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Some Practical Instruments May Help You A Master Of Phone Repair

As we all known, to be a master of some field, we not only need diligence, but also need some outside help. As every good knight will chase a good sword, every good hacker will chase a high performance computer. A master of phone repair of course needs good phone repair assistants. VIPFIXPHONE repair technicians now recommend you with some of the professional repair tools and instruments. Which can help you finish a work efficiently and make you a master a phone repair.

1. Hot Air Gun Rework Station

SAIKE 898D 2-In-1 Soldering Iron And Hot Air Rework Station

SAIKE 898D 2-in-1 Soldering Iron and Hot Air Rework Station is multipurpose mobile phone repair instrument that includes hot air gun and soldering station, which can be used precisely for soldering, desoldering, repairing all components, especially Micro BGA components. It has Closed circuit sensor, microcomputer 0-crossing soft touch temperature control, LED visual display, high power, rapid rise of temperature, accurate and stable temperature, little influence of air outflow, and unsoldering without lead, which can help you finish your repair work perfectly.

2. Insulation Soldering Pad

Heat-Resistant Insulation Soldering Pad

Heat-resistant Insulation Soldering Pad is mobile phone BGA maintenance tool. cell phone repair pad is designed with anti-static silicone materials for more convenient operation while you soldering or repairing BGA components. The BGA repair mat is high-quality with lots of advantages: anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-slip, non-deformation, foldable. It is suitable for the accommodating of variety of small accessories. We have double layers and 3 color3.

3. 1080P HDMI Digital Microscope

ADSM201 1080P HDMI Digital Microscope

ADSM201 1080P HDMI Digital Microscope is professional cell phone logic board repair equipment, it is used for precise and inspected testpoint when soldering and repairing phone circuit board. With HDMI video-output Interface, which can adapt to any monitor with HDMI-In. The ADSM201 1080P HDMI Digital Microscope definitely can be your right-hand man.

4. Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set

JM-8139 45-IN-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set

JM-8139 45-IN-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set  includes Sucker, Card Removal Needle, Triangle Boot Piece, 60mm Extension Bar, 30°Knife, Metal Spudger, Anti-static Tweezers, Work Bin, PH2.5 to H5.0, Cross Screw Driver: 1.5, Five-star Screw Driver: 0.8, Non-slip Handle, Roller Opening Tool. This Hand Tool Box toolkit will be the best assistant for iPhone 6 7 8 X Repair. It can provide all your simply reapir need. 

5. Electric Vacuum Pump Desoldering Gun

S-997P 100W Electric Vacuum Pump Desoldering Gun

S-997P 100W Electric Vacuum Pump Desoldering Gun is mobile phone motherboard repair tool. It has rapid heating function, which the soldering gun can be heating for one minute up to 450°C. Stable working temperature and instantaneous temperature funciton is suitable for continuous use. With enhanced vacuum pumps, which can make suction greater and in addition to tin easier. For its portable integrated design and the overall compact lightweight, the Electric Vacuum Pump Desoldering Gun definitely can be a right hand of you.

Contact us if you are interested in the products we mentioned above. We are waiting for your consultation.


Wise way for unlocking iCloud on iPhone

What is the important part for an iPhone? CPU? Motherboard? Display Screen? What appears in your mind? For a professional repair man, we usually will focus on the iCloud. The iCloud fucction has the powerful function, it can record and backup data while it can avoid the loss if your iPhone was stolen. But if you forget your iCloud password, you will have no rights to access your iPhone, it will be a terrible situation. What should we do next? we our VIP FIX team will share some idea for unlocking iCloud even if we don't have an Apple ID.




Another word, more and more people will choose an second hand iPhone instead an expensive original one, it has the same function and closer with a new one. But if you don't know the iCloud password, you will have to choose to unlock it to avoid the loss. We will share a few simple steps to solve this problem.


1 Charge way for unlocking iCloud on iPhone


Only you use iPhone, maybe you have heard a word like "iCloud Activation Lock". What does it mean? iPhone or Apple wach is locked to your personal iCloud account if you set a iCloud password which you didn't share with others. So if you want to access your device, you must enter your iCloud userID and password. Of course, if you forget it, you will have no jurisdiction to use your iPhone. But for now, we are glad to share the way to unlock iCloud if you don't have the credentials.


