Best Stereo VS Digital Microscopes Reviews (2021)

There are many different types of microscopes, such as Binocular/Trinocular Stereo Microscope, digital HDMI Microscope, ect. And some are pretty COOL! Amazing features make them truly versatile and useful in phone repair. Below is an example showing the difference between viewing by stereo VS digital microscopes.

Both Binocular/Trinocular Stereo Microscope and digital microscopes allow users to manipulate the objects under microscopic views. You may finish many applications such as solder, short circuit maintenance, and chip replacement.

Top Rated Stereo Microscopes Review

Stereo microscopes show you a stereoscopic micro-world, and it can be designed for different purposes. The binocular microscope allows you to see with both eyepieces while a trinocular microscope has an additional third eyetube for connecting a HDMI camera.

Functionally, a stereo microscope is like a more powerful magnifying glass. The name “stereo” comes from the term “stereoscopic,”. Stereo microscopes can be used for viewing almost anything you can fit under them.

1.3.5X-90X Trinocular Microscope

Its double boom arm stand enables the user to manipulate much larger and three dimensional specimens in a precise and controlled manner. Hence, it’s perfect for laboratory, research, medical, and industrial applications.

With 3.5X to 90X Continuous Zoom Magnification, super bright Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light, and 38MP HDMI camera equipment, the professional stereo microscope make a great help for mobile phone PCB observation, electric soldering, carve and so on.

2. 7-45X Trinocular Microscope

The trinocular viewing head is designed to rotate a full 360 degrees, and can be fitted with a digital camera or even an HD screen. The binocular part even features interpupillary adjustment, and makes use of widefield high-eyepoint eyepieces.

It has a decent frame speed and focus range, as well as a somewhat refined focusing ability to get you the clear images. 

Digital Microscopes Review

Digital microscopes offer convenience and high-quality images. Functionally speaking, digital microscopes give you images similar to the ones from traditional stereo microscopes. These digital microscopes also have great advantages for outdoor and field studies.

Both stereo and digital microscopes allow users to manipulate the objects under microscopic views. You may find many applications such as dissecting, micro-surgery, miniature manufacturing, and micro-engraving.

1. USB Portable Digital Microscope 8 LED Magnifier With Stand

The adjustable 1600X 3 in 1 USB Digital Microscope has 8 LEDs. Ranking Top is the endoscope, which has a magnification range of 1x to 1000x, impressive considering that it’s a tiny portable package.

It’s compatible with a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And, It’s an excellent choice for beginners and field explorers.

2. 38MP HDMI Digital Microscope Camera with 0.5X C-Mount Lens

With 38MP/VGA industrial camera, and plane frames, steel rail rack focusing mechanism, it can show the live image directly on any HDMI monitor, projector or TV.

As you can see, each of these microscopes are excellent in their own way, and all of them promise must have specs and features. But, there is no microscope that has it all. So choose the right one for you now!

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