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How to Use Hot Air Gun In Different Phone Repair Conditions

The hot air gun is one of the most common tools in the maintenance of mobile phones. It is mainly used for desoldering the small components on the logic board of the mobile phone, such as BGA chip, capacitance, resistance and so on. When take off these different parts from cell phone motherboard, you need to take care the detailed steps for using hot air rework station and other phone repair tools. In this article, VIP FIX will show you how to use hot air guns and related mobile phone repair tools to complete the maintenance of different elements. Hope to help you!

1. Resistance capacitance disassembly

- the temperature ranges from 340 to 360 degrees, and the wind speed is from 60 to 100.

- add some solder paste on the element welding pad

- keep the nozzle far away 1 to 2 centimeters from the dismantled components

- the hot air gun should be vertically removed and swaying back and forth to make it uniform heat.

- observe the change of solder on the pad while heating. When the solder melts, carefully remove the components.

- use tweezers to fix the components to be mounted on the pads, then heat them up to the solder after being heated by the hot air gun, and use tweezers to correct them.

2. Plastic parts disassembly

- temperature setting: for iPhone 4, 4S is slightly higher (290 to 320 degrees); for iPhone (above 280 degrees), it generally can be adjusted higher or below 10 degrees.

- hot air gun speed: For QUICK 2008 Hot Air Gun, the Max value is 100, the wind speed of other hot air guns should be on the basis of phone elements are not easy to blow away, and the hot air gun should be vertically used.

- heating evenly around the plastic parts (Don't fix the nozzle on the plastic parts, or it will melt in seconds).

- When the tin point is melted, it can be removed by tweezers.

3. BGA chip disassembly 

- 300 degree temperature, 80 to 100 wind speed 

- add solder paste on the chip

- keep the nozzle from 1 to 2 centimeters from the dismantled components

- keep the wind gun vertical to the removed element and sway back to form a uniform heat.

- While heating, gently tweak the chip with tweezers, and move it with tweezers.

4. BGA chip with glue disassembly

- temperature is from 180 to 220 degrees, scraping the black glue around the chip with curved tweezers.

- the temperature is about 360, the wind speed is 80 to 100, according to the chip size, the appropriate wind nozzle should be changed.

- add solder paste on the chip to keep the air nozzle away from the removed components from 1 to 2 centimeters.

- keep the air gun vertical to the removed element and sway back to shake it evenly.

- by observing whether the component tin is melted or exploded tin near the chip, then pry it down with a blade.

- scrape the main board with black glue and tin point with iron or air gun and knife.

- reballing the chip with high precision BGA Reballing Stencil, heat it in a good direction until it is reset, then use a tweezers to make minor changes.

- finally, after a few minutes of cooling, electricity can be tested.

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Common iPhone 7 Problems and Solutions

More and more people prefer to choosing iPhone compared with Android phone, according to the data shows, apple also has won over millions of users depends on its flagship device and perfect performance. But have to say iPhone has its own advantage, list iPhone 7 as example, a certainly leap, improved water resistance, capacitive, haptic home button and no headphone jack etc. Nevertheless, it is inevitable for most of users to face vairous kinds iPhone 7 problems, so we think it is necessary for yourselves to grasp a trouble-free experience with your device. Here our VIP FIX team will list some common iPhone 7 issues and its solutions at home. Read on and learn how to operate it.


If you can solve these common faults by yourself, it means you may have an ability to run a phone repair business, of course, it is far from enough to support a complete business if you just only know these, have to know some phone repair skills and match with some professional tools.


Anyway, more know, more happy. Let us start out today's topic.


1 iPhone 7 charging problem


If you have ever suffered an iPhone 7 not charging, don't worry it, according to our ever repair experience, it happens with lots of iOS users. Most likely, there would be a problem with your charging cable or the phone connecting port. Try charging your phone with a new authentic cable or use another port. 


Or you can restart it directly, maybe it can be solved by one operation.


2 iPhone 7 overheating problem


It is normal for most of device if you are playing while charging, actually we do have heared from lots of users said their device tends to overheat. We advise you had better not do like that.


If it is caused by other reasons, first step is to updating your phone to a stable iOS version


3 iPhone 7 ringer problem 


It is very terrible if you iPhone can't ring with sound when you getting a call, if it is important, it will be much worse. but it is okay now, following our step, we can draw a conclusion that it may be a hardware or software proble from our ever experience. First step, check if your phone is on mute or not, the slider is usually located on the left side of the device and it should be turned on, check it, and then find the original settings.

4 iPhone 7 sound problems 


As we known, iPhone 7 don't have a headphone jack, so it means if there happens some fault, it must there happens software fault or hardware problem, While the sound or volume related problems with iPhone 7 Plus usually happens after an update. Go to your phone’s Settings > Accessibility and turn on the option of “Phone Noise Cancellation”. This will let you have a better calling experience. Additionally, read this post to solve iPhone 7 issues related to its sound and volume.


5 iPhone 7 calling problems 


Not being able to make a call, don't panic, check your network and signal, if there is no cellular service on your phone, you just need to move to a place which can search something through net. If not, maybe you need to check its inside.


6 iPhone 7 unstable Wi-Fi connection


Chances are that even after connected to a Wifi network, your device can experience certain flaws. Too many times, users are not able to enjoy a seamless connection and get problems related to their network. Try to resolve this issue by resetting a network. Select the Wifi network and tap on the “Forget this Network” option. Restart your phone and connect to the Wifi network again. Also, visit this guide to learn how to solve various iPhone 7 problems related to Wifi.


7 iPhone 7 stuck on Apple logo


After rebooting your device, simply gets stuck on the Apple logo, just forcefully reboot it, mostly it can be solved. Or not, disassemble it and check the motherboard, becuase this fault is always caused by the motherboard fault, find a universal mothebroard holder, with a magnify glass with LED, find whether there happens some short circuit or something wrong. Or not, you may need to have a check on motherboard.

8 iPhone 7 touch ID not working 


We advise you guys add a new fingerprine on your device, most of Touch ID can malfunction, so a regularly changing will be necessary.


9 iPhone 7 freezing or bricked


Same solve way for this fault, forcefully restarting, long press the power and volume down button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Then let go of the keys when the apple logo appears.


If the freezing can be solver by restarting, congratulations. If not, try to analysis why this phenomenon happens, then find the related video on youtube, get some phone diagnostic tool and try to solve it by yourself, it it is much complexed, find a professional phone repair shop ang seek for help.


Trusting your device and your judge, DIY will be more interesting than ask for help from a shop. While you can hava a discuss with us, welcome to consult us on


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