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Some Effective Ways To Fix iPhone X Screen Flicker

The iPhone X is a new design with a bright color OLED screen, an upgraded camera, a 3D face ID sensor to unlock the phone, and AirPower wireless charging. I believe that many people have bought iphone x, but there are many problems that come with it. Many users have said that iphone x has a flickering screen. So how do we solve this situation? I believe this is a question that everyone is very concerned about. The following will introduce the iphone x screen flashing solution. Let's get to know it with our phonefix shop team!

Reduce brightness to fix iPhone screen flicker

The easiest way to fix the iPhone screen flicker is to reduce the brightness of the iPhone. Just go to Settings, then scroll down the page and click on "Display and Brightness" to turn down the iPhone's brightness as much as possible while disabling "Auto Brightness". Keep this state for about ten minutes and you can set the brightness back to its original state. Then you will be surprised that your iPhone screen stops flashing!


Software and system conflict

It may be that the third-party application software causes the device to have a splash screen problem. Some software has compatibility problems with your mobile phone system, so when you open the software with your mobile phone, it is easy to have a splash screen. If you have installed some third-party software applications before your device has a splash screen problem, you can try uninstalling it.Then restart the phone and see if the screen flicker problem is solved.

Enter DFU mode to fix iPhone screen flicker

When you find that the iPhone's turning brightness doesn't work, you can also try using DFU mode to fix the iPhone screen flicker. DFU mode is a shortened device firmware update mode and is a more complex solution that can help you change the operating system itself. It allows you to open the iPhone but does not boot the operating system, which is a very worthwhile approach.
Here are the detailed steps for iPhone X:

Step 1. To fix the iPhone screen flicker problem, first connect the iPhone to your computer via the data cable, then launch iTunes and turn off the iPhone.

Step 2. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then press and hold the volume down button but do not release the power button.

Step 3. Press and hold the two buttons for about 10 seconds, then release the power button and press and hold the volume down button for about 5 seconds.

Step 4. When you see that the iPhone screen remains black and the recovery mode is not displayed, you have successfully entered DFU mode.




Hard reset to fix iPhone iPhone screen flicker

Usually the three solutions mentioned above can help you solve the iPhone screen flicker problem. But if they don't work, you can also try to fix it with a hard reset. The following is a general guide to hard reset:

Press and hold the Home Lock and Side buttons simultaneously, then release them until the scree turns black.

Your iPhone is restarting when you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen after 2 or 3 minutes.

After the iPhone starts up, you will find that the iPhone screen flicker problem has been resolved.

Note: Hard reset may delete iOS data on iOS devices, please backup content and data in advance.

Motherboard problem

If you haven't solved the problem of flashing the screen of your phone through the above method, there may be a problem with the line connecting the phone to the screen. When the motherboard is loose, it is easy to have various mobile phone problems, and screen flicker is one of them. Because it involves a motherboard problem, it must be disassembled and requires a professional iPhone X removal tool. At this point, the best solution can only go to Apple's after-sales store, let the professionals help you check out the problem.

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Don't choose cheap chargers for your iPhone

It is not too late to be aware of cheap chargers, not you but all of us. We trust most of us have been caught in without a charger while 2% battery left, no charge and power bank, just wait it turned off automantically. But it is a safe operation in some extent, if you catch a cheap charger, sometimes it may cause some unsafety element. In ours opinion, we recommend avoiding using the cheap one regularly. Reports of fire, electrocutions and much wores damage to phones have been widespread. so it is time to change a new one, or do something to prevent it, here our phonefix team wil share some our ideas in the following article.

As we know, the biggest issue regarding the charging issue is about the battery, we have to do with insulation, if you are enough professional, we advise you check the battery regualrly, it don't ask complex procedure, use the U2 micro dock flex board with the multi-meter, you can check the charging rate and whether its normal.


Another words, lots of safeguards are required to prevent wires from crossing to the official one, if you want to use a cheap one, we advise you had better do the former steps.  But we should remind you guys that don't use it on a wet or metal floor, Or you might get a deadly surprise.


