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How to Fix iPhone 6s Plus USB Charging Error After Water Damaged

This article is about: How to Fix iPhone 6s Plus USB Charging Error After Water Damaged. Do you come across this situation that you accidentally drop your iPhone in water and it appears some USB charging problems, whether it's in the sink, toilet or pool.

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Although as more and more phones and devices acquire better and better water resistance ratings, liquid damage is becoming less of an issue, but iPhone 6's waterproof is not good for iphone 7. Now Vip Fix Shop Team will show you how to repair the iPhone 6s Plus USB charging error from water damage problems. You had better prepare some professional iPhone repair tools.

The fault of this iPhone 6s Plus is after it dropping into water, it slows charging slow and can't be charged later. So we prepare some iPhone repair tools to recover it. Like the VIPFIX screwdriver kit, Spudger, LCD screen suction cup, titanium alloy tweezers, USB charging ic etc.

First, we use a tester battery to offer power to the iPhone 6s plus motherboard then test. We see the USB current voltage meter shows that charging current jumps from 0.08~0mA. This phenomenon that there is no current when charging, but shows charging icon is called "battery drains".

Second, we find the charging chip cannot output charging voltage normally, which causes USB current voltage meter jumps problem. So, we find the reasons of the USB current voltage meter frequent jumps are USB chip damage or abnormal working condition. Taking into account, the phone has entered the water, we must test the charging chip U2300.

Third, as we know, the most frequently damaged parts in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are voltage bootstrap capacitor C1402 and inductor L1401, but the charging chip of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is the same as iPhone 6. So, we observe the surrounding circuits of U2300 under 2.0MP digital microscope and find that voltage bootstrap capacitor C2300 darken seriously. Now, we replace the capacitor C2300 and turn on the phone to charge. The fault is removed.

Tips: We know, in most of the cases, if iPhone 6S charging current is small or does not exist, we will replace USB control IC and USB Charging IC. If the problem is still the same, then we should check the charging voltage boost inductor and charging bootstrap capacitor.

More information about iPhone repair tools and guides, you can choose Vip Fix Shop Team


Four Easy Solutions to Solve iPhone No Signal Problem

Users who use iPhone will encounter such a problem. When they are using the phone, they will find the signal is very bad, or there is no signal and no service. When we encounter iPhone in the above state, what should we do? How to solve it quickly? What kind of phone repair tools do you need? VIPFIX will provides a few simple and practical methods for you in this article!

1. Switch Flight Mode

Sometimes, the signal is unstable or the signal is especially bad, only a simple method can be solved. Open the flight mode and wait for more than ten seconds to turn off the flight mode, and many times the problem is solved. This is equivalent to a quick closure of the network and then open the network, the effect is very obvious.

Specific steps: sweep out the control center from the bottom of the iPhone screen, find the switch of the flight mode, click open, and wait for more than ten seconds to click and close again.

2. Select Operators Manually 

In general, iPhone will automatically select the corresponding operator network. But there are times when the signals in the area are not good, and you can try the operator manually at this time.

Specific steps: the first step, in the setup application, click into the "operator" option. The second step is to turn off the "automatic" function on the operator's options page. The third step, the network operators will be shown later, users only need to choose their own mobile card for the corresponding operators.

3. Restore Network Settings

If the above two methods are used, the iPhone signal is still poor, and the user can also try to reset the network settings.

Specific steps: the first step, in setting the application, "general" option page, click into the "restore" option. The second step, in the "restore" option page, click "restore network settings". It is necessary to remind the user that the reset network settings will clear the user's Wifi password.

4. Restore or Upgrade System

If all of the above methods do not work, consider the iPhone recovery. recover or upgrade to the latest system firmware, if the update does not work, then download the iTunes, and then start the recovery operation.

How to test iPhone signal intensity:

1. get into the phone page

2. input *3001#12345#* on the dial-up keyboard, then press the "call" button, and the iOS built-in application Field Test is launched, and the upper left corner also has the exact value of signal intensity.

3. hold down the power button of iPhone until the slide to turn off the slider

4. Finally, press the Home button until the shutdown block disappears, and the handset will return to the main screen.

5. at this time, the signal intensity value will always be displayed in the upper left corner of the iPhone screen. You can also click on it to switch between the number and the signal grid.

The corresponding meaning of the signal value:

The -40~-50 is near the base station;

The signal between -50~-60 is very good.

The signal between -60~-70 is good.

-70~-80 belongs to the signal;

-80~-90 is a weak signal.

Below -90 is the basic energy communication state.

-100, it is recommended to sleep at night or open the flight mode, otherwise the power consumption and radiation!


If these methods are completely used up, they will not work. It may be that the local operators are not fully covered by the signal. If this happens, they can complain to local operators. When the mobile network is transferred to 2G, there will be no problem of receiving phone calls. If you travel anywhere, it's likely that iPhone's own hardware is going to be a problem, such as iPhone amplifier IC need to be replaced, etc. It needs to be repaired by Apple after sale or professional phone repair technician.

If you need any technical support for iPhone repairs, please visit and contact our VIPFIX Shop Team


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