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What's Going on with iPhone 8 White Flashing Screen

iPhone 8 screen was rumored to use OLED screen, and OLED screen brightness is increased by 25%. Even when sunlight is glare, it can also see clearly. This kind of screen belongs to spontaneous screen, which is helpful for eye protection and screen usage cycle.  At present, the best screen resolution is iPhone 7 plus. IPhone 8 will be a good surpass. The iphone8 screen size is bigger, and it can't see the pixels completely. This is also the flash point of OLED screen. But is the iPhone 8 screen white flashing normal? Are there any iPhone 8 screen repair tools can help? In this article, VIPFIX will give you some clues and solutions for repairing this kind of fault.

1. Screen quality problem

The quality problem of your iPhone 8 screen is the first factor to consider, if the screen itself gets quality problem, you need to send to Apple Service Center or cell phone repair shops to replace a new iPhone 8 screen. It will require professional repair skills and iPhone repair opening kit, replacement part, etc.

2. Flex cable problem

Cell phone flex cable is used to connect the main board and other modules of the phone. The iPhone 8 screen flashing or colored stripe problems are likely to be the problem of the screen flex cable. Cable damage generally occurs in the previous slide machine, flip machine, the current straight smartphone has rarely encountered such a situation. However, if you ever drop your cell phone or continue to use it under severe fever, it will probably lead to loosening or even burn out of the iPhone screen flex cable and result in abnormal screen display.

3. Inner screen damage problem

Breaking cell phone screen is really common for some careless users, but for a lot of mobile phone, there is just interfaced glass get broken, but the display or other functions are not affected; if the iPhone 8 inner screen is damaged, which will cause more trouble, not only the touch function can be unresponsive, the general problems will be accompanied by these symptoms: color stripes, spots, flashing or even unable to display. If your iPhone 8 has the above symptoms, then it has the highest probability of inner screen damage.

4. motherboard problem

Although it's less likely to be the motherboard problem on iPhone 8, in the past, iPhone 6 users have reacted that the unresponsive touch or gray edge failure problems are caused by motherboard chip false welding. If your iPhone 8 screen belongs to the motherboard problem, then related motherboard repair tools like solder paste, phone repair hot air station will be required to use by technician.

5. Software problem

This happens when the firmware upgrades or the wallpaper is replaced, and the display of the screen is not related to the iPhone hardware.

How to eliminate the stripes on iPhone 8 screen?

If it is a hardware problem, of course,ask help for the regular apple after sale, the engineer will first check the cause of the failure, and then repair. If it is a software problem, iPhone recovery can be solved, but it has a risk. It is suggested that the professional repairman should be more assured to operate.

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iPhone 6s Boot Problem After Replacing Camera Power Chip

This article is about: iPhone 6s Boot Problem After Replacing Camera Power Chip. Maybe your iPhone is suffering from this situation that it can't be turn on and you're looking for help. It's a problem that can be easy or difficult to fix, depending on the cause. In this article, I'll help you solve the reason and solution of iPhone 6s can't turn on after replacing camera power chip. The important thing is that you need prepare the professional iPhone repair tools

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The fault of this iPhone 6s is the camera cannot take photos, so the customer changed camera flash control IC U3200, but after turning on the iPhone 6s, it immediately turns off. When we receive the iPhone 6s, we observe and test, we find it can't be turned on. 

First, we need to disassemble the iPhone 6s use the VIPFIX phone toolkit and remove its motherboard. Then we connect adjustable DC power supply, and find it is no electricity leakage. Turning it on to trigger the signal BUTTON_HOLD_HEY_CONN_L, but it's not have electricity current. Measure the power button signal and there is 1.7V voltage, which suggests that the standby circuits and trigger circuits have no problem.

Second, we connect adjustable power supply to energizing motherboard and use iPhone USB cable to connect iPhone and computer. At this time, we based on the iPhone design principle, after plugging USB cable, iPhone will turn on automatically. If it works, then we know that the trigger circuit is damaged. After plugging iPhone USB cable for 2 second, we find the current is small when turning on iPhone, so we know the USB cable supplies it power. Therefore, we cannot see the current display on ammeter, it means we cannot check the state of motherboard through current.

Third, after plugging iPhone USB cable, the motherboard still cannot be triggered on, so we guess that CPU is pseudo soldering. Remove the shield cover and observe the surrounding area of CPU under 3.5" HD digital microscope, finding no explosive tin balls and any bump on the surface of temporary storage of CPU upper board.

According to the previous repairing experience, that iPhone cannot be triggered on is because the power supply U1202 and CPU U0201 are damaged. Now we use the diode gear of Fluke 15B+ digital multimeter to measure the CPU power supply and MIPI bus of display and camera circuits. In this way, we can judge whether CPU is short connected or pseudo soldering, and decide that power supply is fixed first or CPU first based on the measuring result.

Fourth, we find the diode data of the voltage of CPU power supply PP_CPU is 0 while the normal one is about 15. Observing the capacitors at the surrounding area of CPU under microscope again, we find that a filter capacitor C2001 offered power by PP_CPU turns white, which is very different from other capacitors besides it. Comparing it with the other iPhone 6S, we find that the normal capacitors are deep yellow. Pry up capacitors C2001 and measure, the diode data to ground of PP_CPU is 14. So, we plug power supply and trigger it on. At this time, the iPhone can be turned on and the current jumps normally, the trouble is removed.

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