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iPhone X Glass Screen Refurbished Tutorial

The latest Apple products released in 2017 are iPhone 8 / 8P /X. These 3 new version of iPhone of course attract the eyes of everyone when they are released. We all know that the 3 new iPhone members are excellent, and the iPhone X is the most. iPhone X is a new product of OLED screen combined with 3D Touch function. We can only use Face Recognition instead of fingertip to unlock our phone. Obvious the screen is important for iPhone X. The laminating process of iPhone X OLEED screen is also much more complicated than LCD screen of previous iPhone versions. But it’s obviously easy for those people who with specific tools. So if you want to refurbish your iPhone X. Please fellow me.

Screen Testing

Do a function testing on Display, Touch and 3D Touch. All these are going well.

Bezel Removing:

Place the OLED Screen Assembly on the Heating Plate. Remove bezel carefully with Prying tool and Glue Cleaner.

Nip off the top bracket with Cutting Nipper. Then separate bezel away from screen. Be careful with flex cables when removing bezel in the flex cable area.
Once done, test the screen again. Run function test - Display, Touch and 3D Touch. All going well. By now, the most difficult step during iPhone X screen refurbishing has been completed.

Glass Separating:

Place the OLED Screen Assembly on the Heat Platform. Separate the glass lens from OLED with Cutting Wire. Test again after separating. All going well.

Glue Removing:

Glue removing for iPhone X screen can be applied with hand tearing

OCA Laminating:

Embed the OCA rubber block aligning mold into the base. Then place the OCA rubber block into the corresponding position of the mold. Tear off the first layer of the three-layer OCA protective film and place OCA into the corresponding position of the OCA aligning mold.

After that, embed the OCA aligning mold into the base and apply pressure to fit the OCA against the rubber block. Prepare a new glass lens and place the new glass lens into the glass lens mold. Clean the glass lens first. Then tear off the second layer protective film of the OCA and embed the glass lens mold into the base. Place the whole mold into the laminating machine and press “OCA laminating” button. The machine starts to work. Once the laminating finished, detach the glass lens mold and take out the glass lens.

OLED Laminating:

Remove the OCA rubber block and aligning mold. Place the OLED assembly into the OLED mold. Place the OLED rubber block and embed the OLED mold into the base. Apply pressure to fit the OLED with the rubber block.

Clean with alcohol or N-hexane first. Then place the OCA laminated glass lens into the glass lens mold. Tear off the third layer of the OCA protective film and embed the glass lens mold into the base. After that, place the whole mold into the laminating machine. Press “LCD laminating” button. The machine starts to work. Once laminating finished, detach the glass lens mold and take out the OLED screen. With bubbles inside, we need to continue with bubble removing process.

Bubble removing:

Put the screen into Bubble Removing Machine for 15 minutes. Once finished, take out the screen.

Bezel Attaching:

Prepare a new iPhone X bezel. Apply B7000 glue evenly on bezel and back of the screen. Then press them against each other and leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Refurbished Screen Testing:

Buckle the screen and power on. Run function test: Display, Touch and 3D Touch. All going well.
iPhone X screen refurbishing completed perfectly.

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BGA Reballing and Soldering Tools for Professional iPhone Repair

It's no doubt that cell phone repair professionals must learn how to repair motherboard including BGA reballing and soldering, etc. If you are going to learn iPhone BGA reballing and soldering knowledge, this article will be a great guide for your reference. VIP FIX will introduce what iPhone BGA reballing tools you need, and the detailed process of how to fix all sorts of cell phone BGA chip problems by those professional repair tools. 

• What iPhone BGA reballing tools you need?   

With the gradual improvement of cell phone miniaturization and integration of components, BGA ball grid array packaging technology has been widely adopted in recent years. The difference between the BGA technology and the past QFP plane packaging technology is that in the BGA package, the chip pin is not distributed around the chip, but under the "stomach", it is actually the lead pin of the package shell substrate to the convex point pin of the matrix layout, which can hold more pins. A large pin spacing instead of QFP pin spacing is adopted to avoid the short distance between pins and lead to the welding interconnection. Therefore, the use of BGA encapsulation not only enables the chip to maintain more package capacity under the same package size as QFP, but also increase the distance between pins.

