K-9201 K-9208 Cell Phone Battery Activation Charge Board for iPhone

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    Kiaisi K-9201 K-9208 iPhone Battery Activation Charge Board is iPhone repair tool that used for testing ,charging, and re-activating iPhone battery. This iPhone battery activation circuit board can be available for all series iPhone devices. It will offer great performance for your iPhone test and maintenance.

    K-9201 K-9208 Cell Phone Battery Activation Charge Board for iPhone

    K-9208 is the upgrade version,support iphone 4-7p, and also support Samsung / OPPO / Huawei battery activation and test

    [ Optional Type]

    Optional 1: Kiaisi K-9201

    Professional Battery Activation Charge Board (with Micro USB Cable) for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, 6/6 Plus, 6S/6S Plus (8-in-1)


    Optional 2: Kiaisi K-9208

    support all iPhone, also support Samsung / OPPO / Huawei ....

    The battery activation board bring old or dead batteries back to life,enables the battery to give out more power and prolong its lifetime

    Instructions:  Kiaisi K-9201 iphone Battery Activation Charge
    1, fasten the battery when the battery voltage is lower than 2.5V, digital meter and due to insufficient power supply indicator is not displayed, the normal display is higher than 2.5V.
    2. The voltage display to adjust the sound output voltage (power supply maintenance), the higher the voltage, the greater the current, when the table on the right shows battery voltage is lower than or equal to 3V, please repair the power supply output voltage is adjusted to 3.5V the following trickle charge mode with charge 1-2 minutes after turning on the power cord, the right table displays the current charging voltage.
    3, if the buckle battery voltage of 3.6V or more displays can be used directly to charge more than 4V, the maintenance of the power supply voltage increase, the left side of the digital table shows the current charge current, the right digital table shows the current charging voltage.
    4, For fast charging, note the increase in voltage while the current left display, the maximum can not exceed 2A (2000MA), otherwise it will be automatically protected.

    Features :
    1: 4/4S  5/5S 6/6PLUS 6S/6S Plus battery fast charge (5C battery with the same battery holder 5S)
    2: 4/4S  5/5S 6/6PLUS 6S/6S Plus cell activation ((5C battery with the same battery holder 5S)
    3: the battery voltage display.
    4: the charging voltage of the display.
    5: charging current display.
    6: power-on prompt.
    7: battery short tips.
    8: high current load protection.
    9: self-recovery function after a short circuit.
    10: to prevent damage to the battery overcharge, charge up the battery.
    Battery voltage corresponding to the battery Explanation:
    Voltage 4.20V = 100% battery charge voltage 3.95V = 75%
    Voltage 3.85V = 50% of electricity consumption voltage 3.73V = 25%
    Charge voltage 3.50V = 5% charge voltage 2.75V = 0%


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