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6 Ways To Repair iPhone iPad Or iPod Touch Can't Be Charged

The emergence of mobile phones has brought a lot of fun to our lives. So what will happen to our mobile phones will make us anxious and restless? Of course, the phone suddenly can't be charged. Most of the data shows that users will encounter some problems when using the iPhone, so that the device can not be used normally. The most common one is that the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can't be charged. How can I solve these problems? In this article, Our phonefix shop team will provide you with some effective solutions.


1. Force restart your device

If the software crashes, the software will be unresponsive, which is why your iPhone or iPad can't be recharged. In this case, rebooting is something that many of us will try.
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously.
Press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds.
Release button when the Apple logo appears.
Try charging the iPhone again.

2. Plug in to different power sources for charging

If you're trying to charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, make sure you're charging your device with your device's original USB power adapter and cable. To charge your device, follow these steps:
Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a Lightning to USB cable or an Apple 30-pin to USB cable. Plug in one of the following three power supplies:
(1). Wall outlet: Plug the charging cable into the USB wall adapter and plug the adapter into a wall outlet.
(2). Computer: Plug the charging cable into the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your computer. The computer needs to be turned on and not in sleep mode. Do not use the USB port on your keyboard.
(3). Power accessories: Plug the cable into a live USB hub, or other Apple-certified accessory.
When the device is charging, you will see a lightning bolt icon next to the battery icon in the status bar or a larger battery icon on the lock screen.

3. Restore in iTunes

In this case, please restore your iPhone or iPad in iTunes. iTunes is more secure than iCloud because it actually uninstalls, reinstalls, and reloads your data instead of doing anything locally on your device. If you use an encrypted backup, it can even recover your password so you can get back up faster.
Connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC via Lightning or a 30-pin Dock connector.
Click the Devices tab in the top left corner.
Click Backup.
Wait for the backup to complete.
Click "Restore"
Wait for the recovery to complete.
Once you have completed all the operations, please try charging again.

4. iOS device device cannot be charged

(1). Check the charging cable and USB converter for signs of damage, such as breakage or bending. Do not use damaged accessories. Please purchase a new Apple charger as soon as possible.
(2). Check if there is any debris in the charging connection at the bottom of the device. It may be that the debris blocking device detects the charging device, and the system stops charging based on safety factors. If there are any obstacles, the cable will not fit properly into the charging port, so the device will not charge. Look for a suitable gadget when cleaning the charging port, such as a toothpick, a needle or a SIM Card eject Remover. Please proceed gently to avoid any further damage. Remove all dirt and debris and connect the device to the power source.

5. Do not continue charging after the phone is fully charged

If the phone is fully charged but connected to the power source, it will affect battery life. If you continue to charge, the battery of the mobile phone will be affected by the current, and some of the chemical components will be destroyed, which will affect the efficiency of the battery.Please don't play the phone while charging, this will not only affect the life of the phone, but also pose a threat to your own security.

6. Replace charging interface

If the charging interface on the phone is broken, it must be replaced by disassembling it. Replacing the charging interface requires professional technology and phone fix tool. If you don not have that, please don't replace it  by yourself.

If you have other methods that can effectively solve this problem. Or if you want to know more skills about repairing your phone, please discuss with us on


2 Best Methods for Troubleshooting Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone failures are ubiquitous in our daily life. As a professional mobile phone maintenance technician, it is essential to know how to troubleshoot and repair all kinds of cell phone faults. This will make repair work more professional and efficient. How can you solve all kinds of cell phone faults by specific troubleshooting methods?  What professional cell phone dignosis tools are necessary? In this article, phonefix shop team will provide you the best 2 solutions. Hope this article will help you.

Fault location Method

The method of mobile phone maintenance can be summarized from two aspects:

- fault location method
- fault repair method

1. intuitionistic judgment method

After careful observation of the failures of most mobile phones, it can be seen that the fault is located and can be directly judged, for example, the display of characters, the broken or disassembly of the antenna, the falling of the copper foil of the cell phone PCB board, the broken pin of the components and the sound of the receiver.

2. voltage method

Voltage method is the most important repair method in the maintenance of mobile phone. The voltage method is to use digital multimeter to test the power supply voltage of several points of the mobile phone, so as to judge whether the related circuit is working properly.

Most of the failure of the mobile phone is related to the power supply. The reason is that the "power cable" in the power supply system runs through every circuit of the mobile phone. There are many power cables. When a power cable fails, the related circuit will not work. When the power supply cable fault is serious, the whole cell phone will not work, the power supply is supplied by the battery. The power supply of the cell phone needs to be stabilized by the power supply circuit to supply the relevant circuits.

• How to operate the voltage method?

1. opening the cell phone and turn on with the single motherboard. First use DC power supply to measure whether the power IC is normal, if it is not normal, the battery contacts and batteries are necessary to be measured; if normal, then you need to measure the each circuit output voltage of power IC.

2. The power supply is detected according to the path, mainly checking LOG power supply and RF power supply.

Get more technical support about cell phone repair on, you can contact China Phonefix Shop Team for help!



14 Solutions for iPhone 7 common faults

After introducing smartphone parts, maybe we can learn more about phone knowledge, like common faults on iPhone 7. Apple has won over millions of users relied on its perfect features and high performance. But, there are times when users face various kinds of iPhone problems, though we have knew the parts and how to disassemble with professional phone repair tools. To make sure you have a trouble-free experience with your device, we have listed various common iPhone faults and its solution in this article. Here our PhoneFix team will guide you how to solve this problems by yourself.

