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How To Repair iPhone 7 Can Not Connect WiFi

WiFi has brought great convenience to our lives, especially the use of mobile phones to connect to WiFi has become a common phenomenon. It makes our life more colorful, using mobile phones to connect to WIFI Internet is not only convenient, fast and saves traffic. Recently, some iPhone7 users have reported that their phones cannot connect to WiFi. What causes the iPhone to fail to connect to Wi-Fi? Sometimes even if you connect to WiFi successfully, you can't access the Internet. So how to solve this problem. Next, our phonefix shop team will introduce you to several ways to solve the problem that iPhone7 cannot connect to WiFi.

1. Check WiFi

The simplest and most basic method is to check the status of the wireless network. All you have to do is swipe from the bottom edge of the screen to open the control center. Then you will see the Wi-Fi logo, just click the icon to close it. Now you should wait a few seconds and then click the icon again to reopen it. Also, please remember to turn off airplane mode.

2. Reset iPhone network settings

Our mobile phone's network settings contain a variety of information, including connection data and preferences for cellular and Wi-Fi networks. If one of the Wi-Fi settings is corrupted, it may prevent you from entering the Wi-Fi network. In this case, the solution is to reset the network settings, although this will remove some connection-related preferences and stored data. You may need to ask the network owner for the connection data and enter it again:

- Click Settings.
- Then click on General.
- Swipe to the bottom and tap Reset.
- Tap Reset network settings.
- Do this if you are asked to confirm if you want to reset these settings.

3. Update iOS version

As we all know, a new version of iOS has been released to fix some software bugs that can cause various problems, including different Wi-Fi issues. Therefore, it is wise and recommended to download and install the latest iOS version. This means you need to operate in a wireless network environment. So if your phone can connect to Wi-Fi and receive weak network signals. Check if your device has an applicable iOS update. If so, please install it. This may solve your problem. Click Settings > General > Software Updates. If the screen shows that the iPhone can be updated, plug the phone into a power outlet and click Download and Install.
However, if you are unable to receive any Wi-Fi signals, you can try using the iTunes Update Software. The process is as follows.

- Install the latest iTunes version on your computer.
- Connect your iPhone to your PC. Launch iTunes on your computer and select your iPhone.
- Open the "Summary" folder, then click "Check for Updates." If it shows a new version of iOS available, click "Download and Install" or Update.


4. Check if it is a router problem

First of all, we need to check if it is a network aspect or a router problem. Use another mobile phone or laptop to connect to the Wifi. If you can't connect, the problem may be on the router. You can try to restart the router to solve this problem.

5. Replace iPhone WiFi antenna 

First shut down your phone, remove the sim card, and remove the screws on both sides of the data cable connector.

Use the suction cup to hold the screen near the Home button and pull out an opening.
Note that the angle between the front panel and the body should not exceed 90 degrees, because there are cables at the top of the fuselage to connect the two.

In order to avoid short circuit of components during the disassembly process, we must first power off the motherboard and remove the shield of the power cable.

Gently pry the power supply to the motherboard connector with the opening pry tool.

Then we remove the shield of the cable part that is connected to the front panel.

Also open the cable one by one, a total of four. The four cables are display, touch, fiber, and Touch ID cable.

Remove the shield from the camera. Next, remove the motherboard and first unplug the bottom cable from the bottom of the motherboard.

Then remove the antenna, pay special attention here, to force from the end of the antenna, the hand should be stable.

Next, remove the shield of the volume line and the boot cord.

Then, Remove the wifi antenna.Use the pry opening tool to open the two cable jacks.

Remove the antenna connecting plate, the metal plate and the front panel contacts the link on the connection piece. Replace the new iPhone WiFi antenna. Reinstall the phone. Check if the WiFi function is normal. 

If you have any other way to fix this problem, or you want to learn more about repairing phone skills. Please discuss with us on


Technical Support: Steps and Tips for iPhone Repair 

For every student who studies the maintenance of mobile phones at school, they are more eager to learn the real phone repair practice. After all, there is still a difference between the textbooks and the actual problems. And the actual maintenance exercises can improve the students' phone repair skills faster, and also have a very important paving effect on the future employment and entrepreneurial work.

Today, phonefix shop team will lead you to experience an iPhone mobile training course. Learn what problems to pay attention to during the mobile phone maintenance process. What are the steps you have to leanrn during maintenance? And what important iPhone repair tools are necessary?

1. communication

At the beginning of the simulation training course of Apple mobile phone maintenance training, the first step of maintenance was usually communication and questioning. Customers who come to repair the trouble cell phone first should be warm reception, and then communicate carefully with the customers, and ask what problems the customers have to repair.

