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4 Methods to Prolong iPhone Battery Life

Smart phones have become the most common communication tools in people's lives. Especially, iPhone is very popular with young people. Smart phones is integrated all computer functions, surfing and entertainment functions are constantly increasing. In such a practical case, the time that users spend on must be long, the most painful thing is battery endurance, most of the users are basically charging every day, which is one of the serious diseases of the mobile phone including the iPhone. If only there is a good way to maintain batteries. What are the maintenance methods for the iPhone battery? Are there any iPhone battery repair tools to prolong its life?

At present, most smart phones are lithium ion batteries. How to maintain such batteries? Phonefix Shop Team sum up the following four points. The details are as follows:

1. Minimize the use of power saving software and battery maintenance software

This kind of software is just a gimmick, because it is much more effective than the actual effect. The software that teaches you to charge your full charge is very small and harmful to the battery. it will constantly check your current power, produce unnecessary losses, and even make the cell phone hot.

2. Don't work long hours at high or low temperature

In this case, not only will the electronic components become aging, but even the batteries will explode.

3. Correct charging method: charging when necessary, but do not overcharge

This is the best way to maintain battery activity in the iPhone battery maintenance method. Experiments show that at a higher working voltage (attention, not too high), lithium battery life is longer, and a mild charge discharge will achieve the best effect. Try not to start charging when the power is insufficient, and not automatically turn off the battery. It's just starting to charge.

The number of battery cycles given by apple is 500 times (the number of cycles =100% charge and discharge, for example from 100% to 0% to 100%, and 60% to 40% again to 60% only 1/5 cycles, of course, this is an average, not to say you can guarantee 500 times after every time you use the battery to keep up to 80%), which is almost guaranteed. Your perfect use of 2 years is also very consistent with the apple and operators set the signing cycle.

These may not be very well understood, as long as you remember this method, with the use of the charge, do not wait for the low energy alarm, let iPhone keep healthy, note that these methods and the traditional nickel cadmium battery is very big difference, do not use the old methods for many years to treat lithium batteries.

4. Try not to use non original charger or charging adapter

An unstable current can greatly damage the life of the electronic components, especially the chargers of some non original, which is very harmful to the charger for the lack of effective control circuits.

iPhone mobile phones generally use the built-in battery, because the quality control of Apple products is very strict, so overall, iPhone battery is still relatively stable, as long as the reasonable use, generally very few problems, of course, how to maintain the battery as far as possible, so that the iPhone cell battery life longer.

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Why Does iPhone 6S Keep Turning Off By Itself 

iPhone 6s has electricity but automatically shuts down. This situation is not only because of the low temperature protection mechanism set by Apple on the iPhone (automatic shutdown due to low temperature), according to a large number of feedback from netizens, even under normal temperature conditions. It will still automatically shut down when there is still power remaining. Especially when watching videos, listening to music, or playing games, the phone suddenly shuts down automatically. This has brought us a lot of inconvenience to use mobile phones. Why does my iPhone 6s automatically turned off? How to deal with it? Today our phonefix shop team will help you solve this problem.

1. Forced restart

Sometimes an app can cause software instability, which will make the phone power itself off. If your iPhone or iPad is constantly turned off, unable to charge or crash, you may need to perform a hard reset. A hard reset can help either automatically shutting down itself or causing the battery to run out quickly due to rogue processes or Wi-Fi or cellular radio activity.
On the iPhone 6s, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time.
Press and hold the button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.
When the launch screen appears, you can release the button.
After restarting your iPhone, check to see if it still works. If not (or it won't restart) continue to the next step.

2. Restore iPhone

Another thing you can try is to use iTunes to restore your iPhone to a new one. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed and back up the data on your iPhone. Please follow the steps below:
Open iTunes
Connect your device to your computer using the included cable
In iTunes, select your device
Click Restore in the Summary panel
To confirm your action, click "Restore"
iTunes software will erase your iPhone, it will install the latest version of iOS

3. Battery calibration

Your iPhone 6S may require battery calibration, so learn how to calibrate your iPhone 6S battery :
Reduce the iPhone 6S battery to 0% and automatically turn off the power.
Charge the device until it reaches 100%. Do not unplug the power cord or use the device while charging. Although it has reached 100%, let the iPhone 6S recharge for an hour. Use your device to drain the battery to zero, and do not charge it during this process.
Charge the iPhone 6S to 100% again and recharge it for one hour to ensure it is fully charged.
Your iPhone 6S battery is now calibrated.

