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Fast and Effective Solve the iPhone 6s Plus Stuck On Apple Logo

This article is about: Fast and Effective Solve the iPhone 6s Plus Stuck On Apple Logo. Have you ever came across this situation that your iPhone 6s Plus stuck on white Apple logo of death and the iPhone can't power on? Sometimes we call it white Apple, white Apple screen of death. In fact, this is a very common problem that most iPhone users meet. When your iPhone stop to continue open the home screen, you can do nothing, you can't call, can't take the message, can't take a picture. Maybe you will think your iPhone is ruined, that's not necessarily the case. In this article, I'll tell you the effective solution to help the iPhone 6s Plus that stuck on Apple logo. You'd better prepare the professional iPhone repair tools

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1. Restart the iPhone to resolve this problem

– You can try to resolve this problem by restarting the iPhone. You need pressing and holding down the Volume Down and Power button at the same time on iPhone 7 model. And pressing the Home button and Power button at the same time on other iPhone model. It's by far the simplest approach until the Apple logo disappears and reappears on the screen.

2. Enter the Recovery Mode 

– The next solution, you can try putting your iPhone into Recovery Mode. Connect the iPhone with iTunes, and restore a fresh installation of the iOS or a backup of your data onto your phone. It's a relatively simple process, I will introduce the solution for you.

– Connect the iPhone with computer use the iPhone USB cable, open the iTunes. 

– Pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Down buttons at the same time, continue holding them until an alert message comes up in iTunes saying an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected (on iPhone 7 model).

– Pressing and holding the Power button and Home button concurrently, and continue holding them until an alert message in iTunes says an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected (on order iPhone models).
At the iTunes screen, choose "Update".

3. Enter the DFU Mode

– A DFU (default firmware update) restore is the deepest type of iPhone restore. Do the DFU mode, you need follow these steps.

– Turn your iPhone off. Connect the iPhone to your computer. 

– Holding down the Power button for 3 seconds, after the phone is off.

– Then, keep holding the power button and home button of the phone (on iPhone 7 series phone, press the volume down button and power button), for 10 seconds.

– Release the power button but keep holding the home button (or volume down on iPhone 7) for another 5 seconds.  

– Once you're in DFU Mode, your computer will appear an pop-up window in iTunes and prompts you to restore your iPhone.

4. Repair the iPhone 6s Plus with iPhone repair tools

– If above of the solution can't recover your iPhone, you may repair it by some iPhone repair tools, because it is the hardware problem. 

– You need teardown the iPhone 6 with the VIPFIX Opening Toolkit, remove the iPhone motherboard, CPU, USB chip etc. Observe them use the WIFI Microscope Endoscope. Check the circuit diagram use the WUXINJI schematic diagrams. You need to find the really fault, and then solve it. During this period, you need prepare the professional phone repair tools. Vip Fix Shop is the One Stop Shop for All Your Phone Repair Tools Needs, you can find every tools at there.


Guide: How to Fix iPhone 7 Broken Touch ID

The iPhone touch ID chip is perfectly matched with the main board. If only a new iPhone home button is changed and the touch of the ID function disappears, the unique chip is also changed. So, if the home button is unfortunately damaged, how do we fix it without losing the touch ID? Common touch ID issues include touch ID failure, and touch ID is not working at all. For wet / dry sensors or other software problems will have simple solutions, but is it's quite complex for damaged touch ID repair. In this article, VIPFIX will introduce how to fix the iPhone 7 damaged touch ID.

After turning on the iPhone 7, if you are unable to activate its Touch ID, then do the following steps: 

1. Go to settings – Touch ID & Passcode – enter your passcode, fingerprint is grayed out.

2. Remove the iPhone 7 home button flex cable.

3. Observe the home button flex cable under the Trinocular Stereo Microscope, the ribbon cable is broken.

4. Scrape the coating off the wire on the ribbon cable with knife.

5. Apply some BGA paste flux and solder the tins with soldering station.

6. Scrape the coating off the wire on the reverse side.

7. Apply some BGA paste flux, then solder the tins with soldering station.

8. Cut the wires then align them correctly, heat it up with hot air gun and weld.

9. Turn the flex cable to the reverse side, weld it with the wire.

10. Test if it is short circuit with digital multimeter.

11. Install the home button and test.

12. Apply some UV curable solder mast on the wire to fix the wielding joint.

13. Install the LCD screen assembly and test, fingerprint works well.

What cell phone tools are required?

- Hot Air Gun
- Electron Microscope
- BGA Paste Flux
- Screw Drivers
- Tweezers
- Glass Lens
- Digital Multimeter
- Soldering Station
- Anti-static Wrist Strap
- Mobile Phone Repair Platform

If you are looking for a chip level repairing service for iPhone home buttonor touch ID malfunctions, and you also have needs for cell phone repair tools, please consult VIP FIX Shop Team on www.vipfixphone.com


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