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iPhone 7 Black Screen Issue - Logic Board Settlement

Although iPhone is a durable smartphone, it cant avoid being problematic in our daily life. Sometimes we will find our iPhone displays nothing when we turn on it, but it's turely running. Today we have a iPhone 7 like this. iPhone 7 starts up with black screen or no display, yet the boot current is normal. Screen replacing also can not solve the problem. We can draw the conclusion that the logic board backlight circuit broke down. VIPFIxPHONE offers a logic board solution regarding to the iPhone 7 black screen issue.

Test Logic Board :

--Power key power up, the phone shows no response.

--Take apart the phone and disconnect the battery. Connect the phone with the DC Power Supply. Booting current displays normally, yet the phone goes with no display.

--Disconnect the power supply and detach the display assembly. Replace with a new display assembly. Connect the phone with the DC Power Supply and power up. The phone still goes with no display

Preliminary judgment – backlight circuit of the logic board broke down

--Take out the logic board. Test grounding resistance value of J4502 – normal value. Which shows that backlight circuit is also normal. Yet backlight signal is connected directly with backlight IC U3701.

Preliminary judgment – backlight IC U3701 broke down

--Apply some BGA Paste Flux, take down the backlight IC with Hot Air Gun at 320 degrees.

--Clean the tins with Soldering Iron and then clean again with PCB Cleaner-

--Apply some BGA Paste Flux. Align the backlight IC to the right place and solder it with Hot Air Gun at 320 degrees.

--Once the logic board is cooling enough, clean it with PCB Cleaner.

--Assemble the phone and test. The phone boots normally with screen display—fault cleared

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Professional Guide for Refurbishing iPhone LCD Screen

If you are a professional cell phone repair technician, I'm sure you must be familiar with how to refurbish a cell phone, it's very common in phone repair industry. If you are new in this industry, before making your own iPhone LCD refurbishing repairs, don't forget to make some preparations beforehand. What DIY Phone Repair Tools you need? In this article, VIPFIX will introduce how to refurbish iPhone LCD screen that you can maximize profits and minimize losses? Hope it will be helpful for your cell phone repair business.

How to disassemble iPhone bezel?

1. Take off the bezel after heating.
2. Cover the screen with high temperature resistant tape.
3. For different iPhone models, you have to deal with the operation in different ways since the iPhone 6 series bezel is tighter than the iPhone 5s series: For iPhone 6, 6p, 6s, 6sp, use 60W pre-heated POL Film Removing Gun to cut the 4 corners. For iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, you just need to directly disassemble the bezel after heating by professional iPhone LCD Separator

How to separate iPhone LCD?

1. To avoid POL damage, it's better to remove residual bezel. 
adhesive with razor blade.
2. Get used to separating iPhone LCD from the bottom side.
2. For seriously damaged screen, put the phone glass side up and separate from the head.

How to remove iPhone POL?

1. Use phone repair razor blade to cut an opening.
2. Don't continue to use the blade when it's near the very end and leave a little residual of POL

How to remove iPhone LCD glue?

1. Apply little POL adhesive cleaner by a brush and pass it along the iPhone LCD.
2. Remove anti-explosion glue to avoid air bubble and LCD damage.

How to laminate iPhone POL/OCA?

1. Choose a high quality iPhone laminating machine, align the OCA/POL with the panel to the proper position.
2. When put LCD on laminating machine, pay attention to use it gently and carefully. Too much strength will cause LCD damage while too less will produce screen bubbles.
3. Static electricity is a common problem in iPhone LCD refurbishing industry. Silver conductive paste can help you shot this trouble. However, there are still a lot of customers doubt that how come you do not add anti-static paste on the iPhone 6 series LCD? Because vast majority of the iPhone 6 series LCD are free from this problem for its improved LCD. For iPhone 5/5c/5s, It need to be injected with silver conductive adhesive to avoid static electricity.

