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How to fix iPhone Touch ID With Home Button Flex

As we all known, iPhone X is the only one phone without Home Button in Apple family. Yes. The other iPhone product are with Home Button. So it’s important. iPhone touch ID not working issue has been a sticky business for repair technicians for a long time. What’s more, iPhone touch ID of iPhone 6 and later versions are bonded with CPU, and Home Button replacing by users has a destructive effect on touch ID fingerprint sensor function. The fact is that, about 80% of iPhone Touch ID failures are caused by damaged home button flex. So what could we do if we meet with this problem? Just follow me. You will find the answer.

Restore iPhone Touch ID By Repairing Home Button Flex:

Power on and test. “Unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone”. Press Home Button, the returning function is normal. Disassemble the phone and remove the display assembly. First of all, check the logic board connector J2118 for mouldy condition and dry Joint. Everything is fine. Then, measure the resistance between J2118 and grounding. The value is also normal. Take down the Home Touch Sensor Assembly and check the home button flex cable. There are obvious broken traces on the flex cable.

Preliminary judgment – Touch ID malfunction is caused by fractured flex cable circuit. We can fix the problem by replacing the fractured section with a new length of flex cable. Pry up the back plate with Tweezers and Soldering Iron. Cut the fractured part from the flex cable with Sculpture Knife. Scrape out the flex cable circuit. Be careful not to cut the circuit off. Apply some BGA paste flux to the flex cable and then solder tins with Soldering Iron. Clean with PCB Cleaner after cooling. Prepare a new Home Touch Sensor Assembly.

Pry up the back plate of the new Home Touch Sensor Assembly. Cut a length of flex cable from the new Home Touch Sensor Assembly (allow for some adjustment in length of the cut cable). Fix the newly cut cable with double-sided adhesive. Then, scrape out the newly cut flex cable circuit. Be careful not to cut the circuit off. Apply some BGA paste flux to the newly cut flex cable. Then solder tins with Soldering Iron. Clean with PCB Cleaner after cooling. Cut out the excess parts of the newly cut flex cable. After that, apply 460 Glue to the bonding part and adhere the two cables carefully. Pay attention to the aligning position.

Once cables are fixed, apply some BGA paste flux and solder flex cables with Soldering Iron. Be careful with bridging and disturbed solder condition. Clean with PCB Cleaner after cooling. Remember to check the circuit for bridging and disturbed solder. Get the Home Touch Sensor Assembly mounted on the screen. Then buckle the display assembly to the logic board.

Power on and run Touch ID function test. Touch ID back to normal. Take down the display assembly after test and take out the Home Touch Sensor Assembly. Prepare another length of cable. And then adhere the cable to the previous bonding part. To further secure flex cables, solder with Soldering Iron. And then secure the back plate with Glue carefully.

Get the Home Touch Sensor Assembly mounted on the screen. Buckle the display assembly to the logic board. After that, power on and test. The phone works with normal Touch ID function. And our work has finished.

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Guide: 10 Top Selling DIY Phone Repair Tools 

Cell phones are one of the most important communication tool in our daily life, no matter sending message or calling others, it plays big role between you and other people. What's more, you can also enjoy and relax on cell phone, like playing games, watching TV, etc. However, some accidents are unavoidable when you use cell phones, and there are all kinds of faults may be caused. If you are interested in learning phone repair skills or just start to join the industry, there are a few tools you'll almost always need for repairing different brand phones. In this article, VIP FIX will introduce some very common DIY Phone Repair Tools for your reference!

• Simple DIY Phone Repair

1. Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver set is essential for cell phone disassembly, generally the first step to repair phones is to use screwdrivers. There are lots of different screwdrivers for all kinds of cell phones. But it's important to choose the most practical screwdriver for repeated operation. VIPFIX Magnetic Screwdriver Set is a 21 in 1 opening toolkit, the screwdriver bits are made by S2 alloy steel, and there is magnetic button inside the driver to keep the bits magnetic forever. Whole Set of magnetic screwdriver set can be available for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, tablet, PC, etc.

2. Pry Opening Tools

Pry Opening tools are very cheap, you can get them in different shape, material and price. There are plastic , stainless steel, triangle, irregular...The pry opening tools are used for separating parts that are pressed together like the plastic casing. These prying tools are mainly used for opening the housing or body of a mobile phone

3. Suction Cup

Suction cup is used for provide more force to separate cell phone LCD screen, good quality DIY phone repair suction cup is ideal for gaining entry into numerous cell phone displays. Therefore, you can avoid to cause any damage to the surface of cell phone.

4. Storage Box

You won't want to see your table is in a mess, you won't want there is any tiny parts or components get lost. So get a EKB-501 electronic plastic box is absolutely great for keeping cell phone accessories, it's relatively cheap in the market and it will save you much energy and time to concentrate on DIY phone repair.

5. Brush

Brush is essential for mobile phone PCB repair. It is important to buy only ESD-Safe cleaning brushes, ESD safe brushes are very great for cleaning sensitive electronics, anti static brush will be better to repair all kinds of cell phones. it's a best solution for removing the particles of dust during repairing process.