2. observation and detection

After completing the first step of the first step of communication, you learned what happened to the mobile phone. The next thing to do is to do a comprehensive observation and test on the mobile phone. Do not rush to repair, although the customer is very familiar with his cell phone, but the reason for the failure of the phone may not be accurate. In order to verify the real cause of the fault, you need to observe and detect it in person. Pay attention to observing the appearance of mobile phones and testing the principles of mobile phone system. The tools you may need are DC power supply, digital multimeter, etc.

3. careful disassembly

After confirming that the problem is not on the appearance or the system of mobile phone, it is necessary to open the cell phone and detect the internal phone. In this step, you need to be very careful and patient, because the parts of the mobile phone are very small, and can lose a part by careless. It will not only bring trouble to your maintenance, but also bring the impression that the customer will not. Therefore, when disassembling the mobile phone, we must be very careful, concentrate highly on attention, and stop communicating with customers in order to avoid any mistakes. 

4. fault confirmation

Confirm that the cell phone's failure point is inside the phone, then we will start to confirm where the fault occurred. If the user said that the fault of some parts have occurred, you also need to check other parts, so as not to miss some problems, and you also need to test twice to increase unnecessary trouble and waste precious time of the customer.

5. Troubleshooting

In the apple mobile phone maintenance training class, the basic skills of maintenance require lots of time and effort to learn well, many students are doing a good job. In a short period of time, they can replace damaged parts and repair a cell phone successfully. But when you repair your cell phone, don't think your work is over, because there is a very important step after that.

Finally, a key step in the actual simulation of iPhone maintenance training is to summarize the problems encountered in the repair process, which is very helpful to improve your skills.

More technical support for professional cell phone repair, please contact China Phonefix Shop Team on


Analysis Some Common Phone Keyboard Problems

You may feel great to flaunt an iPhone before others when you purchased an iPhone X or 8P, which owns the latest design and perfectly performance. But no matter how smart it is, more use always along with the more questions. Somtimes when you realized your device's spell faults, battle with keyboard problems, which may cause some unnecessary faults, so it had better should be resolved at the earliest. To avoid missing importat call, we advise you had better plug your headphone, or use a phone audio home button jack, then we can start to take some measures to deal this problem.

It is vital to take a close look at the major keyboard, regardless of the model type, just use the universal phone home button jack, then check the settings, simply visit accessibility and assistive touch, turn it on. After that, pull out the jack, to check whether the keyboard can back to normal.


If it is still can't work after updating the settings, you may try the following solutions:


1 Typing issues with specific letters as 'Q' and 'P'


Typos are very common for most users and blame buttons 'P' and 'Q' for the most part. Often, the backspace button also poses problem here. Generally, these keys tend to stick and the result is multiple letters get typed, which later gets erased totally. For accurate results, many users have reaped in benefits after adding a bumper to the iPhone. Not only are the errors with repeated characters minimized but even issues like the whole message getting erased off is curbed totally.


2 Fast diagnostic unresponsive keyboard


Though you have tried numerous efforts to get it back, you found your operation can't create any order on your phone, which possibility means your phone gets locked up, it is dead status now. In this case, you just need to restart it, press the phone home button along with the key till you see the Apple logo, maybe it can help you solve the frozen keyboard.


3 Not access to write messages


A number of messaging apps like iMessages or the ability to send pictures, videos, voice messages and so on, without having to switch back and forth during applications is a common problem experienced by iPhone users. Of course, the message bit constitutes another problem of the iPhone, yet one must pay attention to the fact it is after all, a flaw on the keyboard part. You can always turn the iMessage option off and go back to the SMS part from the message option under settings. However, check to see if previous problems have not surfaced that lie at the root of the trouble.


4 General delay when spelling


A spell delay is a known issue for many apple users, most of us choose to reboot it or wait it for several minutes, following the operation steps:


-Checking of the iPhone is updated

-Rebooting the iPhone

-If the problem persists, it can be resolved by restoring the iPhone to factory settings


Tips: if you want to restore to the factory settings, we advise you had better backup your data, by iTunes, or iCloud account.


In a word, keyboard problem is not strange and diffcult for us to repair, but we advise we users should treat the phone LCD screen gently, it may be useful to avoid this issue. And we summarized from our ever repair experience and the above-mentiond ways:

-Reset the dictionary

-Use sentence-stopping shortcuts

-Display character counts in messages

-Change fonts in notes

-Quickly add a special symbol


Last but not least, if there is no end to work out his problem, just get a checkup from a trusted phone repair shop. After reading this article, we trust it will be useful to decrease the keyboard problems. 


While there no need to operate an disassembling steps, if you guys have more good ideas about this issue, we will be glad to have a discussion with you. 


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