- BGA Reballing Stencil

Cell phone BGA reballing stencil is used for "planting" tin feet for IC chips, for more efficient and convenient operation, you can buy reballing stencil with corresponding positioning mold. If you repair iPhone BGA chips, WL BGA Reballing Stencil Kit will be your best choice. 

- Solder Paste

Solder paste or solder flux is used for welding tin. It is recommended to use bottled solder paste. Solder paste is not corrosive to phone IC and PCB since the boiling point is only slightly higher than the melting point of the solder. The heat of the soldering tin will soon begin to boil and vaporize, which can keep the temperature of IC and PCB at this temperature without being burned.

- PCB Cleaner

Alcohol or water have excellent solubility for rosin, solder paste. 

• The detailed process for iPhone BGA reballing

1. Cleaning

First, add the right amount of solder paste on the tin foot of IC, remove the residual solder from the IC with phone soldering iron, then clean it with PCB cleaner.

2. Positioning

We can use the WL BGA Reballing Stencil Mold to locate the BGA chip, or simply use the double-sided adhesive to stick the chip on the table.

3. Apply Solder Paste.

Choose a slightly dry solder paste, use a knife to pick a proper amount of solder paste on the reballing stencil, scrape it down, and shave the edge, so that the solder paste is thin and evenly filled in the small holes in the reballing stencil. 

4. Heating

Fix the reballing stencil on IC, then scrape solder paste and press the reballing stencil, adjust the hot air gun to about 350 degrees, the hot air gun nozzle is slowly and evenly heated to make the solder paste melt slowly. When the tin ball is found in a few small holes in the reballing stencil, the temperature should stop rising, too high temperature will make the solder paste boiling, resulting in failure of BGA reballing, and it will also cause IC overheating damage. After the solder ball cooling down, then you can separate the reballing stencil and IC. The advantage of this method is that if there is a lack of tin feet, or the tin ball is too large or too small, it can be reprocessed.

5. Adjustment

If there are some of the tin balls are not uniform in size, and even some pins are not planted. You can first cut the exposed part of the big tin ball along the surface of the reballing stencil with a cutter, and then fill the tin ball with the small and short hole of the tin ball with a scraper, and then blow it again with a hot air gun.

• The detailed process for iPhone BGA chips soldering

1. BGA chip can be welded when it is located on circuit board.

2. Adjust the QUICK 861DW hot air station to the appropriate air volume and temperature, so that the air nozzle is aligned to the chip, and the height is about 3 cm, slowly swaying and uniformly heating.

3. When the IC is seen down and the flux is spilled around, it shows that the tin ball has been fused with the solder joints on the circuit board, and it is possible to continue blowing for a moment so that the heating is uniform and full.

4. Due to the role of surface tension, the alignment between BGA chip and PCB will be automatically aligned. The specific operation method to judge whether the automatic alignment is located is to push the BGA chip gently with tweezers, and if the chip can be reset automatically, it indicates that the chip has been aligned. Note that during heating, do not press hard to hold the BGA chip, otherwise, it will overflow the solder and cause easy removal and short circuit.

• Warm Tips

(1) When the hot air gun blows the solder ball, the temperature should not be too high and the air volume should not be too large. Otherwise the tin ball will be blown together, causing the failure of BGA reballing, and the temperature is usually not more than 350 C

(2) Solder paste should be evenly wiped.

(3) Cleaning BGA reballing stencil after using.

(4) When the solder paste is not used, it should be sealed to avoid drying.

(5) Prepare a tin sucker or solder wick. When we remove the integrated block, especially the BGA encapsulated IC, we have to suck up the tin left on it.

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Tips for choosing a used or refurbished iPhone

Do you think the price of Apple iPhone is expensive? Though it has been a street smartphone, almost everbody want to get hands-on latest iPhone, but sometimes the latest style is much expensive. But for now, it is not an issue, you can buy a used and refurbished iPhone now with our professional checking. Never refuse the beautiful things in life, contains the phone, the car and the child...Here we VIP FIX team will going share a few tips which can help you recognize a refurbished or used iPhone as of its beautiful feature and performance.



