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How to Protect Your Cell Phone in Daily Life


You known that the cell phone plays a important role in our daily life, we can't leave it. Whether you work, study and life, you will use it to consult or search somethis what you don't know. If you've ever dropped or damaged you phone, you know that the moment after the drop is horrendous. Maybe the iPhone LCD screen will be crushed, the internal parts may be damaged, etc. So how to protect the cell phone in our daily life, I will give you some advice. 

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• Wear a Clothes on Your Cell phone 

– Maybe someone can't like using a case on the phone, but it is the simplest way to protect the phone. You can choose the case that you loved, it is free. You had better use the waterproofed case to aviod the water damaged. 

• Use the Nano Explosion Proof Film 

– The screen nano explosion proof film  will help your cell phone LCD screen, we still remember it is how terrible that the screen is cracked or crashed. Now you can buy the screen protection film that are made out of tempered glass. The screen protection film will save lots of money for you.

• Don't Bring it into the Bathroom or Beach

– When you take a shower, you had better not take the cell phone into bathroom, or don't take it to beach. The water damage is very terrible and troublesome, you had better not to try. 

• Be Carefully the Display Gets Scratched

– Don't put your cell phone and your keys in the same pocket, because the keys love to destroy your phone's screen. So put them into different pocket, your cell phone screen will be protected. 

• Gently Use the Cell phone USB Cable

– The phone usb cable is very vulnerable, it will protect the life of your cell phone battery. You need gently use it, don't forced bending and pulling. 

• Prepare Some Cell phone Repair Tool

– Maybe you can prepare some cell phone repair tool at your home, when some simple problem, you can try by yoursely. The professional cell phone repair tool, you can find at Vip Fix Shop Team. Such as the phone repair toolkits, PCB repair machine, Flash unlock tool, BGA rework station, repair power cable, PCB holder fixture, screen repair tools, etc. 

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