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Best Way to DIY Fix Your Cell Phone At Home


A damaged cell phone is never interesting since it is an essential part of our daily life now. For unlocking a cell phone or repairing cracked phone screen, it may be beyond your professional knowledge, but some DIY fix operation and DIY phone fix tools can be done at home. In this article, VIPFIX will introduce some of the most common phone failures and simple repair methods to you, hoping that it can help you before sending your cell phone to repair shop.

How to fix phone scratches?

The big scratches on a cell phone are always very frustrating, especially the scratches on the phone screen. Before you change the entire device or screen, take your cell phone battery off and try these fast solutions to see if they work for you.

1. Scratch Remover

OK, this is very obvious. There are scratch agents designed for cell phones, but we hear car scratches to remove products such as tortoise wax work too! All you have to do is put the makeup remover on a clean soft cloth and move in a circle until the scratch goes away.

2. baby powder

When you put the baby powder and water are mixed together, you will get a good scratch cream, can help you save cell phone. Mix two baby powder with a piece of water and put it on a soft, clean cloth. Gently smear the paste on the scratch and wipe off the paste with a clean, slightly wet cloth. No baby powder? You can replace it with baking soda!

3. toothpaste

Who knows the treatment of scratches in your bathroom? The key to using toothpaste to remove the scratches is to use real toothpaste instead of gel toothpaste. Rub a little bit on a soft cloth or a cotton swab and rub it on the scratch until it disappears. If you remove scratches from the screen, make sure that a soft circular motion is used so that you will not remove any surface coating. When you have finished, gently wipe off the paste with a slightly damp cloth.

How to fix water damaged phone?

It's very common, if you're in a hurry, upset, or you simply forget that you have your phone on you. All of a sudden, it's in the toilet, in the pool, or worse. But don't panic. Quickly follow these steps to save your phone.

1. Take your cell phone out of the water

The longer your cell phone is wet, the bigger the damage you are. If your cell phone is completely submerged in the water, get it out as soon as possible.

2. Remove the battery

When you take your cell phone out of the water, take out the battery and prevent the device from short circuiting. Don't bother to turn off the device because you want to avoid pressing any button. If you have a iPhone 6 battery that is hard to remove, you will have to consider the device's power off carefully.

3. Remove the SIM card

It's better to be safe than to regret. So, delete your SIM card to save your contacts and any other information that you are there.  In this way, if your device is really bad, you can put your SIM card in a new cell phone.

4. Take out the box and dry your cell phone with a towel.

If you have a cell phone shell on your cell phone, be sure to turn it off (if you follow the first and second steps, it's likely to turn off!). You don't want any water to be trapped between it and the equipment. Then, gently wipe the rest of the water in the phone, but be careful to keep it still. You should keep the water from sliding into the port or other opening.

5. Put your cell phone in a raw rice or a desiccant.

Now that you have dried the outside of the cell phone, you need something to absorb the moisture inside. This is rice or desiccant, such as silica gel, to play a role. Although rice is a real treatment, the desiccant usually works faster and more efficiently. It doesn't have wet rice, either. No matter what way you use, make sure that your device is completely submerged, and the container is covered. So moisture is absorbed from the phone, not air. Remember, this process may take 48 hours, especially if you use rice. So be patient!          

How to repair overheated telephone 

Have you ever put your hand in your pocket and found that your cell phone is hot? If that's the case, your equipment is overheated. cell phones are overheated when they are overworked, especially when your GPS or other functions, such as screen brightness, are faster than processors or batteries. If you want to cool a hot cell phone, or try to prevent overheating in the future, try these quick fixes.

1. Give it space

Think of your phone as a person. Just as human beings need private space, your cell phone needs a breath of breathing space. Try not to plug your device into a pillow or put it in your pocket for a long time, especially when it's warm.

2. close applications

If your application is heavily dependent on your handset's processor, or if you run several applications at the same time, close them as soon as possible. Give your cell phone some rest and calm, and then start using it.

3. away from the heat source

It seems obvious, but you will be surprised how easy it is to forget our cell phone close to the heat source. Do you have some examples? When you lie in the sun, put your cell phone near your heater and make a phone call when your cell phone starts to heat. Pay attention to the temperature of your cell phone and look around for other sources that may lead to heat.

Of course, it's better to send it to cell phone fix technician since some faults must be diagnosed by professional tools like digital multimeter, microscope and so on. Water or liquid is very easy to damage the inner components or parts. In some situations, the longer time you wait, the more possible it will cause futher damage.          

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