Cell Phone Circuit Board Repair:

6. Soldering Station / Iron

A soldering station has 2 units, one station and one iron. It can control temperature according to the heating requirement of different operation. The soldering iron is connected to the welding station. It is more efficient convenient than the traditional soldering iron, and it also avoid any damage because of temperature control. ESD safety will always be your best choice.

7. Hot Air Gun Station

It also called hot air blower, hot air gun by cell phone repair professionals, it has control to regulate or manage temperature and flow or hot air. Always buy a good quality ESD-Safe hot air blower, QUICK 861DW Hot Air Rework Station is the best suggestion for all kinds of professional cell phone circuit board repair.

8. DC Power Supply

Direct Current Power Supply is common for diagnosing and repairing cell phone problems, it is used for supplying DC current to a mobile phone. Most repairman use DC power supply to switch ON a mobile phone without battery. 

9. Trinocular Stereo Microscope

Trinocular Stereo Microscope is your best choice for more professional cell phone PCB repair, it is used for get more clear observation with a magnified view electronic components on circuit board. Trinocular Stereo Microscope is available for different zoom options. Many other different kinds of microscopes can also be connected to a computer or a monitor.

10. Antistatic Mat

Cell phone repair technician usually put antistatic mat on a repaired table or worktable. The mat is grounded using a grounding cord or normal grounding wire. Antistatic mat also prevents static damage. 

More details about DIY Phone Repair Tools and related professional cell phone repair skills, you can contact VIP FIX Shop Team on


Wise Way for iPhone No Service

If you are out of control for your iPhone, what will you do for the next days? All the basic functioning was out of reach, though there still many reasons which will cause this phenomenon, we still don't treat it seriously. In fact, a little problem may cause that fault, like SIM card damaged, poor network coverage and iPhone error 4013, or iOS upgrading error etc. Therefore, it is not a strange phenomenon. But it still needs our patient, during the below mentioned, we try our best to resolve the issue. VIP Fix team always keep sharing useful tips for phone repair and using.

Today we will share 6 solution for the corresponding fault, hope it can help you handle iPhone no service problem.



1 Software updating will be a wise way for no service situation 

First of all, we should ensure APP on our device is the latest one, so just keep an eye on a regular check on the updats for your software. Or a directly way, updating iOS to the latest version, it will remind you update all the APP.

And we will share two common ways for updating, it will be a easier way for the normal using.

-wireless update

>Go to Settings
>Select General option
>Click on software update (If any available)
>Click on Download
>Install the update
iphone software update


-Update using iTunes>Connect your device to the computer
>Open the iTunes
>Select your Device (iPhone)
>Select Summary
>Click on ‘Check for Update’
update iphone in itunes

2 Keep your carrier service online and updating constantly


If the above operation can't work, you need to check your carrier sevice provider. You need to give a simple call to your service provider, then you need to describe the fault phenomenon, you will get a clear and cheaper answer than sent it to the repair shop.


If updating software does not resolve the issue, then check your carrier service provider as there might be chances that service has been deactivated due to some unknown error from their ends like some fraudulent activity or late payment. In such a situation giving a simple call to your service provider will resolve your problem in few minutes.

3 Keep your cellular data opening


Sometimes the network also will cause the no service problem, maybe the area you are in has the weak signal.

If you can ensure the device fault was caused by the weak network, you don't need to worry it, just go for your travelling...

But turn off automatic network/carrier selection, later boot it, the fault can be solved. Ususally little action will create big energy.

4 Check whether it is on aiplane mode


For the normal using, we had better not choose the airplane mode, it will leave your phone without any data circulate.Following the setting steps


>Go to settings
>Select Airplane Mode
>Switch ‘ON’ the Airplane mode
>Keep it ‘ON’ for about 60 Seconds or one minute
>Then turn off the Airplane mode
turn on airplane mode


5 Ensure the SIM card tighted 


No other fault was found in outside of iPhone, the next step you need to take the SIM card with the pin needle, check it. Maybe the poor connect cause the no service fault. You can manage the SIM by following the steps:


>Open tray with the help of paper clip or SIM ejector
>Take out SIM card
take out iphone SIM

>Check whether there is any damage sign if no such sign appear
>Put the SIM card back and close the tray
>Then check if it will work


6 Ensure the voice and data setting is right


Somtimes changing the voice and data settings will be useful for solving the network error or no service message, because the nearby area is out of the coverage of particular voice or data signal. following the setting steps:

>Go to settings
>Select Cellular
>Select Cellular Data Option
>Select Voice and Data
>Switch 4G to 3G or 3G to 4G
>Then go back to home screen to check for the network availability
voice and data

7 Resetting the network setting 


After all, resetting the network, reboot it. But before you start resetting the Network, make sure to backup the data, otherwise after resetting you have to re-enter the Network details like your Wi-Fi password or other details manually. As reset of network settings will remove the details of network and its password of Wi-Fi, cellular data, APN or VPS setting.


Most of the common no service fault was caused by the above phenomenon, don't be worried if your phone happens these fault, just check it carefully, you will find a better solution.


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