We will list iPhone 7 as example, before that, we advise you had better prepare some tools to support your operation:

- Phone opening pry tool kits

- Power test cable

- Screen separator tool

- OCA Glue remove tool

- Adjustable screwdivers

- Phone home button diagnostic tool

- Phone Repair Mat


Of course, if you need more, maybe you can contact us on Then let us start today's travel.


1 iPhone 7 Charge problem


If you currently happens iPhone 7 charging problem, don't worry, there would be a problem with your charging cable or the connecting port, try charging your phone with a new authentic cable. As for connecting port, we had better advise you check it with U2 Micro Dock Flex Board, iPhone model, to diagnostic it whether there happens some faults, it it is, replace it with a new one.


2 iPhone 7 Battery drains fast


If you found your phone's power drains faster than normal, first step you need to do is to check how the battery was consumed by various apps. If there no any other apps keeps running, maybe you need to diagnostic it with battery test module with JC pro 1000S, fast getting the diagnostic result and get the cycle number, SN and factory name etc.


3 iPhone 7 overheating problem


We have heard from lots of iPhone 7 users that their device tends to overheat out of the blue. This happens even when the device is idle. To fix these iPhone 7 issues, update your phone to a stable iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and get a stable version of iOS. This post has explained how to resolve iPhone 7 overheating issue in a simple manner. Same time, it may be also can be caused by battery, use the power test cable to check it, get the reuslts you want.


4 iPhone 7 sound problems


We have received enough complaint about iPhone sounds, but usually after we checked it, we found most of them were caused by an imprperly updating. So the directly thins is to change the settings. Go to your phone’s Settings > Accessibility and turn on the option of “Phone Noise Cancellation”. This will let you have a better calling experience. Additionally, read this post to solve iPhone 7 issues related to its sound and volume.


If not, have a try on JC Pro 1000S headphone test module, fast get the diagnostic tool.


5 iPhone 7 Proximity sensor not working


The proximity sensor on any device lets you talk seamlessly over a call, multitask, and performs a wide range of other tasks. Though, if it is not working on your iPhone, then you can take some added measures. For instance, you can restart your phone, hard reset it, restore it, put it in DFU mode, etc. Learn how to fix iPhone proximity problem right here.


6 iPhone 7 calling problems


From not being able to make a call to getting calls dropped, there could be plenty of iPhone 7 issues related to calling. Before you proceed, make sure there is no problem with your network. If there is no cellular service on your phone, then you won’t be able to make any calls. Nevertheless, if there is a problem with your iPhone calling, then read this informative post to resolve it.


7 iPhone 7 wifi network problems


If you are not access to your Wi-Fi, then the first step you need to do is to check whether you are providing the correct password for the network or not. While ther are plenty of ways to fix these network. One of the best ways to do so is by resetting the network settings. Of course, if you don't want to take such an extreme measure, maybe you can try the PCIE-7 Module with JC pro 1000S, but it is expensive, personal think.


8 iPhone 7 messages miss problems


If you have just updated your device to a new iOS version or are using it with a new SIM card, then you might face this issue. Thankfully, it has plenty of quick solutions. Most of the times, it can be resolved by setting the current date and time. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and set it to automatic. Learn about some other easy solutions right here.


9 iPhone 7 stuck on white apple


If this fault can't be fixed after restarting your device, maybe you need to disassemble it with opening pry tools, had better place all the parts on phone repair mat, then during your repairing process, which can ensure you will not miss the accessories.


10 iPhone 7 stuck in reboot loop


Just like being stuck on the Apple logo, you device can also be stuck in the reboot loop. In this case, iPhone would keep restarting without getting into a stable mode. This problem can be fixed by putting your device in recovery mode while taking the assistance of iTunes. You can also use a third-party tool to fix it or simply hard reset your device. Learn more about these solutions to fix iPhone stuck in reboot loop right here.


11 iPhone 7 screen problem 


The directly way is to replace it with a new one, had better the original one. Using the screen separator to get the broken screen or other faults, then use the OCA glue remove tool to clear the adhesive, replace the new one.

12 iPhone 7 camera problems


Just like any other device, iPhone camera can also malfunction every now and then. Most of the times, it is observed that the camera displays a black screen instead of the view.  These iPhone 7 issues related to its camera can be fixed by updating your device or after restoring it. We have listed various solutions to this problem in this guide.


13 iPhone 7 home button faults


Use the latest phone home button repair tool to check the U10 IC, finding the resoures faults fastly. If there happen some faults on it, fix it. It is not easy to fix this problems.


14 iPhone 7 frozen problem


Just forcefully restarting it, to do so, long press the power and volume down button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. If it can't be fixed, there may happens some faults inside of the phone, disassemble it and use the power test cable to check whether there happens short circuit, compared with wuxinji dongle shows, find the results.


After reading the above-mentiond words, we ensure you will have a deeper cognize for common phone problems. If you owned a professional phone repair shop, maybe you will be more confidence, if you are a DIY lover, try the solutions we shared, you will be amazing at the next happening.


If you are still have other iPhone 7 issues, freely to contact us on


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