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How to deal common phone volume problems

With the Apple device becomes more and more popular, most of people prefers to choosing iOS than Android, but the more using always match with more faults, then a professional phone repair shop will play a important role during in this relationship. The volume problem is known as one of the most common phone hardware fault, so have you ever suffered it? you are not alone, this problem will be easier fixed than you think. In the spirit of helping you out, here our 
VIP FIX team going to share some common solutions to fix it. 



Before the topic starts, we think it is necessary for you to know the accessibility, no matter what faults happens on your device, lower or louder than normal, try to setting accessibility on your iPhone,  it may can help you solve it. here is the way, tap on the general tab, then under the wide option tap on Accessibility. For most of volume of sound fault, this way is the most effective way.


But if you do cannot hear any sound at all from your phone, how should you deal it? Depending on most of guys like DIY, what the solution we provided will be a very prospect for most users. According to our experience, this iPhone silence may caused by stuck on headphone mode, here is how to fix it.


If you see an icon that looks like this on the iPhone when you try to adjust your volume buttons, there may be something stuck in the headphone port.


If you have tried the above-mentioned way, but it is useless, we can share you a our latest headphone diagnostic module, which can be matched with JC Pro 1000S, it can fix this no reply fastly, if you are interested in it, you can contact us.

While you may have suffered a situation like this, music can express sound while other apps don't have any sound. For this phenonmenon, what out advice is restoring it on iTunes, it will be the most effective way to fix it. But like we ever told, remember backup your data before you restore your device.


There is no need to do some operations for the aboved way, while most of phone repair shop will choose to disassemble it ot check it clearly to be responsible for their's clients. While we VIP FIX team ever happens a fault which shows losing sound immediatley after we un-dock it and remove the headphones from the audio jack, try the following ways, it may help you save some money.


1 Re-Dock the iPhone and then remove it. This can work especially if it is just a small software glitch and your phone kind of just needs a pick-me up.


2 Do the same with the headphones. Re-plug and then unplug again. With the headphones unplugged decrease or increase the volume and see what happens.


3 Sometimes dust could be interfering with your sound. Therefore, brush off the dust from the dock connector and see whether this works. Dust has been known to trick the software into thinking your iPhone is still docked.


4 If all else fails, try resetting the phone to default settings


And if you don't wanna to resetting, another way may be more suitable for you. Update it, make sure what your phone used is the latest iOS version, Go to the Settings > General > Software Update and check if your iOS version is the latest. If no, proceed with the update.


Then check out if this fault can be solved, the easiest way is downloading a free music apps and play songs with it


Anyway, in case none of these soultions can fix this fault, we advise you address a phone repair shop, perhaps, you will need to replace some iPhone details like earpiece speaker. Or you still want to DIY it, you can contact us and we can provide professional phone repair tools and skills. 


How to Repair These 3 Problems on iPhone 8

It has been about one year from the release date of iPhone 8 device, it's not strange that some problems would be complained by users: battery, software, speakers, etc. When you encounter some problems on iPhone 8, do you know how to adpot proper solutions to repair? In this article, we'll introduce how to repair the following iPhone 8 problem without any iPhone repair tools!

- Battery consumption is too fast

If we use the iPhone too frequen, the battery may have some problems. Recently, the iPhone repairman must have heard that some people complain that the iPhone 8 battery comsumption is too fast. For example, even if your iPhone just finish charging for a while, the cell phone doesn't have much electricity, especially after playing games or watching videos. If your iPhone 8 is also having the battery consumption too fast problem, you can try the following solution to repair:

Factory resetting. Before that, you must first make sure that you have all the data back up, but after wiping your iPhone, consider setting it up to the new, do not restore your backup and test to see if the battery problem returns. If not, then your old setup or the application you install may cause this problem.

If you still have a battery problem after the factory reset and did not restore the backup, it may be a hardware failure, and you will want to take it to the apple for further testing. The iPhone repairman will repair it with some professional iPhone test and repair tools, such as the digital multimeter, DC power supply, and so on.

- Application stores are constantly refreshed

It's not a rare problem If you load the app store and find it refresh every few seconds, it's common in iPhone 8 reviews from users, how to repair this problem?

A simple reboot is enough to get our iPhone 8 back on track. Press the sleep / wake button to slide the power off. Then press the sleep / wake up button to turn on your iPhone. We haven't seen the return of this problem yet.

Some people succeeded in checking out their accounts. Go to settings and click on your name at the top, then iTunes and AppStore > Apple ID, and select check-out. Click sign in and enter your details, then log on to the app store again.

The headphones have a murmur in the call

We received several iPhone 8 users who encounter the same problem: the headset is crackling during the call. Repetitive and intermittent voice make it difficult for them to hear the voice correctly and clearly in normal calls. How to solve this problem?

Apple Corp told us: "we know that this problem will affect customers in a few cases. Our team is in the process of repair, which will be included in the upcoming version of the software.

It is reported that it is fixed in iOS 11.1 developer Berta. If you have a developer account, you can download it to the development tool.

According to this ReDIT post, it may be possible to have a separate but similar hardware problem with touch headphones. If this is your problem, then you may need to contact Apple about replacing your cell phone.

If you need more information about professional iPhone repair, please contact and get solutions from VIP FIX Shop Team on


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