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The Common Problems And Resolvent on iPhone

The mobile phones are similar to the people, will be sick or angry. As with all machine, iPhone will have many problems, too. In most cases, troubleshooting and fixing them is easily. When you are using your iPhone and it is stuck or touch no response, it be quite annoying but you don't know the resolvent. There are several ways to avoid some of these issues. Now Vip Fix Shop Team will share some fixes for common iPhone problems. These fixes will cover the most common issues found on iOS 7, iOS 8 iOS 9, and iOS 10. There's no guarantee these solution will fix your issue but if you don't want to take your device into Apple Store, you can try.

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1. Battery Consume Fast

– The iPhone battery is consumed Fastly, the following points will help you.

– Stop the pointless applications

– Replace a new battery

– Check your charger 

– Turn off auto-shine

– Abbreviate your screen timeout

2. The iPhone is Overheating

– The reason of iPhone overheating is the processor is under an overwhelming workload, the iPhone is physically left in a hot condition, and the battery is falling flat. You can do these.

– Remove the case

– Shutting every running application

– Entering low power mode

– Diminishing the show

– Turn off Bluetooth

– Running battery diagnostics

3. iPhone not Turning On

– You can try these steps to solve the problem.

– Let it charge, and wait

– Hold power button + home button to perform a hard reset

– Restore the iOS opening system with iTunes

– If you has the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, you can refer this article. 

How to Enter Restart, Recovery and the DFU mode on iPhone 8

4. iPhone Freezes or Stuck

– When yu use the iPhone, it is working fine, and all of a sudden, it Freezes or stuck. You press the home button, the power button, nothing happens. Now you do these steps.

– Restart or reset your iPhone

– Close applications

– Refresh the iOS

– Reestablish your iPhone

– Download a system monitor

5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

– Much the same as WiFi issues, Bluetooth network issue is another regular issue of iPhone. If your iPhone Wi- Fi and Bluetooth have connectivity problems, you can do is to "overlook" the device and reconnect it.
Go to Settings > Bluetooth.

– Tap on "Overlook This Device".

– On the off chance that the issue still endures, consider resetting your system settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

More information about phone repair guides and tools, you can ask help for Vip Fix Shop Team.


Why You Need to Fix Your iPhone Screen Right Now

You may meet a lot of unexpected situations that can damage your cell phone, a damaged cell phone is really frustrating, especially when the phone screen is badly damaged. What phone faults will be caused? This only can be judged by professional cell phone fix shop technician, but one thing is sure, it will lead to cell phone shutdown time. In spite of this, people seem to have ignored this serious problem of movement, which may be a final mistake. People do have a tendency to use a broken cell phone, even though it may cause more tears and wear. What you need to understand is that even if your cell phone is still running and being in good condition, it doesn't mean it is fully functional.

Here VIPFIX  list some risk factors while using a damaged mobile phone, the valid reasons which will suggest why it becomes prominent to fix your iPhone screen right now from a certified cell phone repair shop:

Some Function will not be available

Are you trying to watch a latest movie? or wondering to use GPS on busted smartphone? Hang On! It will going to be a challenging stuff to perform such functionality on broken mobile phone. Not just this, there are numbers of application and functions in mobile phone, that won' t perform or may take further time with cracked screen.

Inner Parts or Components Exposure

It pretty obvious that internal parts of mobile phone with broken screen will get exposed to active environment, which might attracts dust particals, water, numbers of debris & even attract oil from our hands while its usage. There is strong possibility that all these substances might come in contact with internal part, especially the iPhone motherboard will be caused further functional damage on your mobile device.

Cell Phone Becomes More Fragile

You must understand that once mobile get busted, it  becomes structurally unstable which make it critical to use. Even a minor blow can shatter your mobile & you might end up losing its touch functionality in case if crack spreads.

Screen Shards 

Carrying a mobile with broken screen in your pocket is not a wiser thing to do. It involves a serious amount of risk for getting yourself injured. The exposure of shards and sharp edges of glass can really cause serious troubles even you might end up getting some infection.

Eye Strains

The recent research conducted by department of medical team has claimed that using cranny mobile phone will cause serious amount of trouble to your eye. Mobile screen are already way too smaller and when it get cracked, then one has to strain his/her eyes to read texts & perform other functions.

The say prevention is better than cure and it goes well with busted screen. It' s better to get a broken glass fixed instantly, instead of waiting to bear more tear and wear. With technology getting advanced, certified repairing shops are assisting quick screen repairs at competitive price. If you are interested in DIY operation, you can also buy some high quality cell phone repair toolkit and screen replacement, but we do not advise this choice if you don't have technical skills in cell phone repairs.

More cell phone repair information and knowledge please ask VIP FIX Shop Team for help!


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