RIFF Box 2 V2 JTAG for Mobile Phone Unlock Flash Repair Tool

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Professional-grade Repair Toolkits to Fix Your Phone
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    RIFF Box 2 JTAG is professional mobile phone repair tool,  it is designed to unlock / flash / repair smartphones, read and write memory EMMC / NAND by all kinds of communication protocols like eMMC (ISP Direct) / JTAG / I2C / SPI. The flash repair box tool supports 4-bit transmissions and allows you to read up to 52 MHz bus width. It can be available for almost cell phones , the smart tool will offer great service to your HDD repairs.

    RIFF Box 2 V2 JTAG for Mobile Phone Unlock Flash Repair Tool


    Dual-core Cortex-M4 MCU @ 204MHz;
    PC to Box USB (Device) Speed: Hi-Speed (480 Mbps);
    Box to Device (Host) Speed: Full-Speed (48 Mbps);
    Supported SD/MMD revisions 1.0 to 1.7 (for MMC: v4.0, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.41, v4.5, v4.51, v5.0) and higher
    SD/MMC Interface with 1-Bit (DAT0) and 4-Bit (DAT0-DAT3) Bus Width support and SD_CLK up to 52 MHz;
    UART Interface;
    RIFF™ Smart Probing Feature;
    Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V) for interfacing a range of devices and protocols, such as NAND, SPI, I2C, Pin Finder, etc
    4 fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines

    20-Pin Male Connector:
    - JTAG Interface: TRST, TDI, TMS, TCK, RTCK, TDO and NRST;
    - SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Interface: SWCLK, SWDIO (SWDIO and SWCLK are overlaid on the TMS and TCK pins);
    30-Pin Male Connector:
    - SD/MMC Interface 1/4Bit @ 52MHz;
    - Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V);
    USB Device Connector: connects the Box with PC @ Hi-Speed (480 Mbps), approx. 20 MByte/sec;
    USB Host Connector: connects the Box with USB devices @ Full-Speed (48 Mbps), approx. 1.5-2 MByte/sec;
    RJ-45 Connector:
    - RIFF™ Smart Probing Feature;
    - UART Port;
    - 4 Fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines


    Package list:

    - Riff Box 2 JTAG/EMMC
    - 2x conneciton tapes IDC 20 pin
    - 1x connection tape IDC 30 pin
    - 1x universal PCB

    Supported JTAG Cores:

    TEGRA2 (ARM7),
    MIPS32™ IR5Bit,
    MIPS32™ IR8Bit,

    Supported phones and tablets:


    Alcatel OT990


    ASUS P526


    Fly IQ285


    CoolPad 5860


    DELL XCD28
    DELL Streak (DELL Mini 5)


    Lenovo LePhone 3G W100

    Eten Phones:

    Eten X800


    HTC Desire 
    HTC Diamond
    HTC Dream – Google G1
    HTC HD2 LEO 
    HTC Herald
    HTC Touch P3452 – HTC Elfin
    HTC Magic32A
    HTC Magic32B
    HTC Nexus
    HTC RhodiumW
    HTC Rhodium Touch Pro2
    HTC Topaz
    HTC Touch HD
    HTC Touch2 Mega
    HTC Imagio/Whitestone
    HTC Snap – Maple 120, Maple 100
    HTC Dash
    HTC Tattoo Click 100
    HTC Niki (HTC Touch Dual)
    HTC Kovalsky
    HTC Jade (HTC Touch 3G T3232)
    HTC Legend Unbrick/Boot
    HTC Wildfire Unbrick/Boot
    HTC Hero
    HTC Wings (HTC S730 US)
    HTC HD7 Boot
    HTC Gene-P3400 (Gene100)
    HTC Artemis (ARTE100, ARTE110)
    HTC Click 1100 (ESM7225 Asia version)
    HTC Ozone XV6175 (HTC Chief)
    HTC Advantage X7510 (HTC Athena)
    HTC 7 Mozart
    HTC Polaris (HTC Touch Cruise P3650)
    HTC 7 Trophy (HTC Spark)
    Dopod Magic A6188 (HTC Sapp400)
    HTC Desire HD SPL Repair (Unbrick)
    HTC Wildfire S SPL Repair (Unbrick)
    HTC Universal (PU10)
    HTC Wizard 200 (MDA Vario, QTEK9100, SPV M3000 . . .)
    HTC Desire S (HTC Saga)
    HTC Desire Z (HTC Vision)
    HTC Incredible S
    HTC Inspire 4G A9192
    HTC Panache/Glacier/My Touch 4G
    HTC Droid Incredible 2 ADR6350
    HTC ThunderBolt 4G ADR6400 (HTC Mecha)
    HTC Touch Dual US (HTC Neon 300/200)
    HTC Sensation (HTC Pyramid)
    HTC EVO 3D (HTC Shooter)
    HTC EVO View 4G
    HTC Sensation XL X315 / Bass (HTC Runnymede)
    HTC 7 Pro (HTC Gold)
    HTC 7 Surround T8788 (HTC Mondrian)
    HTC One V T320e (HTC Primo)
    HTC Radar (HTC Omega)
    HTC Rhyme (HTC Bliss)
    HTC Sensation XE PG5813001 (G18)
    HTC Explorer (HTC Pico)
    HTC ChaCha A810e
    T-Mobile myTouch2 3G Slide (HTC Espresso)
    HTC Flyer 4G P515E
    HTC Wildfire S CDMA (HTC Marvel C)
    HTC Droid Eris A6376
    HTC Droid Incredible ADR6300 (HTC Incredible C)
    HTC Desire CDMA
    HTC EVO View 4G
    HTC Flyer
    HTC Flyer WiFi (PG41400)
    HTC Amaze 4G (HTC Ruby)
    HTC One S Z560E (HTC Ville C)
    HTC Sensation PG5811000
    HTC HD Mini T5555 (HTC Photon)
    HTC Desire V T328w (HTC Wind)
    HTC One X AT&T(PJ8310000)
    HTC Droid DNA ADR6435 / Droid Incredible X (HTC DLX)


    Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 614


    Huawei Ideos X1 U8180 (Huawei Gaga)
    Huawei U8110
    Huawei U8800 Impulse 4G/ X5
    Huawei 1280
    Huawei C8500
    Huawei Ideos S7
    Huawei Ascend Y200 (Huawei U8655)
    Huawei Ideos U8150
    Huawei Ideos U8150D
    Huawei U2800
    Huawei Cincinnati Bell U8500
    Huawei Ascend G300 (Huawei U8815)
    Huawei Ascend G330 (Huawei U8825D)
    Huawei Sonic (Huawei U8650)
    Huawei Boulder U8350
    Huawei Boulder U8350-51
    Huawei U8800 Pro
    Huawei U8220


    LG GT540 Optimus
    LG P500 Optimus One
    LG CU720 Shine
    LG SH860
    LG P350
    LG P698 Optimus
    LG P705 Optimus L7 / P700
    LG P970 Optimus
    LG C660 Optimus Pro
    LG F-160K Optimus LTE2
    LG F-160L Optimus LTE2
    LG F-160S Optimus LTE2
    LG E610 Optimus L5
    LG E900


    Motorola W150i
    Motorola W200
    Motorola w210


    Lumia 610

    Pantech Sky:

    Pantech Sky Vega LTE EX IM-A820L
    Pantech Sky Vega LTE IM-A800s
    Pantech SKY Vega RACER IM-A760S
    Pantech Sky Vega T100K
    Pantech Vega Racer 2 LTE IM-A830L
    Pantech SKY VEGA S5 A840S
    Pantech Vega Racer 2 LTE SKY IM-A830S
    Pantech Vega Racer 2 LTE SKY IM-A830K


    SE Xperia X1
    SE Xperia X10
    SE Xperia X10 Mini
    SE Xperia E10
    SE Xperia X8
    SE Xperia E15


