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VIPFIX: 2018 Chinese Spring Festival Notice

As Chinese Spring Festival are approaching, we wish to inform all of our old and new customers that we will be taking a short holiday, and will not be available to respond to all requests during this time. Any orders placed will be processed after back. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

- Company Holiday Dates -

12nd Feb. 2018 - 20th Feb. 2018

- Customer Support -

The general customer support section will be closed during this time (
Any inquiries and orders received during this time will be dealt on Wednesday, the 4th October 2017

We once again apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

VIPFIX  Shop Team customer service will however still be available.

Tel / WhatsAPP: 0086-181 7368 3928
Wechat QR code:

Best Regards
VIP FIX Shop Team


What to Do If Your iPhone 7 is Not Charging

If you are using iPhone 7 devices all the time, have you ever met the same situation? The iPhone can't be charged normally after using for a long time. Sometimes when you plug in the phone, you will see the lightning in the upper right corner showing that your phone is charging. But when you put it down, the lightning will disappear. Or do you find that you can't recharge the battery unless you charge your cell phone at a certain angle? Or maybe find the speed of charging time is much slower than before. How to do if your iPhone 7 has such kind of charging problems? or do you need any iPhone repair tools to solve the problems? VIPFIX will introduce the best solutions in this article!

It is a frustrating problem if your iPhone 7 gets USB charging fault, but it's also very easy to fix!

1. For non - original charger, it will often appear the below problems, this is due to the failure of the charger specifications, the only solution for it is to replace a qualified charger.

2. If an original charger has the above failure, please refer to the hint below:

3. Please check whether the data cable is normal and the surface of the data cable looks like a normal appearance. It may have been broken inside. The inspection method is to borrow other people's data cable to see if they can be charged.

4. The plug symbol is normally displayed only when finished charging. Now it is full but the power is still insufficient, but it can display which means there is no problem with the iPhone 7 plug. Try changing a charger first. If it doesn't work, then it means the iPhone 7 battery is broken.

5. Check whether the original charger is able to work properly again. The charger can be connected to another cell phone with a USB port to see if it is working properly. Although all the chargers are not suitable for iPhone, the iPhone charger is compatible with all USB phones.

6. If the above two checks are still unable to recharge, please try to insert the USB port of the computer to see if the computer can recognize the iPhone and identify whether it is charging or not. If it is identified but not charged, it is estimated that it needs maintenance. If you can't identify it and you can't recharge it, it will need to be repaired. If you can identify and be able to recharge, then replace the better quality data cable and charger  the original estimate is also damaged).

7. let's see if the voltage is too low, or just go to a professional cell phone repair shop, they will have technical skills and tools like digital multimeter and so on to check whether the iPhone 7 hardware gets any problems.

More professional skills and any other related stuff for cell phone repairs that you need help, please contact our VIP FIX Shop Team.


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