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How to Diagnose and Fix iPhone Headphone Jack

The same iPhone parts damage may be caused by many different faults, sometimes you can solve it very simply but sometimes you need to ask a professional cell phone repairman for help since there are many mobile phone fix tools and skills you don't know how to work. For iPhone LCD screen or the camera, charging point or factory restore settings, there's no way e'scaping from the servicing bit. Headphone jack repair constitutes a vital aspect among the series of mending issues. When there are some problems with your iPhone headphone, it will basically not work in a proper way. In this article, VIPFIX will introduce how to diagnose and fix iPhone headphone jack problem.

How to diagnose problems

If you find your mobile or the computer sounds are cracking or fades in and out at the time of using the headphones, testing the jacks becomes important. Try to diagnose it with other devices to find out the source of the problem. In most cases, headphone jack repair becomes mandatory when the wires have accumulated dust or dirt.

What repair tools you need?

- Cleaning Tools

You can always try using compressed air and clean out the inner debris. Sometimes, damp toothpicks work wonders as well. But the insertion should be careful so that further damage is not caused. Often, connection problems can lead to confusion. One can try removing the headphones and re-inserting them to ascertain whether they work fine.

- Other Tools

If headphone jack repair becomes essential, few things can be tried at home, especially if the wires are broken. Only minimal things are required for helping restore the jacks' health!

• Shrink tubing

• Solder and Soldering iron 

• Wire stripper (or something similar like nail clippers, knife and the like)

• Sandpaper (there' s no problem with the grit, but something higher than ~140 is preferable)

- Professionals

When there is nothing seems help, you can send your iPhone to cell phone professionals. There' s no alternative that can be at par with professional servicing. However, experts dealing with headphone jack repair must only be called for if every option fails. Since cleaning and troubleshooting methods are best seen to by laymen, there can be hardware issues that only experienced technicians can help fix.

A lot of cell phone repair service centers operate in every nook and corner of major cities and few even provide a walk-in repair, which means the device is repaired on site as the client waits. Nowadays, companies have taken the smart route. Even when a store is difficult to locate, the internet has made things easier. For those constrained of time, mail-in repair services are a welcome respite. As soon as the repair work is over, the store authorities mail back.

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Professional Mobile phone Repair Tools - Shop Online

If you are the mobile phone repair team, you must have the professional services and tools, it will make you stand out from other repair team. The mobile phone repair business is a very popular industry, more and more people willing to join in, so you have to be vigilant and innovative at all times. It is important to select professional high quality mobile phone repair tools and parts. It's time to upgrade and check our repair tool, now I will show you the necessary tools you should prepare. 

Read MoreDIY Repair: The 5 Essential Tools For Smartphone Repairs

• Mobile phone Opening Tools:

– Magnetic Pentalobe Screwdriver

– VIPFIX Triangular Pry Tool 

​​​​​​​– LCD Screen Suction Cup 

​​​​​​​– VIPFIX Phone Pry Opening Tool 

​​​​​​​– Stainless Steel BGA Scraper

​​​​​​​– Rolling Wheel Pry Opener 

​​​​​​​– Titanium Alloy Tweezers

• Mobile phone Soldering Tools:

​​​​​​​– Digital Dispaly ESD Soldering Station

​​​​​​​– Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Station

​​​​​​​– Hot Air Rework Station

​​​​​​​– USB UV Lamp

​​​​​​​– PCB Repair Holder Fixture

​​​​​​​– WL BGA Reballing Stencil

​​​​​​​– PCB UV Glue Remover 

​​​​​​​– Latex Rubber Finger Tips

​​​​​​​– Precision Sharp Soldering Iron Tip

• Mobile Phone Diagnostic Tools:

​​​​​​​– Muti-Purpose Microscope Endoscope

​​​​​​​– Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter

​​​​​​​– YIHUA 628TD 8x Magnifying Glass Rework Station

​​​​​​​– WUXINJI Dongle

• Mobile Phone Power Supply Tools:

​​​​​​​– VIPFIX iPhone Repair Power Cables

​​​​​​​– UD 1503D+ 15V 3A DC Power Supply

– USB Voltage Current Power Meter

​​​​​​​– Battery Activation Charge Board

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