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Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working Issue

No matter what you met in your life, what you need to remember is to being calm, keep enthusiasm to face everything. Actually, we have to handle so many problems everyday as a professionl phone repair shop charger, of course, we also sell the phone repair tools on many online B2C WEB, don't think it deep, what we do aims to help you start a phone repair business, it will be more convenience for you to make choice. Recently, we received too many iPhone speaker complaint from our customers, but according to out ever experience, most of speakers faults was caused by phone's software, like a temporary software crash. After all, it is the software, DIY seems not easy, but it is okay, following us, here our VIP FIX team will guide you how to deal it.


Like many other issues, basic troubleshooting plays an important role before checking and fixing, in some extents, it is a fairly and safety method for your device diagnosic. For the iPhone speaker not working issue, the first step you need to do is to making sure the device is not in Silent Mode. To do so check the Silent Mode button and toggle it to put the iPhone in General Mode. Once you do this, the orange strip next to the Silent Mode button will no longer be visible.


The easiest way to fix iOS issues including the iPhone speaker not working error is restarting, most of iPhone faults can be fixed by rebooting, but the methods to restart an iPhone are different.


If you are using an iPhone 7, use the volume down and power on/off button to restart the device. If you are using any other iPhone, press the power on/off and home button together for 10 seconds to reboot your device to fix iPhone 6 speaker not working issue.


Now that we have mentioned the Silent Mode, so have you ever realized the Headphone Mode, as a result of this, you are unable to hear any sounds from its speaker.


If you have connected your earphones in the past, it is possible that iPhone still recognizes them even after they have been ejected. This happens when there is accumulated dirt and dust in your earphone jack. So the next what you need to do is cleaning with a soft dry brushes and clean wiper, to remove all debris. 


Then open an APP which needs to use speaker, check it whehter it backs to normal.


One of the most interesting thing is that you don't know your iPhone sound is playing somewhere else. This is not a myth and it actually happens if you have connected your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker or AirPlay device in the past. If you forget to turn off the Bluetooth and AirPlay on your iPhone, it will continue to use these third-party speakers to play sounds and not its own built-in speakers.


Anyway, like we have talked, updating iOS system can fix most of iPhone faults, including iPhone speaker not working. when the system ask you to do the terms, you need to enter your passcode, had better forget it, otherwise, it will be much terrible.


When you have tried all the above-mentioned way, the speaker still keeps not working, you may try to the last resort, restoring your device. And, before that, you must make sure to backup your iPhone before restoring it as it results in data loss, following the detail process to restore:


1 Install the lastest iTunes on your computer.


2 Now connect the iPhone using a phone USB cable and select your connected iPhone on the iTunes interface and click on “Summary”.

3 Finally, click on “Restore iPhone” at iTunes interface. Click on “Restore” on the pop-up message again and wait for the process to get over to see that iPhone speaker not working issue is resolved.


Once the process is finished, you may now disconnect it from the PC and turn it on to check if the sound is playing from its speaker.


In a word, for most of outside problems, iPhone speaker is not difficult to fix. But if you have tried all the above way, the speaker still keeps in trouble, maybe it stuck in software malfunction. So you may need to seek for help from a phone repair shop, or your friends. But we still sincerely hope what we share d can be useful for you, check it by yourself will be better than depending on local shops, isn't it? 


7 Suggestions to Make The Phone Repair Beginner an Expert

With the smartphones becoming an indispensable communication tool in our daily life, a huge phone fix market has been born. If you want to do business in this industry, there are many professional phone repair tools and information you need to know in advance. What you need to pay attention to before starting cell phone repair business in your local city?  In this article, VIP FIX will share a guide for how to be an excellent cell phone repair technician. Hope it will help in your future plan!

First of all, it's necessary to understand the working principle of the cell phone, the features of various types of software and hardware faults, the features of the surface package IC and the components, the characteristics of the BGA hot air gun reflow welding, the correct maintenance procedure, etc.

If you master the above basic information about phone repair, you'll be able to get more reasonable and faster successful repair in your future business. For the beginner , it's suggested to learn from the basic theory of electronic theory and understand it. Don't get stuck in a problem, you have to think for yourself when you have problems. Mobile phone repair technology is a real learning, you have to be patient and not be eager for success. Even if you are in a hurry, you have to take a step in one step. If you are only anxious and do not seek a way out, then everything is zero. Without perseverance, you will not achieve your goal.

In order to do a good job in cell phone repair, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. learning the component knowledge of the cell phone

The knowledge of mobile devices includes the identification of various elements and devices in the mobile phone, the learning and understanding of the principles of various elements and devices, and the measurement of the components.

2. understand the commonly used names, concepts, graphics and character symbols, unit system and other electronic technology in cell phones

Some concepts like current, voltage, resistance, what is DC, alternating current and so on. For some confusing names, such as voltage, potential, potential difference, electromotive force, we should make clear the difference between them and know their characters, units and conversion.

3. understand the principle of the circuit

The principles of circuit are: amplifying circuit, oscillating circuit, switching circuit principle and so on. Understand and master the components and circuit structure of the mainstream cell phone models in the market.

4. understand the working principle and basic circuit structure of GSM mobile phone.

The working principle and basic circuit structure of GSM mobile phone mainly include: how the mobile phone works and the composition of the cell phone circuit, including the receiving circuit, the transmitting circuit, the frequency synthesizer circuit, the logic circuit, the power supply and charging circuit, the interface circuit, and the understanding of the block. 

Starting from the basic electronic unit circuit, learning to understand maps, learning to analyze the principle of basic circuit work, make a clear analysis of the signals from the input to the output, and we need to know their normal waveform, amplitude, voltage and working frequency; It is necessary to understand the functions of all levels of circuits and the role of each component in the circuit.

5. learn how to use cell phone repair tools

The use of mobile phone repair tools like hot air gun, soldering iron, digital multimeter, oscilloscope, microscope and so on. To master the technology of disassembly and welding of mobile phone components.

6. pay more attention to the experience of mobile phone repair.

We should pay attention to learning others' fault analysis and testing methods. You can't just look at what other components are changing, you must work hard.

7. don't give up your cell phone, think more, practice more!

If you can follow the above suggestions, then repairing mobile phones is a piece of cake, and money is coming. Hope you will have great progress in the future phone fix business!

Any problems you meet in cell phone repair and professional tools support, just contact VIP FIX Shop Team on


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