Now, we’re not saying all off-brand charging accessories are bad (but a lot of them are, according to the BBC). You can save money, but don’t be tempted to save more than 50% or you might be in trouble. An iPhone charger (wall plug and cable) retails for around $25 and good alternatives, such as PureGear or AmazonBasics, can be found for close to $15. These, of course, will be of a different external design than the official Apple product, but feature similar build quality and safety.


Beware of products that make an attempt to look like exact copies of official products but have a price tag one-tenth the size; these are designed to trick you into buying an inferior counterfeit while thinking it’s legit, much in the way that Ghosthunters is titled to confuse people looking to rent Ghostbusters at the local RedBox. In the interest of safety, be sure to look for logos of product-quality organizations, such as UL, CSA, and CE.


Of course, if you are not enougg to afford a charger about over $10, maybe you can ask it from us, vipfixphone team, we sell a variety of phone repair accessoires for your devices, from protective and decorative cases to chargers.


But if you currently suffered an damage which was casued by faulty charger, either phone charging port malfunction or a battery that suddenly doesn't hold a charge or something else, you may need to have a check it, or seek for help from professional phone repair shop.


We also met this phenomenon before, it is much dangerous for charging, battery boom or short cut inside of phone, it may cause the death. If you want to avoid it and know more about this faults, you will not choose cheap chargers again.


When you met it, What you should do next? 


1 Find your supplier if it is possible, change an new one and add more money to replace a brand product, it will be safer than now


2 Purchase a new one on online, purchase the brand product.


3 If there happens some phone inside problems, purchase an phone battery diagnostic tool, as the most possible reason will be battery if the cheap charger create some abnoraml question on your phone.

4 If you are still in warranty, back your device to manufactures, get the support, by the way, have a check for your phone.


For most professional phone repair technician, we will not choose any bad device which can lead bad influence on battery, which is the most unstable reason on phone device, like phone motherboard, phone headphone, phone LCD screen, Phone home button etc, most of them can be fixed easier. Even though there happens some faults, it will not creat big loss, but the battery faults will be not...


Obvisouly, we believe you will have your own decision after reading this article. More, if you have more good advices, welcome to contact us on


Here to Get the Best Guide for Phone Repair Multimeter

Digital multimeter is an important use of cell phone repair, which can be also used to measure all other circuit breakages, usually used in circuit breakage or logical part. In the actual maintenance work, the digital multimeter often uses the grounding resistance method to maintain mobile phones. In this article, Phonefix Shop Team will share more guide for how to use digital multimeter when repairing cell phones.  Hope it will help for your professional cell phone diagnosis and repairs.

As the name implies, the resistance to ground is the resistance of a component to the ground. it is important to use a multimeter diode to stop measuring it (the black pen is connected to the element, the red pen is connected to the ground line), so long as there is a data display, it can prove that the element can form a loop with the ground line, that is, the element can be directly or directly to the ground. The line is connected.

The important application of Digital Multimeter in mobile phone maintenance:

1) lookup the broken line of the main board - accurate and rapid

In the maintenance work, in addition to the replacement of components and software processing for a mobile phone, in addition to the replacement of components and software processing, the broken lines are often unable to be repaired. Therefore, many mobile phones are scrapped because of the broken lines of the cell phone logic board. The "ground resistance method" can be used to accurately determine whether the main board is broken line and accurate. The position of the broken line.

2) judge BGA damage or false welding

In the non opening maintenance, the proportion of logical part damage is very high, and the logic part is welded or damaged, and it is the key point. Now the logical part of the mobile phone (like iPhone CPU, font library, power and so on) is basically BGA package. So, how to accurately judge the logic part of the chip to weld or damage under the minimum risk. It is most convenient to use the method of ground resistance.

3) three basic conditions for the measurement of the ground resistance method

The two measuring points are directly connected without any other resistance (mostly in address lines and data lines). The picture shows a motherboard, A is the font, B is CPU, C is the ground wire on the machine board. In this picture, the El foot of A is connected with the Fl foot of B. Now it is necessary to determine whether there is a broken line between the two points. How should we operate it?

generally, the mobile phone can only be taken off A and B at the same time, and then use the multimeter to measure it, but in practice, after the A and B are taken off, there is no broken line between them, instead of the B, it will cause the unnecessary loss. If the grounding resistance method is used to measure, the result will be different.

More professional cell phone repair tutorials you can get from China Phonefix Shop Team.


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