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The Important Tools You Need To DIY Broken Phone in Your Home

More and more types of mobile phones are in our lives, and everyone can't leave their mobile phones. And many smart phones are sold, it plays a important role in our life. With we grow up, we will buy a lot of mobile phones, even if the function of a mobile phone is the same. Every phones are fragile, and they are easy to break and damage. The easily damaged parts include LCD screen, battery, back cover, motherboard, receiver, etc.

If your cell phone needs to be repaired, even if you know nothing about cell phone repair, you can find everything you need on YouTube. Simple maintenance can help you save your money, but you need some phone repair tools, no matter where you buy it. Vip Fix Shop Team has various types of mobile phone maintenance tools, it's worth being owned by you.

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Here are some basic tools that you need to buy at your repair process:

VIPFIX Phone Toolkit:

We have sold this phone opening tool kit for over a year, it has nothing problems. 

It has 17-piece repair tools, which include 8 pieces of screwdriver and 9 pieces of different phone teardown tools. 

It applies to any mobile phone or iphone repair, and provide convenient, security and quick at your phone repair process.

VIPFIX Anti Static Brush: 

Why you need choose this type? Normal brushes has static electricity, but this type is Anti Static, more conducive to the protection of electronic equipment. VIPFIX Anti Static Brush includes 8 different shapes, it can clean the BGA reballing solder flux paste on PCB chips, keyboard, mobile phone components, computer fan, or laptop etc.

Suction cup: 

A good suction cup has a great help for the maintenance of the mobile phone. You need give up any a little suction cups that come with free repair tool kit, because a effective suction cup can give you a great harvest and comfortable. 

VIPFIX phone LCD screen suction cup is the hand-hold Phone LCD Display Screen Suction Cup.

It is used for removing display on refurbished or damaged iPhone / iPad / Samsung or other cell phones. 


It is important to have a decent tweezers. When you face a high quality tweezers every day, they are solid. 

Vip Fix Shop Team will recommend the Titanium Alloy Tweezers for you. It is the 0.15 mm high precision phone motherboard jump line repair tool, they are used for all soldering repairs, wire copper soldering repair on phone motherboard, mobile phone PCB welding, etc.

This type tweezers are high quality with anti-corrosive,  anti-Magnetic features so that can keep long-lasting service for your cell phone repair. You'll thank me each time that you use them.

Vacuum Screen Separator:

If you have the digitizer separator formerly, you want to change the separetor, the vacuum screen separator is a good choice and would be worth you purchase.

This style of LCD Touch Screen Separator is a mobile phone repair machine, a heating platform with built in vacuum pump and UV lamp that used for seperating phone LCD screen easily and quickly.  

This separator is available for all mobile phones below 8 inches and has a fully automated process. 

Hot Air Gun:

Mobile phone PCB chips repair machine, it is used for removing and soldering electronic components of a mobile phone.

This style hot air gun has 4 nozzles replacement, can work with adjustable temperatrue by its digital control button and LED digital display. This tool is worth taking time and energy to study and then let it help you, because if you end up buying one, the machine will pay for the value by itself for you.

As far as repair parts go, Vip Fix Shop Team can give you various types of tools. Parts like charging ports, lcd screens, charger tester, power converter, flex cable, antenna chip, etc. We will save you tons of money.


Do You Know the Future of Phone Fix Industry

With the popularity of cell phone, cell phone fix industry has experienced significant growth in the past ten years. According to the relevant statistics, the income of the average annual growth of phone fix industry is 3% or higher, as you know, the short battery life, fragile LCD assembly and other cell phone fragile parts make the greater chance for technician to fix cell phone, prompting cell phone fix industry gradually mature now. After ten years of growth, the income of the cell phone repair industry is expected to grow at a lower annual rate in the next 2-3 years. 

On the one hand, the volume of smart phone shipments is expected to reach saturation, while the number of functional phones is steadily decreasing. On the other hand, due to the rapid development of technology and the decline of cell phone prices, consumers are inclined to replace cell devices instead of fixing cell devices.

So what is the situation in the next few years? Will the industry keep growing fast?

No matter what, never lose your enthusiasm in the industry. Even if it does not continue to grow as long as it has been in the past few years, the repairs of cell phones still has a large market capacity and market potential, we list some reasons as following.

1. Despite smart phone technology is rapidly developing, the durability of smartphones is still not changing, or even worse.

2. Smart phone saturation is not necessarily equivalent to less repair needs, that is to say, even if the cell phone shipments are also nearly saturated, the market capacity of the maintenance industry is still large.

3. Although the shipments of cell phones have declined, the growth of smartphones is expected to offset the impact of a decline.

4. In general, the official after sale support is complex and expensive, like Apple. Therefore, high cost may help some consumers turn to official help, especially when your phone is out of warranty period without insurance.

5. New equipment is not cheap. Most people still tend to fix raw equipment at a lower price than to buy new cell phones that are relatively expensive.

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs join in this industry because it's considerable development, various business forms and patterns lead to highly dispersed industries. Three typical modes of operation have been formed in the development: store, mail and door-to-door delivery. Of course, there are also some unique modes of operation derived from years of experience, based on these three patterns. The pioneers have provided us with rich confidence and experience in this new industry. They not only brought us the operation model, but also provided the experience of purchasing the main elements of the maintenance shop.

The first three things of a repair shop are parts, tools and experience. For cell phone spare parts and tools, most of them are eventually purchased from Shenzhen. China is considered to be one of the largest electronic distribution centers, where the supply of cell phone accessories has been surging in recent years. According to the experience, the industry is very different. Many maintenance shops only provide basic maintenance services, and there is no more service, not deep chip mainboard maintenance. As competition increases and growth slows down, simple maintenance is difficult to meet demand and stand out from other aspects. This means that repair technicians need the latest repair techniques to get better operations.

Many companies have recognized the current situation and industry trends, so a series of corresponding products and services have been developed. VIPFIX is such a typical company with one-stop electronic after-sales service for spare parts, tools and guidance services. 

More technical phone fix knowledges please contack our VIP FIX Shop Team for help



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