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5 Major Bugs Of Apple New iPhone X


Are you still disappointed for not got the iPhone X? After reading this article you may feel a lot better. Since the release of iPhone X, many owners have found a lot of shortcomings of iPhone X. So if you can' t bought it, don' t upset, because there are some bugs also quickly focused out. Now Vip Fix Shop Team will tell you the iPhone X bugs .

This is not surprising, each generation of iPhone or iOS system just released, will make users fondle admiringly. Although some people bought the new iPhone early and enjoyed the anticipated and impressive new features, they also realized some unexpected bug. The first purchaser to buy the iPhone X is the earliest experimental goods.

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1. The iPhone has black screen and blue screen issue

One iPhone X user said that he is now using the second iphone X, because the first iPhone X completely black screen can not start.

The iPhone X blue screen issue is the screen has the blue color, the professional staff guess it is the OLED panel bug. But Apple official reply is: "This is a normal phenomenon." This perfunctory explanation, many users quite dissatisfied.

2. The wireless charging damaged issue

The convenient wireless charging function also encountered problems. Apple official website in the technical support page, updated this passage: "Wireless charging using magnetic induction principle to charge the iPhone. Do not place anything between the iPhone and the charger. If the magnetic bracket between the iPhone and the charger, magnetic Protective covers or other objects that may degrade the performance of the charger or damage the magnetic stripe or RFID chip (often has on some credit cards, safety signs, passports and smart keys.) If your case contains these sensitive items, remove them before charging, or make sure they are not between the back of the iPhone and the charger. "

3. The notch was very vexed

In fact, the notch screen will not have much effect, the current date and time can be displayed normally, and the screenshot is complete without bangs. Just use the iPhone X screen, the screen will appear at the edge of a thin white line, and horizontal screen state of the game, the movie was blocked and make people said "can not stand." 

4. Face ID can not log in quickly

Although iPhone X has no fingerprinting like the iPhone Touch ID, there are still fingerprinting options in many scenarios that prevent iPhone X users from signing in and validating quickly when using some apps.

But the Face ID can not unlock the three scenes: namely wearing masks, wearing turtlenecks, and unlock the direction of inconsistencies when the entry. So if the user covers his mouth, nose, the iPhone X is unrecognizable, and if you put sideways the iPhone and accidentally lock the screen, you have to put the phone upright to unlock it.

In addition, the iphone X is not suitable for use in some special scenarios, such as want to quietly recording, taking pictures, you must lift to identify, make the scene very awkward.

And some owners have claimed that the screen on the iPhone X does not work properly in cold weather.

5. The iPhone X paint off issue

The iPhone X in the bottom of the box there was a large area off the paint phenomenon, the phone charging port is particularly serious, has exposed the metal background.

It is understood that the iPhone X is bought in the Apple store, use less than two weeks.

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