If the above methods will not work, probably iPhone's battery has been damaged, you need to replace a new battery.

4. Replacement battery

Turn off the phone before replacing the battery. Using a pentagonal screwdriver, unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the iPhone6s. Place the suction cup above the return button. Use the suction cup to open the screen, insert the triangular Opening Pry Tool, Open the phone screen along the edge.
Then use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the set screw from the display connector cover. The screen should not be opened more than 90°, otherwise the cable will be broken.
Use a crowbar to open the cable (be careful not to use too much force) to separate the screen from the body.
Use a screwdriver to remove the battery clip iron.
Pull out the double-sided adhesive of the bonded battery from the low end of the battery, and carefully pull out (slightly pull back and forth) to try not to break.
Replace with a new battery. Install the battery clip iron with a screwdriver. Then install the screen, gently press the cable with your hand and install the cable. Then use a screwdriver to install the cable to fix the iron piece. Install the screen and the screws.
The replacement is complete. The phone can be used normally.

Be careful not to break the screen cable
Old batteries should be slowly pulled out, not violent!

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How to diagnostic iPhone 6S charging problem

Phone Battery issue is not strange for us, if you are currently experiencing iPhone 6S battery problems, then you may have come to the right place. Our PhoneFix team will guide you how to analysis it and solve it. After discussing various iPhone battery problems and learn how to troubleshoot those problems, we have summarized enough experience for this problem, follow our steps to learn to how to resolve iPhone 6 battery problems.

The easiest way for iPhone battery is that using the Jc pro 1000s battery diagnostic module, you will be amazing at its inteligence. Following the detail:

Phone battery diagnostic module can be used to check iPhone 4 - X, which can fast diagnostic it. Meanwhile, it can support changing battery SN, factory number and cycle number, or design capacity and increase battery expansion board.


The above-mentioned tool can solve all the following problems, keep your eyes on this article.


1 iPhone 6S battery Draining Fast


One of the most common phone battery problems is associated with its fast drainage. In order to fix these problems, you must know how your phone is consuming its battery, if there exist many APP running at the same time, you may just need to turn it off.


Furthermore, the location-based service on iPhone consumes lots of battery, if you keep moving, this feature can drain your device's battery without even using it. So it is necessary to turn it off by visiting your phone's privacy setting and seitching off the location services option.


After following these simple solutions, you would be able to resolve the iPhone 6 battery problems related to its fast drainage.


2 iPhone 6S gets hot while charging 


The iPhone overheating is another common issue that bothers plenty of iOS users, but almost each iPhone users can't avoid it. If your iPhone gets hotter and hotter while charging, maybe you need to stop charging right away. If it can cool it by itself, you may don't need to neglect it.


But if not, to start with, you have to try to turn it off or restart it. Then place it at a cool place to check whehter this situation can be solved well.

3 iPhone 6S shuts down with battery left 


It is a rarely situation, but there still exist someone who suffered this. When iPhone turns off out of the blue even when it has enough battery left, you need to check its date and time feature, set the automatically option, it will be useful this issue.


If not, to resolve these iPhone 6s battery problems, you need to calibrate your device’s battery. In order to calibrate your phone, let its battery drain at first. Once its battery is drained, your phone would be turned off. After draining its battery entirely, connect it to a charger and in one go, charge it to 100%. Even when it is charged to 100%, turn your phone on and keep charging it for another 60-90 minutes. This will calibrate your phone’s battery and resolve the iPhone 6 battery problems.


4 iPhone 6S battery life becomes abnormal


If your iPhone's battery seems to malfunction, while your phone still can keep work, you may need to focus on it. For us, we will choose to disassemble it, get the body and battery parts separately, then use the battery diagnostic board or power test cable to check it, find whether ther e happens some abnormal on battery board.

Sometimes, the improperly updating also may casue the unstable, the best way to resolve this issue is by updating your phone to the latest version, update it again.


5 iPhone 6S slow charging issue 


There might be a problem related to your phone's charging port, use the U2 micro dock flex board with the multimeter to check the charging port, check whether it is damaged. 


If the results shows okay, check if the charging cable of your phone is working properly or not. Usually, this problem can be fixed till this steps.


After following these steps, we trust you would be able to fix the iPhone battery problems of different kinds, not only for iPhone 6S. From charging issues to battery troubleshooting, you can have a deeper known about your phone. Just go ahead and implement these ways to fix phone charging problem.


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