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Hardware Solution: Repair iPhone 6 No Service

Now it seems that everyone can't leave their mobile phone, of course, the premise is that there is a network to access the Internet, Have you ever encountered that iPhone 6 does not have wireless access to the Internet, or in another word, no service? It includes external and internal service problem of iPhone 6, which means there is no solution for all problems. In this article, VIPFIX will introduce you a professional hardware solution for iPhone 6 no service, you need to prepare some cell phone repair tools in advance, hope it will help you!

When you find there is no signal after turning on iPhone 6, follow the steps:

1. Enter '*#06#'  for IMEI code on the dialer board, no results. We can judge the preliminary cause as signal failure

2. Go to Settings – General – About, IMEI code displays right, SIM card readable, and Modem Firmware functions normally

3. Use iPhone 6 opening toolkit(Hardware Solution: Repair iPhone 6 No Service

4. Use a cutting nipper to take off the shield plate on motherboard(Hot air gun is not recommended here because the shield plate is hard to remove and high temperature might cause damage to components nearby). Attach motherboard to iPhone 6 PCB holder. Remove the shield plate on motherboard

5. Some BGA paste flux is applied to the baseband CPU, then blow it with QUICK 861DW hot air gun at 300 degrees centigrade. After a while, take down the baseband CPU.take down the baseband CPU

6. Use soldering iron, solder wick and PCB cleaner to Clean the tins on the bonding pad

7. Take out WUXINJI schematic diagram for reference. Point out the U1 Y1 pin as data signal failure. There is no resistance when we test the U1 Y1 pin of the baseband CPU with digital multimeter, so we can conclude that the pin has been disconnected.Test the U1 Y1 pin

8. Scrape the insulation varnish off the U1 Y1 pin circuit, solder the tins on the circuit with soldering iron for cable welding afterwards. Then align a solder added copper wire with a diameter of 0.02 millimeter to the exposed circuit with soldering iron. Clean it with PCB cleaner.Scrape the insulation varnish off the U1 Y1 pin circuit

9. Some UV curable solder mask is aligned to the copper wire, and then place it under the uv light dryer for 10 minutes

10. Use a soldering iron to clean the rosin, and then clean PCB. Once completed, reballing and brushing the baseband CPU BGA. It's suitable for apply some rosin of clean iron

11. Apply a BGA scraper to some solder paste and apply it evenly in the correct position. Use hot air gun to take it off, take it down and blow it with hot air gun again.Apply some soldering paste

12. Place some BGA solder paste on the weld plate, the CPU is aligned in the correct position, blow it with the hot air gun at 280 degrees Celsius, and align the CPU to the main plate

13. Once the motherboard is cool enough, clean it with a PCB cleaner. Then, install the motherboard on the phone and test it.) to disassemble the phone, remove the phone battery and take down the LCD screen assembly, then take out the motherboard

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