Choose A Laser Machine Back Glass Remover for IOS & Android Phone

Nowadays, as the laser screen dismantling machine is widely used in the field of IOS and Android mobile phone screen maintenance, and it has its unique advantages compared with the heating separation method. Laser Engraving Separation Machine can remove the mobile phone back glass easily, in order to achieve the effect of de-gumming through the laser.

However, how to choose a suitable laser machine for engraving separation back glass? Now here are two of the most recent laser machines released in 2021, Mechanic Laser machine Back Glass Remover and TBK 958M Mini Laser Back Glass Remover. Now, let us check whether there is different.

Since the iPhone 8, Apple has adopted double glass design and all-glass structure for the back cover of the iPhone battery. The iPhone back glass and screen aren't that easy to replace either, especially the glass back cover.

Through comparison, we can find that they have these features in common.

1. Optical sensor auto focus, realizing one-key auto-alignment focus.

2. Hundreds of built-in data drawings can be imported and used with one click.

3. Comes with windows computer operating system and marking software, long-term free update of drawings.

4. In addition to the detachable middle frame and Apple back cover, laser lettering, photos, and personalized patterns can also be engraved.

5. Accurately align the fixture, and you can hit the iPhone screen when you put it on the screen.

6. Small size, light weight and ultra-quiet.

7. Applicable to many mainstream mobile phones such as Apple series, Huawei series, VIVO series, OPPO series and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the Mechanic Laser Machine has yellow optional mold, and mold is charged.

So, we can come out a conclusion: the two kinds machine, Mechanic Laser Back Glass Remover and TBK 958M Mini Laser Back Glass Remover are very similar in parameter about power, arcing accuracy, making speed, marking line width, etc. Besides, the price of the two model is not much different.

So, when you get a laser back glass remover, do you know the way to remove back glass, here are specific operation steps.

1. Open the software to set the edge to be cut.

2. Use fixture to fix the position of the product.

3. Press the control switch to begin dismantling the screen

4. Wait for the screen removal to be completed

Practice makes perfect, after multiple operation, you will find how convenient and efficient for the use of laser screen dismantling machine dismantling the iPhone Back Glass Cover.

Besides, when you use the iPhone glass remover,  there are some tips for using Laser Engraving Separation Machine.

First of all, the drawings we make must be accurate. If the accuracy of the drawings is not enough, the problem is serious, either other parts of the phone will be broken (such as the iPhone rear camera), or part of the glue does not melt thoroughly, which makes it difficult to remove the glass.

Secondly, the parameters of the laser screen disassembling machine operating system must be set accurately, such as frequency, power, speed and so on. If these parameters are not set correct, no matter how many times the laser plays, the back cover of the mobile phone glass will be difficult to remove.

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