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How to Prepare The First Mobile Phone Repair Work

This article is about: How to Prepare The First Mobile Phone Repair Work. Everyone has a mobile phone now and most of the people get smartphone's screen broken once in a while, so, we suggest you invest in tech repair business, and the repair industry has been an every booming industry now.

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When you start your first phone repair work, which phone repair tools do you need to prepare? A phone repair shop can't stand out in the market without perfect repairs preparation. You need prepare the flawless tools and reliable service. Here are some mobile phone repair tools that are must be present on your desk before you start your first repair. 

• VIPFIX Screwdriver Set

– The screwdrivers are the first tool that you might need when going to repair a device. Don't think you just need one screwdriver. For different types of screws, you need to prepare different types of screwdrivers. 

– This VIPFIX screwdriver set is precision cell phone repair opening toolkit, it is designed with 6 different fine tips that used for disassembling iPhone and any other smartphones. These high precison opening tools can make your cell phone repairs much more easily and quickly.

Titanium Alloy Tweezers

– The Titanium Alloy Tweezers are 0.15 mm high precision phone motherboard jump line repair tool,  they are used for all soldering repairs,  wire copper soldering repair on cell phone motherboard,  fingerprint jump line repair for mobile phone PCB welding. The fine tip repair tweezers are high quality with anti-corrosive,  anti-Magnetic features so that can keep long-lasting service for your cell phone repair.

• VC890D Digital Multimeter

– The VC890D digital multimeter is a must have when you are aiming to work with electronic devices. 

– This VC890D digital multimeter is used to diagnose the fualt on cell phones by measuring AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, etc. The handle held design is the best choice for field work, laboratories, factories, and other applications.

Soldering Iron

– Electronic devices usually get damaged which requires soldering. So, the soldering iron is crucial to be present in your repair work.

– This SAIKE 898D 2-In-1 soldering iron is multipurpose mobile phone repair instrument that includes hot air gun and soldering station, which can be used precisely for soldering, desoldering, repairing all components, especially Micro BGA components. This professional phone rework station can be easily operated with regulated controls and LCD display that will be a perfect service for your repairs.

Acrylic Phone Components Storage Box

– I will recommend this Acrylic storage box is phone repair tool container, it is a household Acrylic box that designed to collect phone repair accessories and phone repair Components. This phone components box can avoid the lost of important repair parts and make your phone repairs more convenient.

– You can storage the screwdriver / BGA soldering paste flux / UV solder resist / BGA solder wire / small phone repair parts etc. It will play a great role in your first repair work.

Battery Activation

– This W208 battery activation is iPhone battery repair tool, it is used for charging and activating long storage time battery for iPhone 7 7plus 6S 6Splus 6 6P 5S. The professional iPhone Battery Activation Charge Board can also Display battery voltage / Display charging current /  Power conduction prompt, etc. 

– All of these tools are necessary, if you are getting ready to start a phone repair shop and looking for the high quality phone repair tools, you can choose Vip Fix Shop Team. You will need more tools once your business starts growing, we welcome the batch order.


iPhone 6 No Sound Fault? Get Solution here!

It is a common cell phone fault that you suddenly can't hear any sound from speaker, no matter for iPhone 6 or any other brand Android cell phones, it 's hard to avoid this problem. There are many different symptoms caused by different reasons, therefore, you need get specific cell phone repair solutions to identify and solve the problems. In this article, VIPFIX will list some common reasons and how to fix the no sound fault on your iPhone 6 device with out any phone fix DIY tools, hope it will help you!

1. The first solution you need to do is checking your iPhone 6 volume setting first. Sometime if your phone is on silent or vibrator mode, you can just move up and down to realize the sound switch function. 

2. Make sure the earphone jack is clean, for some iPhone 6 earphone sound problems, you can just check if there is any dust in ear-jack. What you need to do is to remove all dust by cotton swab, and make sure it is clean and free from dust.

3. Check if the No Sound from Speaker problem happens always or during certain condition. Do functionality test by dialing the code – *#0*# to verify if there is any parts problem or not.

4. Does the sound problem often happen? then you need to check the iPhone 6 speaker and the mic. If any of them is damaged then replace immediately.

5. If the speaker sound problem happens on certain conditions or situation then upgrade the Software / Operating System (OS) to the latest version.

6. Recover the iPhone system

If the above method has been tried but still can't solve the problem, then you can try to recover the iPhone 6 system. Of course, it will delete all the data on your phone. So please use iTunes for a computer to make a data backup on the computer before recovery. After connecting the phone to the computer, open the iTunes software and click the iPhone icon in the window. Then, in the summary management interface, click the "immediate backup" button to make a backup of the data on the phone.

When the data is backed up, then the system can start to restore the system. To restore the system, the cell phone needs to be restored to the mode state. Please follow the following steps:

- Hold down the power button til the "power off" shows up, please turn off your iPhone 6;

- then press the power button to turn on the device, the screen will appear Apple logo, do not release the power button;

- then hold the Home button until the screen turns into black;

- when the screen is black, please unplug the power button and continue to hold the Home button, Do not stop it until the iTunes on the computer appears to detect a iPhone in the recovery mode.

(Note: if you can't get the recovery mode, please operate a few more times.)

- Then click on the iTunes window in the "restore iPhone" button, iTunes will update the server connected with apple, suitable for detection of the latest iOS firmware, and it will reminds that whether you want to delete the data and return to this version, click the restore button

- At last, waiting for iTunes to download the firmware needed to recover data, and then restore the firmware system to the phone. Because it is to download the firmware from the network,it will take a certain time, please wait patiently. When the phone is restored, reactivate the phone according to the screen hints. After activation, reconnect the iTunes to restore the data.

7. Hardware failure

If the above methods are tried, or not, there may be a hardware failure like iPhone 6 audio amplifier chip gets damaged, the mobile phone repair local authorized Apple customer service detection.
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