12 Basic Phone Fix Tools For Phone Repair Work In 2021
When you are going to repair a Cell Phone, whether it's an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad, or other tablets, some basic mobile phone repair tools are required, and these tools can be used in many repair businesses. Therefore, what are the basic phone repair tools? Here is a list of basic phone fix tools for cell phone repair work in 2021.

1. Screwdriver kit

Disassembling the phone requires removing the screws that secure the phone first, so a screwdriver kit is necessary. Different screw types require different screwdrivers, so there are different kinds of screwdriver models, such as 0.6Y, 0.8mm,1.2mm,T2 Torx,ect. Phonefix Screwdriver set has 12pcs of different screwdriver heads, which can meet most repair needs.

2. Triangle Pry Opening Tool

The display screen is sealed with adhesive, in order to open the phone display screen, we'd better use the plastic Triangle Pry Tool. Because the plastic triangle pry opening tool is triangular, it helps to install replacement parts safely and easily without scratching the glass or the LCD screens.

3. Suction Cup

When you need to open the cell phone screen, a suction cup will help you a lot, If you check-in devices like the iPhone through your repair ticket management system, you will have to pry open the display to get inside. For that, you will require a Suction Cup. You can install the suction cup on both sides of the screen and then take the display off the entire phone with a little effort, which is very convenient and safe.

4. Nylon Spudger

Spudger pry tool for prying various parts apart, we can use it to disconnect the flex cable between the screen and battery or motherboard, we can use a Spudger to scrape extra silicone or adhesive away, or we can also use it for soldering applications.

5. Tweezers

There are many tiny parts in the cell phone, especially on the phone motherboard, we need to use Titanium Alloy Tweezers to remove or install the tiny parts there. Usually tweezers come in two models, curved head and straight head.

6. Magnetic Pad

During the repair of the phone, we usually remove a lot of very small parts, such as screws, iron sheets, etc., so we need a magnetic pad to protect them from loss.

7. Trinocular Stereo Microscope

A Trinocular Stereo Microscope is very useful for repairing a phone, especially on repairing the phone motherboard,IC, or other tiny parts. You can see small parts clearly through a microscope to avoid damaging them during repairs.

8. Blade Set

A precision blade set is very important for your phone repair business, a good blade kit can help you remove the chip, remove the glue adhesive, cut off the solder wire,tape, etc.

9. Anti-Static Brush

Anti-static brush is a useful tool to clean the phone motherboard or chip, when you start or complete the repair, you need to use a brush to clean the repair part. Anti-static brush can clean them well, and don't damage the phone motherboard circuit or other components.

10. Soldering Iron Station

The Soldering iron station is a necessary microsoldering tool when repairing a mobile phone motherboard or other circuit. It helps weld such as microphones, diodes, chips, jump wires, and many other tiny parts. Choosing a high-quality soldering iron station contributes to the success of the repair work, such as the JBC soldering station, which is more expensive. Here we recommend an i2C 2SEN Soldering Station, which is reasonably priced and has different handles and soldering iron tips to choose from to meet different repair needs.

11. Hot Air Rework Station

The hot air rework station is also a necessary microsoldering tool. We can use a hot air rework station to heat up parts of the circuit, ICs or other components that we want to remove or install. The high-quality hot air gun can better control the temperature and grasp the accuracy of the temperature, so as to better repair the mobile phone. Such as the QUICK 861DW or ATTEN ST-862D Hot Air station.

12. DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply is also an indispensable tool in cell phone repair, especially on phone motherboard repairs. It can power mobile phones, measure current voltage, etc.There are many types of DC power supply in the market, here we recommend the Sunshine P-3005A DC power supply, which is a good quality and affordable product.

The above 12 tools are listed in this article for the maintenance of mobile phones basic necessary tools, in fact, these tools can be used not only for mobile phone repair, but also for many other equipment repairs. These tools can help you successfully complete your repair work, so you deserve to have them.

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