How to laminate iPhone Glass?

To avoid the generation of bubbles, do not press the LCD after aligned.

How to replace iPhone backlight?

1. Use N-hexane to carefully clean the surface
2. Disassemble the iPhone backlight from one corner to another corner
3. The solder joint should be full and bright.

If you need any other help about iPhone refurbish or repair skills, please contact our VIP FIX Shop Team on


Way for migrating data from an old iPhone to a new one

If your phone happens unrecoverable error, maybe you will have to change a new one. But it will a pity that losing data, photo, record and video, the music you like and so on, so we need to find a solve way, right? Thanks for the iPhone powerful function, the iCloud can be highly efficient to solve this problem, of course, you need to confirm it is under the available. Another word, each phone has its own memory, transferring a series of data in a short time also will be very difficult. Anyway, we still need to know how to operate this migrating, here our VIP FIX team will share some tips for this operation, please mentioned the belowing article.




Everything has its dual character, if you forget your iCloud password, it will be a great pity for unlocking(Pro 3000S can solve this problem), it will be a highly cost for repairing. . But if you can use it in a suitable way, it will be great useful for your using. 


iCloud can save all of your data in your iOS device, contacts synced, handy tasks and vacation photo etc. but during backup, you have to give enough patient for it, it will take lots of time to backup, you can use iTunes, maybe it can take a fraction of the time.


What you should prepare 


It will be a serious process, just following the today's tutorial, it will be a caveat for people migrating to a new phone.

firstly, you need a machine to run iTunes which is available for windows and Macos, if you don't have an one, borrow one from your friend. Same time, make sure there exist enough space for the backup operation.

you should put your two iPhone together with an appropriate syncing cable for them.

After we done the preparing job, then we will start the data migrating...


Step One: Backup Your Existing iOS Device


Launch iTunes and plug in your old iPhone with the syncing cable, then open it in the computer, record your ever data while ensure your iCloud can be used normally.


And if you have never used your phone done this operation, you will see the following message pop up:

This message is unnecessarily confusing even by iTunes standards, and might cause you to panic a bit. It really makes it sound like your only options for bringing the phone into iTunes is to wipe it (“Set up as a new iPhone”) or overwrite it (“Restore from this backup”) if there are backups on the PC already.


What the first option should say is “Create a new profile in iTunes for this phone”, because that’s what it means. Don’t panic: this option won’t wipe your phone. Go ahead and do so now if you see the above screen in front of you.


Then the navigation bar will appear on the screen and click on it, you will see the belowing figure:

Once you have clicked “Back Up Now”, sit back and wait a few minutes as iTunes churns through your device and backs up all the data to the local disk.


When the process is complete, eject your old phone from the computer and set it aside.


Step Two: Migrating the data to your new iPhone 


The following step will be the important time. Unbeknownst to many people, we have backup the data from the old phone, for now, you just need to slap it right on top of your new phone. Following the detail process:

1 Simply grab your new device and plug it into the same PC with the sync cable. 
2 Wait for it to mount in iTunes. 
3 Then new phone will register as a new iTunes device and you’ll see that same panic-inducing screen we highlighted earlier in the tutorial–only this time you’ve got a clear and calm path of action.


After you finished the above step, you wil see the option“Restore from this backup” and then confirm that the selected backup is the backup, you just made of your old phone, click continue, it means you finished the data migrating.


Then what you need to is waiting, the old data is copied over to your new phone. And after serval minutes, the restart iTunes will run a few checks, it is a normal procedure. Then you will be back in business, all of the data will be shown in your new device. During this repair process, what you need just is a sync cable and a computer which can log-in iTunes, it can support iCloud operation. Of course, all of the operation is based on the iPhone which can run normally, if there exist some problem on iPhone, maybe you need a NAND adapter for this operation.


Just be patient for the migrating, maybe you can spend these time on accompanying your family. Hope what we shared can be useful for you.



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