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How to Choose Best Cell Phone Repair Rework Station

If you are a cell phone repairman, you must be familiar with phone repair rework station, or you can also call it hot air station, it is generally used for soldering and desoldering motherboard BGA IC chips. There are all sorts of good SMD rework stations from market like WL, Quick, Baku, Atten and so on. It is an essential tool when it comes to reworking a cell phone motherboard. The term rework just means you are refinishing or repairing an already reflowed board, and it is a term commonly used in the electronics world. 

There are two control knobs with any SMD Rework Station. One control knob is to control flow of Hot Air while the other control knob is used to control temperature. Hot air flow through nozzle attached to the handle. This hot air helps to melt solder paste beneath the IC. An SMD Rework Station is also used as BGA Rework Station using some additional equipment and set-up such as an iPhone PCB Holder , Stand for the Rework Station and a Pre-heater to give heat from the bottom.

Some common cell phone rework examples:

Tombstone parts. This is when a part (usually a resistor or capacitor) reflows only on one side. The part usually sticks strait up resembling a tombstone.

Cold joints. This is similar to a tombstone except the parts might not be sticking strait up, making it harder to see the connection that is not being made.

Polarized parts that have been placed incorrectly (backwards, shifted x degrees off). These include ICs, diodes, some capacitors, connectors, etc.

Removing defective parts. Sometimes, during the IC manufacturing process, errors can arise and go unnoticed. These ICs are then placed on perfectly good PCBs. Hot-air is great for replacing these bad parts.

Missing components. The smaller the component, the easier it is for it to disappear. This can happen before or during reflow, resulting in a spot where something should be, but isn't. Hot-airing a new part in its place is a snap with this rework station.

Solder  jumper wire. If too much solder or solder paste is used, the result can be jumpers on one or more of your IC's legs. Hot-air can sometimes be used in conjunction with a flux pen to remove these pesky buggers.

Rework isn't the only thing a hot-air rework station is good for. Other uses include:

- Shrinking heat-shrink onto wires.

- Salvaging electronic components from old PCBs.

- With the correct settings, hot-air can be used to heat up and bend certain plastics.

- They can also be used to heat up hot glue to remove or reposition items that were glued incorrectly.

How to Use SMD Rework Station

Plug in the power cord of the station and switch ON.

Now switch ON the Power Switch of the Station.

Adjust the Temperature and Air Pressure. Temperature and Air Pressure or Air Flow must be balanced properly for proper soldering and desoldering. Too much heat and less air flow will produce too much heat that can damage the PCB of the Mobile Phone. Similarly less heat and too much air pressure will lead to improper desoldering and soldering.

Most SMD Rework Stations have automatic power cut feature. This means that when the handle is placed on the holder power gets off.

When repairing is done, switch OFF the station. The station will now automatically blow cool air so that the heater inside the handle gets cool and do not cause any damage.

Tip: When soldering or desoldering using a SMD Hot Air Rework Station, always try to preheat the PCB by giving heat from some height and then gradually bring down the handle of the station. If you give sudden heat to the component of the PCB then other components and the PCB itself can get damaged due to thermal chock. 

How to Choose the Best Rework Station

While there are many SMD Rework Stations available in the market. Some are of best quality but are expensive. Others such as Chinese SMD Rework Station are economical / cheap but they do not give satisfactory performance. Branded Rework Stations are repairable and parts are easily available. Always buy ESD-Safe SMD Rework Station to avoid any damage due to Static Electricity. Some of the best brands for SMD Rework Station are Quick, Wl, etc.

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2018 Buyer Guide: Best Mobile Phones Unlocking Flashing Tool

Today I will introduce the best mobile phones unlocking flashing tool to you. Maybe you think that finding the best mobile phone unlock flash tool at the online shop is very uneasy and unreliable. Because you are worrying the mobile phones unlocking flashing tool's quality. Don't worry, in this article , I am sharing with you the best nobile phones unlocking flashing tool at Vip Fix Shop Team. 

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The First: NCK Pro BOX 

NCK Pro BOX is 2 IN 1 multi-functional cell phone repair and unlock tool, it is used for Alcatel, Samsung, LG, Huawei and other Android mobile phone devices. It will offer the best service and solution for Android device Repairs.

– The main function of the NCK Pro box is Flashing, Remove Sim Lock, Repair BT, Repair IMEI, Wipe Phones, Remove Google account, etc.

The Second: Miracle Box + Miracle Key

Miracle box + Miracle key is professional cell phone flashing, mobile unlocking, IMEI repair and full service tool, it is used for Chinese Android phones, Miracle box +Miracle key with cables for china mobile phones Unlocking and Repairing Box will work excellent and offer the best service!

– Its outstanding features: repair IMEI without flashing, huge flash files archive, world's biggest CPU database, support for MTK 6252/6253 CPU, support for MSTAR latest CPUs and others, auto repair IMEI, auto pin finder feature, auto update feature, multilingual software interface, etc.

– Miracle Box is all-in-one servicing solution specially designed to work with a wide range of Chinese mobile phones. Miracle Box allows its owner to perform phone flashing and mobile unlocking procedures as well as other software repair operations with devices based on supported CPUs.

The Third: Z3X Box

Z3X Box is professional Samsung + LG Edition repair tool, it is an ultimate flashing, mobile unlocking, IMEI repair and full service tool for Samsung and LG Android phones.

– Its version option: Z3X Box LG Edition -20pcs cables, Z3X Box Samsung Edition -30pcs cables, Z3X Box Samsung + LG Edition -55pcs cables.

The Fourth: NCK Box

NCK Box is professional mobile phone fix tool. With NCK Box you can take full advantage of all the Direct Unlock features and more.

– It can read codes/direct unlock: Alcatel, Avvio, Blackberry, Blu, B-Mobile, Chibo, Huawei, htc, LG, Pantech, XPERIA, Samsung, ZTE & other brands.

The Fifth: XTC 2 CLIP Box

XTC 2 clip box is professional HTC mobile phones servicing device, it will offer you best service and solution for HTC repair.

– Functions: sim unlock or lock a phone to a specified network with your own unlock code, repair IMEI, repair CID, repair MEID, change security level, etc.

– The box list: XTC 2 Clip Box - 1 pcs, XTC 2 Clip protected by Smart-Card - 1 pcs., XTC 2 Clip Flex MicroSD Cable - 3 pcs, ​XTC 2 Clip Reader - 1 pcs.

The Sixth: Medusa Pro Box

Medusa PRO box is a professional Samsung Huawei LG phone flashing and mobile unlocking tool, through JTAG, USB and MMC interfaces, Medusa PRO Box is designed to repairing dead boots of the devices (mobile phones, PDAs, modems, etc.) or these devices recovery.

– Medusa PRO - Hardware Features: fast USB 2.0 high-speed hardware, JTAG support for ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7, Up to 24MHz JTAG speed, built-in JTAG PIN finder, etc.

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