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Guide: 3 Top Selling Unlocking Software Box

For a cell phone repair technician, unlocking software box or dongle is a very common cell phone repair tool, with an unlocking software box, you can activate the handsets like Samsung, LG and many other brand handset. In this article, VIP FIX will introduce 5 top selling unlocking software box to you, which means they have better features and functions for unlocking, activating or flashing Android cell phones. There are lots of different ones in the market, hope you can learn how to choose the best one here for your professional cell phone repairs after reading it.

1. Octoplus Box Unlocking Box

Octoplus Box Unlocking Box is new cell phone flash and unlock tool.The unlocking box is available for
the latest Samsung and LG models, Octoplus Unlocking Box is designed
for activating, flashing or unlocking cell phone software, it is efficient mobile phone service that
combines unibox and JTAG interfaces, the Optoplus Box supports to unlock and remove FRP's for Samsung
and LG phones that Z3X can't do, etc.This is one of the best box in the market, it does not need the
Internet, including smart card with lifelong activation (infinite operation), never expire.

- Main function

Direct unlock
All locks reset
Read phone information
Firmware update
Read/write FullFlash and Calibration data files
Read firmware version
Full factory reset
Multilingual software interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabian,

- Additional Function

LG Qualcomm language packs editor
Writing firmware *.m0 files
Flashing FullFlash binary files
Flashing firmware *.ssw files
Single-file flashing
Read/write EEPROM
Read/write NVM
IMEI repair
Fast country change
Calibration data restore
Format FFS
Repair phone reset

2. Z3X Unlocking Box

Same as Octoplus Box Unlock Box, Z3X Unlocking box Octoplus Box Octoplus Box is a professional unlocking
tool for Samsung and LG, it is an ultimate flashing, mobile unlocking, IMEI repair and full service tool
for Samsung and LG Android phones.

- Main Function

Support Agere, Sysol, Swift, Infenion, OMAP and Qualcomm platforms
Auto displaying information about required cable for each model selected
Auto displaying information if the phone must be connected with battery or without it
Smart Card firmware online update
Multilanguage interface.
Configuration files exchange between the users.
Loading news from the server about update versions and plans.
Uses flash files in original format (only UMTS).
Works with swap PCB.
Automatically login to support area from Z3X Shell (Support Button).
Free Updates

3. Sigma Unlocking Box 

The Sigma Box are especially designed to service universal multibrand MTK, TI OMAP, Broadcom and Qualcomm mobile phones. It mainly supports Alcatel, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE and other popular brands on the market.The sigma software box can be available for getting with cable or sigma pack 1,2,3.

- Main Function

Available as a box or a dongle
Fast and secure unlock procedure
Repair IMEI, including models with 4 SIM cards
A set of unique service methods: Yoda, Sidewinder, Heuristic
Built on the up-to-date platform with ability to upgrade device's firmware
Powerful flash and backup tool with huge archive of flash files (all operator customizations and language packs)
Universal multibrand and multifunctional MTK, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Hi-Silicon and TI OMAP servicing solution, not tied to a specific model list
Standalone unlimited solution; no server credits required, no need to select models from the list, just connect the phone and you're ready to go

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