect to iTunes screen appears. Release the Home button when that screen shows up.

^ You should then see an iTunes prompt telling that your device is in recovery mode and that you need to restore it.

^ Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with iPhone restore/update. It could take longer for your iPhone to complete the restore so just wait patiently.

^ If the blue screen reoccurs after the restore, it's most likely an indication of hardware damage. The iPhone motherboard or some components might be damaged and therefore requires repair.

3. Disable or remove faulty applications.

Maybe this situation appears after downloading, installing, or using certain applications, try to disable or uninstall the app. Otherwise, update the faulty apps instead.

4. Update the iPhone iOS. You can solve this situation by updating the iOS

5. Contact the Apple or repair shop

When the problem is not solved, then you should contact your carrier or Apple to escalate the issue. Or you can send it to phone repair shop to check and diagnosis the hardware.

More information about phone repair guides and tools, you can choose Vip Fix Shop Team.


Find the Best Way to Fix Your iPhone Screen Here

The actual repair process for replacing iPhone screen includes carefully dismantling the damaged screen, cleaning the inside of the device, and reinstalling the new screen components. As some parts must be disassembled and reinstalled, the entire equipment needs to be tested to ensure that all work is normal. How to make the best solution for iPhone screen repair? If you didn't know many professional phone fix solution and skills, the article will give you the best answer.

For iPhone process of manufacturing, the glass (digital) is glued together with the image (LCD) displayed on the screen. Therefore, if one of the components is damaged, the glass and LCD must be replaced together. The good news is that because they are glued together, they will not be in danger of dust between screens, which is a common problem of other smart phone device repair results. Many iPhone users don't know what the iPhone screen fix involves, therefore, VIP FIX list the following tips that can help you make a more sensible decision.

iPhone insurance

You may know that AppleCare+ isn' t cheap, so you may have looked for phone insurance elsewhere. There are several companies out there prepared to insure your iPhone, including accidental damage and cracked screens. If you know you' re prone to being a bit clumsy, then you might consider taking out insurance like this – it can also cover theft, liquid damage, worldwide cover and loss.

Third party

A third party repair might be the answer if the first option is not a best way to solve your damaged iPhone screen. When you’re in your local town centre, shopping centre or market, you' ll probably notice gadget stalls that offer phone unlocking and repairs. These independent companies will often repair phones for a reduced rate than offered by the bigger companies.

Fix it yourself

If you want to save some money and also have some talent on it,  you could try repairing your phone yourself. It' s not an option we would recommend, as there' s an incredibly high risk of you doing unrepairable damage on your beloved iPhone, but that doesn' t stop people from giving it a go. Spare iPhone screens can be found on many website, and there's plenty of guides available on YouTube to help you out; you' ll also need an iPhone tool kit, which contains various small phone fix screwdrivers with different heads, lever tools and a suction cup. If your phone screen is completely shattered, you might even need a razor blade to remove it. It's important to note that this will void any remaining warranty on your iPhone, and could be even more expensive to fix if anything goes wrong.

Before you buy iPhone LCD online or local market, there are something important you need to make sure:

1. Make Clear what the quality of iPhone LCD

It is very important for you to pay attention because the better the quality, the more durable it will be. There are many copy screens on the market including online websites like Amazon and eBay. Although these may be the initial work, they are less durable and easier to crack even in normal treatment. Accessories are not always made in the right size, so the screen can't "flush" like the main body of a mobile phone, and the small gap may be obvious. Another common problem for these screens is the failure of LCD in a few weeks / months. If you are likely to save your iPhone for a long time, a cheap repair may eventually cost more money and may damage your phone. The angel uses only a high quality iPhone screen to carry out the same specifications for the original, perfect and long - term reliability test.

2. Make sure the iPhone LCD was tested 

Because of the complexity of modern smartphones, screen replacement includes the opening of the device and the careful reassembly of the components. In order to prevent the potential problems of other functions on iPhone, it is important to carry out a thorough test of the device. This is particularly important if iPhone is sent back to the customer because it is not easy to 'pop-up' to correct any problem. All you need is a relatively small problem (such as a iPhone home button) to fix all the work. This ensures that each of the devices are being checked and working in good condition.

3. Inquire the Warranty

Although iPhone repairs are cheaper and than buy a new device, it is still not very cheap. In order to give you more confidence, a good repair center should provide them with a maintenance guarantee. Many companies offer a 90 - day warranty, but considering the cost of iPhone maintenance, you should consider 12 months as the minimum. 

Thanks for reading, if you have more questions about cell phone fix skills, please feel free to contact our VIP FIX Shop Team



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