    Samsung B7330
    Samsung C5510
    Samsung F480
    Samsung F500
    Samsung G810
    Samsung G810
    Samsung i450 
    Samsung i550
    Samsung i560 
    Samsung i568
    Samsung i560
    Samsung i568
    Samsung i5500
    Samsung i5510
    Samsung I5700
    Samsung i5800
    Samsung i710
    Samsung i718
    Samsung i740
    Samsung I7500
    Samsung i780
    Samsung i897 Captivate
    Samsung I8000
    Samsung i8320
    Samsung i8510
    Samsung i8910
    Samsung I9000
    Samsung i900
    Samsung i908E
    Samsung M7500
    Samsung M7600
    Samsung M8910
    Samsung S3310
    Samsung S3370
    Samsung S5230
    Samsung S5510
    Samsung S5560
    Samsung S5560i
    Samsung S5570
    Samsung S5600
    Samsung S5660
    Samsung S7070
    Samsung S7230E Wave 723
    Samsung S7350
    Samsung S7350i
    Samsung S8000
    Samsung S8300
    Samsung S8500
    Samsung T919
    Samsung T669
    Samsung T959
    Samsung U700
    Samsung U800
    Samsung U900V
    Samsung Z240
    Samsung Z540
    Samsung G800
    Samsung i607
    Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570)
    Samsung Nexus S (Samsung i9023)
    Samsung Eternity A867
    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
    Samsung Z630
    Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T959v 1GB)
    Samsung T749
    Samsung GT-i8700 Omnia 7
    Samsung W299
    Samsung P960
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    Samsung A837
    Samsung Anycall m110s
    Samsung Wave II (S8530)
    Samsung s7330
    Samsung Focus – i917
    Samsung i997
    Samsung Galaxy II OMAP4430 (i9100G, i9108)
    Samsung Corby II (S3850)
    Samsung i520 Modem and PDA parts
    Samsung z500
    Samsung Galaxy S Plus (Samsung i9001)
    Samsung Galaxy SL (Samsung i9003)
    Samsung Galaxy Prevail (Samsung m820)
    Samsung Star Duos (C6712)
    Samsung GT-i9103 Galaxy Z / Galaxy R
    Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit
    Samsung SGH-T759 Exhibit 4G
    Samsung GT-i8150 Galaxy W (Samsung Ancora)
    Samsung Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828
    Samsung SGH-i777 Galaxy S II
    Samsung GT-S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus
    Samsung S8600 Wave 3
    Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
    Samsung SGH-T499 Dart (Samsung Tass)
    Samsung SGH-T989 Galaxy S II
    Samsung SGH-i727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket
    Samsung SCH-I500 Galaxy S Mesmerize/Fascinate
    Samsung SHV-E120S Galaxy S II HD LTE (Samsung Celox)
    Samsung SCH-i920 Omnia II 8GB
    Samsung Galaxy Mini – GT-S5570i
    Samsung Galaxy Ace – GT-S5830i
    Samsung Z650i
    Samsung SGH-T679 Exhibit II 4G (Samsung Ancora)
    Samsung SPH-D710 Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G
    Samsung SHV-E160K Galaxy Note LTE
    Samsung SGH-i747 Galaxy S III LTE
    Samsung SGH-A887
    Samsung SHV-E120L Galaxy S II HD
    Samsung SHV-E160L Galaxy Note LTE
    Samsung GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos
    Samsung GT-S7500L Galaxy Ace Plus
    Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro
    Samsung GT-B5510 Galaxy Y Pro / Galaxy Txt
    Samsung GT-B5620 OmniaPRO 5 / GT-B6520 Omnia 652
    Samsung SGH-P960
    Samsung GT-S7250D Wave M
    Samsung SGH-i747M Galaxy S III LTE
    Samsung SGH-T999V Galaxy S 3
    Samsung SGH-T999 Galaxy S 3
    Samsung GT-S5830G Galaxy Ace
    Samsung GT-S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 (Samsung Jena)
    Samsung Galaxy K SHW-M130K
    Samsung SGH-L760
    Samsung GT-S5380D Wave Y
    Samsung GT-i9070 Galaxy S Advance
    Samsung GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2
    Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
    Samsung GT-S5830L Galaxy Ace
    Samsung GT-T589
    Samsung ZV60
    Samsung GT-S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos
    Samsung Omnia i910
    Samsung A900
    Samsung SPH-D700 Galaxy S Epic 4G
    Samsung B159
    Samsung SCH-S109
    Samsung B139
    Samsung B259
    Samsung B309
    Samsung B319
    Samsung B379
    Samsung B619
    Samsung E189
    Samsung B119
    Samsung B209
    Samsung F619
    Samsung W629
    Samsung S359
    Samsung F219
    Samsung S189
    Samsung B219
    Samsung E329i (Via CPU)
    Samsung GT-P7320 Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE 
    Samsung GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WiFi 16GB 
    Samsung Galaxy TAB (Samsung P1000) 
    Samsung Galaxy TAB (Samsung P1000N)
    Samsung Galaxy TAB (Samsung M180s)
    Samsung Galaxy TAB Wi-Fi (P1010)
    Samsung Galaxy Note (Samsung N7000)
    Samsung Galaxy Note (Samsung i9220)
    Samsung Galaxy Plus (GT-P6200)
    Samsung YP-G70EW Galaxy S WiFi 5.0
    Samsung GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7
    Samsung SGH-i717 Galaxy Note LTE
    Samsung GT-i8530 Galaxy Beam
    Samsung Gravity 3 SGH-T479
    Samsung SCH-i559 Galaxy Mini / Galaxy Pop
    Samsung SPH-L710 Galaxy S III LTE
    Samsung SCH-i509 Galaxy Y
    Samsung SC-05D Galaxy Note LTE
    Samsung GT-i9020T Nexus S
    Samsung GT-i9020A Nexus S
    Samsung SHV-E110S Galaxy S II LTE
    Samsung SCH-i535 Galaxy S3
    Samsung GT-S6012 Galaxy Music Duos
    Samsung GT-S7530 Omnia M
    Samsung GT-S7562i Galaxy S Duos
    Samsung SHW-M180W Galaxy Tab WiFi
    Samsung SHW-M200s Nexus S Boot
    Samsung SGH-T879 Galaxy Note
    Samsung GT-P5100
    Samsung GT-P5110
    Samsung GT-P5113 
    Samsung GT-S7562


    Toshiba G810
    Toshiba G900
    Toshiba G910
    Toshiba TG01


    ZTE V9
    Orange Boston (Commtiva Z71)

    Supported boardband modems:

    ZTE MF100
    ZTE MF112
    ZTE MF622
    ZTE MF626
    ZTE MF628
    ZTE MF170
    ZTE MF180
    ZTE MF190
    ZTE MF180S

    Huawei E1550
    Huawei E17X
    Huawei E220
    Huawei E585
    Huawei E169
    Huawei E585
    Huawei E160
    Huawei E160G
    Huawei E153U
    Huawei EC1260 (CDMA)
    Huawei E5830
    Huawei E5832

    Sierra USB Modem 597
    Sierra USB Modem U595

    Pantech UM150




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