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Don't choose cheap chargers for your iPhone


It is not too late to be aware of cheap chargers, not you but all of us. We trust most of us have been caught in without a charger while 2% battery left, no charge and power bank, just wait it turned off automantically. But it is a safe operation in some extent, if you catch a cheap charger, sometimes it may cause some unsafety element. In ours opinion, we recommend avoiding using the cheap one regularly. Reports of fire, electrocutions and much wores damage to phones have been widespread. so it is time to change a new one, or do something to prevent it, here our phonefix team wil share some our ideas in the following article.

As we know, the biggest issue regarding the charging issue is about the battery, we have to do with insulation, if you are enough professional, we advise you check the battery regualrly, it don't ask complex procedure, use the U2 micro dock flex board with the multi-meter, you can check the charging rate and whether its normal.


Another words, lots of safeguards are required to prevent wires from crossing to the official one, if you want to use a cheap one, we advise you had better do the former steps.  But we should remind you guys that don't use it on a wet or metal floor, Or you might get a deadly surprise.


Now, we’re not saying all off-brand charging accessories are bad (but a lot of them are, according to the BBC). You can save money, but don’t be tempted to save more than 50% or you might be in trouble. An iPhone charger (wall plug and cable) retails for around $25 and good alternatives, such as PureGear or AmazonBasics, can be found for close to $15. These, of course, will be of a different external design than the official Apple product, but feature similar build quality and safety.


Beware of products that make an attempt to look like exact copies of official products but have a price tag one-tenth the size; these are designed to trick you into buying an inferior counterfeit while thinking it’s legit, much in the way that Ghosthunters is titled to confuse people looking to rent Ghostbusters at the local RedBox. In the interest of safety, be sure to look for logos of product-quality organizations, such as UL, CSA, and CE.


Of course, if you are not enougg to afford a charger about over $10, maybe you can ask it from us, vipfixphone team, we sell a variety of phone repair accessoires for your devices, from protective and decorative cases to chargers.


But if you currently suffered an damage which was casued by faulty charger, either phone charging port malfunction or a battery that suddenly doesn't hold a charge or something else, you may need to have a check it, or seek for help from professional phone repair shop.


We also met this phenomenon before, it is much dangerous for charging, battery boom or short cut inside of phone, it may cause the death. If you want to avoid it and know more about this faults, you will not choose cheap chargers again.


When you met it, What you should do next? 


1 Find your supplier if it is possible, change an new one and add more money to replace a brand product, it will be safer than now


2 Purchase a new one on online, purchase the brand product.


3 If there happens some phone inside problems, purchase an phone battery diagnostic tool, as the most possible reason will be battery if the cheap charger create some abnoraml question on your phone.

4 If you are still in warranty, back your device to manufactures, get the support, by the way, have a check for your phone.


For most professional phone repair technician, we will not choose any bad device which can lead bad influence on battery, which is the most unstable reason on phone device, like phone motherboard, phone headphone, phone LCD screen, Phone home button etc, most of them can be fixed easier. Even though there happens some faults, it will not creat big loss, but the battery faults will be not...


Obvisouly, we believe you will have your own decision after reading this article. More, if you have more good advices, welcome to contact us on

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