Apple Backs off on iPhone 13 Screen Repair Problem
Repair technician found that replacing an iPhone 13 screen would break Face ID. It makes more difficult to fix broken iPhone 13 screen display for repair shops. Now, an Apple's software update is on the way that won’t require repair shops to transfer a microcontroller.

At issue is a small microcontroller that pairs the ‌iPhone 13‌ to its display. The microcontroller must be paired with the new screen using Apple's tools, which are not available at independent repair shops. Authorized technicians can get a pairing tools for replacing screen, which gives Apple the ability to approve or deny each individual repair.

Though the repair shop can remove the microcontroller from the original screen and add it to the new one without using Apple's pairing tool, the process requires welding and microscopes, which is difficult and works intensively.

In response to complaints and pressure from repairmen about the restrictions, Apple will reportedly send out an update soon to keep the iPhone face ID working after the screen has been swapped, according to The Verge on Tuesday.

If Apple removes the restrictions of moving microcontrollers to new displays for repairs, repair shop will once again be able to repair the screen with their repair tools without affecting Face ID's function.

There's no latest news yet on when Apple's software update will arrive to simplify iPhone display repairs for repair, but iOS 15.2 is currently being tested and the feature may be introduced in the update.

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