Not every person is familiar with iPhone, can't have a professional phone knowledge to recognize it. Maybe you met up with a fake retailer , then you may buy a fake or stolen iPhone, it will be huge waste for ourselves. But we have no choices if you choose to buy a used one, just be patient to read the belowing points


1 Check the weight and system carefully

Phone market is much bigger in china, ever all over the world. So there forever still some retailer who sell the fake iPhone or a stolen one. If you are in a secondary shop, just make sure you checked the weight and the iOS system, the directly APP is Siri, only the official iOS system can support siri. If you find something not casual to genuine iPhone device, remember don't go for it.


2 Find an iPhone which compatible with your carriers

The most important thing is to check the carrier whether compatible with your iPhone, or it won't work again. For now, there exist two kinds of the smartphone, one is GSM while another is CDMA. The GSM phones work on T mobiles and AT&T networks while CDMA works on CDMA networks such as sprint and verizon.


If you are an AT&T user then you should buy the iPhone 6s A1633 or the iPhone 6S Plus A1634.while if you`re T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon user should look for the iPhone 6S A1688 or the iPhone 6S plus A1687.

3 Check the display and the camera

If it is a refurbished one, usually the display pixels get dead, so the display should be checked out at the first step. If there exist a dead pixels on the screen, you can't boot it, let alone use it. Another way, boot it, check the front and rear camer whether can work normal, of course, replace a new camera will not be a high cost.


4 Check the speakers

Of course, don't forget any hardware on the iPhone, the speaker also should be checked, but if there don't have any audio in the memory, you need to make a call to check it. If you are not allowed to do this, so i think you need to consider it again.

5 Important Battery 

The battery is a much important feature for the phone normal using. A good phone is who own a good battery life, that's the directly way to check the fault. And the checking way is eaiser, you just need to run many APP same time, turn on bluetooth and Wifi, set brightness to full. Then observe how this phone strains its battery power. 


6 Open GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The aboved function can be easier tested, but if there exist some problem on wi-fi or GPS, maybe you won't choose it.Open it with the third party APP, then observe it. you will get a correct answer.

7 First sight for the sold iPhone

We believe you will choose the good impression iPhone for you, not there exist scratches or damaged. So find a phone you like it, then start to check other function.

8 Check the IMEI or the MEID number

Each iPhone has its own identification number, through this IMEI number you can know all the details of phone, when it is repaired, whether it was stolen and it is still in warranty and so on.

9 Get the IMEI Verify

Through the IMEI number, then enter the apple official, you can see the info about the iPhone. In this way, you will have a clear know about that phone.

10 Check the charging Port and other ports

Find a data cable, put the phone on charging, then observe the charging manner.

And check the headphone port, put headphone and start some audio to check it, you will get a clear answer.

11 Check fingerpirnt ID and 3D feature

Find the function in the iPhone, check whether your fingerprint can be recognized, most of them will choose fixed it by fingerprint repair tool if there exist some problem, it is a fast repair process. While 3D touch is different from touch ID, it is introduced in iPhone 6S and 6SP.

12 All accessoried are in box

If you decided to buy a refurbished one, you still need to ensure all of the iPhone's accessories are in together, like USB cable, SIM eject tool, manual, ear pods etc.


Most of used iPhone shows normal function, just the style updates too fast, if you can't afford a new one, maybe you can try a used one. And we advise you had better not choose a refurbished one, you don't know which fault happended before, if there left some question, you will have to spend it for the repair.  The cost will be equal buying a new one, so hope what we share can be useful for your choosing. 


Of course, we are professional repair team, we also can provide phone but not for export. From a professional phone repair sight, the most important part is the battery and the touch ID, changing a new iPhone battery will be higher cost while no touch ID function will lost the significance of iPhone.

13 All Accessories are in Box:
If you are buying an iPhone then make sure your iPhone box consists of all the things your iPhone is going to need like USB cable, SIM eject tool, manual, adapter and ear pods.


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