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3 Top Selling Desoldering Tools for Cell Phone PCB Repair

There are a lot of different cell phone repair tools are necessary for a professional repair technician, also, cell phone PCB repair is common on many different cell phones, therefore, cell phone desoldering is one of the most important operation in professional cell phone repairs, so what are desoldering tools are the best for cell phone repair technician? In this article, VIP FIX will introduce 3 top selling desoldering tools for cell phone PCB repair in this industry, hope it will be helpful for you to choose the right tools.

For different repair demand, you can use different desoldering tools, what tools have you ever used before? There are desoldering tweezers, hot plate, compressed air, solder pot salvaging and other brute force methods to help you remove electronic components on cell phone logic board, but which ones really deserve you to own for professional repairs? Please read the following 3 most popular tools we advise:

Hot Air Rework Station

When there are a lot of surface mount components you need to remove from cell phone motherboards, an adjustable temperature hot air rework station is the best tool you can use. QUICK 861DW Hot Air Station is one of the most hot selling one on the market. If the cell phone logic board is full of mounting components, you can use different hot air rework station tips for different types of components.

Of course, you can also use an ordinary hot air gun, but be careful not to damage other parts on cell phone logic board.

Manual Solder Sucker

Obviously, a manual solder sucker requires you to operate manually during cell phone PCB repair process, this kind of solder sucker can help you to do very efficient cell phone repairs, it works pretty well for selectively removing through holes parts from a PCB. Cheaper and smaller units do not work as well. They're marketed as compact but they don't works as well due to the limited stroke length and smaller cylinders. So it's better to choose carefully to avoid unnecessary cost. 

Solder Wick

Solder wick is good cell phone PCB cleaning tool, cell phone repair solder wick is used for the absorption of solder on circuit board. Good quality phone repair solder wick can save much time for rework and repair, especially for BGA, CPU, ect. It greatly reduces the risk of thermal damage to circuit board. Solder Wick is basically just copper braid that soaks up solder when you heat it up. Good solder wick should always have solder flux in it. 

How to use it? you just need to simply hole it up the the joint you want to remove solder from and hold a soldering iron up to it. It should soak up the solder fairly and quickly. If not, then you probably have poor quality solder wick. If you do, you can doctor it up with some flux like this. Just add flux to the portion of the braid you'll be using before you put it on the joint. You can also add fresh solder to the solder joint before hand to help a bit if the joint does not have a lot of solder to begin with.

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