Unlock iPhone 6 6P Tools:


-iPhone 6 6P adapter< it can highly compatible with iPhone 6 6P>

If you have owned it, the unlock process wil be easier for you, if not, you can borrow from your friends or sent it to the repair shop. It is high efficient way to solve this problem.


2 Free way for unlocking iCloud on iPhone 

Then we have list the charge way to repair, we also will share the normal way to solver this problem, just following the steps below:


-Boot your iPhone and then press "Wi-Fi" settings. Next to the "Wi-Fi" symbol, tap on "i", it is a way to change the DNS, following the setting steps:

If you are in USA type in

In Europe, type

In Asia, type

The rest of the world--


-Tap on the "Back" button then click "Done". Next, click "Activation help". Once you have done that, you will see a message that says :You have successfully connected to my server." If you tap on the menu, you wll be able to access different iCloud services such as iCloud Locked User Chat, Mail, Social, Maps, Video, YouTube, Audia and games, among others.


3 Official way for unlocking on iPhone 


Free method of unlocking iCloud only works on iOS 9 and iOS 8, and not all of countries's user have the rights to know unlock iCloud. There exist free official way to solve this problem, but the official way always need the wait.


Of course, the free iCloud unlock solution just provide a permanent one for this problem irrespective of your country. It just need to cost a couple of dollars to unlock it, it will be cheaper compared with send it to the professinal repair shop.


Anyway, we had better record the iCloud password together with the ID to avoid this waste. And if you want to buy a second one, you had better ensure you have got the iCloud account, or not buy it. 


How to Expand iPhone 8 Nand Flash Memory to 256GB

Unlike Nand flash chip replacement operation on the ordinary computer and some of the Android cell phones, iPhone Nand expansion is not as easy as the mentioned ones. But from the technical level, as long as the technician has professional experience and skills, there is no risk when expanding iPhone Nand flash memory. In this article, VIP FIX will introduce how to expand iPhone 8 Nand Flash memory from 32GB to 256GB step by step and some related tips, hope it will help you!

• What professional repair tools you need?

- iPhone 8 256GB NAND Chip
- JC PCIE iPhone 8 NAND programmer
- Hot air gun station
- CNC grinding machine
- USB to lightening data cable
- Tweezers
- iPhone 8 Opening toolkit

• What are the detailed steps?

1. Disassemble the iPhone 8 by opening toolkit and take off the main board.

2.Take the original iPhone 8 NAND flash chip off the main board, the original technique is to blow it down with a hot air gun. Now the more mature method is to grind the NAND chip directly by a high quality Chip CNC grinding machine, this can avoid damage to the motherboard and guarantee the success rate.

3. Connect the JC PCIE IPhone 8 8P X Programmer with computer through USB-to-Lightening data cable, or you can also connect on the JC PRO1000S touch screen main unit.

4. Copy the original NAND information(series number, color, WiFi address, Bluetooth address, and regional information), then write the information to the new iPhone 8 256GB NAND chip through the JC PCIE programmer, the device can run perfectly.

5. Then weld the "new" NAND flash chip to the main board, and install motherboard to the iPhone 8.

6. Use Ace assistant or iTunes to restore iPhone system.

7. Test and verify the upgraded storage

• What is the requirement to upgrade the memory?

1. iPhone 8 function is normal, no water intake, no bending, no serious external force.

2. the ID password needs to be unlocked, so it is necessary to close and search my iPhone. If the the password of iPhone 8 is forgotten, it can not expand!

3. The US and Japan version of locked network iPhone 8 should have the card with latest system to activate the SIM card!

Warm Tips:

1. The iPhone 8 NAND Programmer is mainly applied to iPhone 8/8p/x.(Or you can also choose WL PCIE iPhone 8 NAND programmer)

2. This upgrade may not be suitable for DIY FIX, professional skills are needed. The upgrading operation may be risky. If this upgraded iPhone storage technology is widely applied, apple officials may take some measures to prevent it.

3. This is about upgrading the memory of iPhone 8, rather than expanding card or plug-in memory.

4. High speed performance, 256GB brand new NAND flash enjoys the same speed as the previous 32GB.

5. Apple official after-sales support does not accept the third party repaired phone.

More professional iPhone repair tutorial, please contact VIP FIX Shop Team on


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