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Repair: iPhone 8 Plus Back Screen Glass Replacement

This article is about: Repair: iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Back Screen Glass Replacement. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus back screen glass is the Apple new innovative feature, but also introduce a new point of failure. The fragile back glass is extremely difficult to repair and may cost you more than expect due to new design with wireless charging, embed camera and stubborn glue. If you are worrying about how to start your repair? Don't be despaired. Vip Fix Shop Team will tell how to repair it use some iPhone 8 repair tools

The first step is disassembling of the iPhone 8 / 8 plus, it is not a relatively simple disassembly process for the screen replacement. Because the back glass is retained with a significant quantity of glue and is essentially fused into the case assembly itself. 

Although, Apple says that iPhone 8 / 8 Plus glass screen and the back screen is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, and the glass back has the metal reinforcement. However the metal sheet is stuck to the glass panel by "lots" of glue, so its replacements are likely to be very difficult.

Repair Process: 

Step 1: We got this iPhone 8, its back glass is damaged but still comes with normal wireless charging. So, we start to disassemble the iPhone 8, remove the display assembly. 

Step 2: Using the VIPFIX phone repair toolkit to remove the screws at the phone bottom, the front rear camera, iPhone 8 motherboard, iPhone earpiece speaker and taptic engine. You must carefully to disassemble these parts to avoid causing more harm to the phone. 

Step 3: You need take out the iPhone 8 battery, we know the iPhone 8 battery, despite the drop in capacity, however, Apple claims battery life will be comparable to last year's unit. Then, gently to disconnect the charging port flex cable. 

Step 4: Using the hot air gun to heat the wireless charging coil, then remove the wireless charging coil and disconnect the power switch volume flex cable

Step 5: We try to separate the back screen glass, after a lot of heat and wetwork, the back screen glass has disassembled. 

Step 6: We need to return to the screen display on iPhone 8, and remove the front-facing sensor cable, and LCD shield. So far the iPhone 8 back screen glass separating completed.

Step 7: Finally, the last step is applying some glue on the middle frame. Then replace the new iPhone 8 back screen glass and clean the glue residue.

Dismantling iPhone 8 is a very difficult process, and you have to have professional skills and qualities to avoid greater damage during the maintenance process. So, we suggest you don't do it yourself, you can go to a professional iPhone repair store or contact Apple. More information about iPhone repair toos and guides, you can choose Vip Fix Shop Team. 


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