2021 Newly JC Pro1000s Battery Detection Module For iPhone iPad

Are you still searching for tools about checking battery life, capacity, discharge rate, cycle count, battery health for you iPhone/iPad? Here is a new released repair tool--Upgraded JC Pro1000S Battery Detection Module can solve all of the above questions.

iPhone 6-12PM or iPad expansion board works with the JC Pro1000S host and battery test module, without removing the iPhone battery. Further more, it supports data reading and writing of separate metering panel, which needn't battery chip.

It not only supports all iOS models reading and writing battery cycle times, health percentage, including iPhone iPhone 6-12 Pro Max, and it also support changing battery serial number, factory number. (iPhone 11 and above models need to work with JC battery flex cable)

Specifically, with expansion port, it can support immediate detection for iPhone and iPad battery information, and the charging port support battery charging and activation.

How to use the JC Pro1000S Battery Detection Module Testing Tool?

1. Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws at the bottom, press the back cover and slide it up to open the cover.

2. Connect the testing module to the expansion board.

3. Connect the expansion board interface to the iPad or iPhone battery.

For iPhone 6-12PM Battery Extension Board:

For iPad-XX Battery Extension Board:

There are three available choices: iPhone 6-12PM battery extension board, iPhone 6-12PM battery extension board, or 2-In-1 For iPhone 6-12PM.

Note: It needs to be used with JC Pro1000S machines and cannot be used alone.

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