Common Soldering Station Accessories and Cleaning Tools

To perform such an soldering process effectively, you have to equip yourself with the right set of equipment. Below is a common list of the soldering equipment available for your soldering needs, taking a SUGON T3602 Soldering station accessories as an example.

1. Soldering Iron Tips

JBC Soldering Iron Tips, as a replacement part for replacing damaged or unusable iPhone motherboard repair, are vital equipment for soldering station. There are straight head, angle head and knife head iron tip for soldering station.

2. Soldering Iron Stand

This is an important thing to consider because you need a place to put the hot iron while working.

3. Rosin-core Solder

To help combat oxidation, soldering pros use flux: a chemical cleaning agent that helps prevent oxidation and promotes the flow of solder, allowing the solder to attach itself more easily to the joint.

The best option is to use solder wire, and rosin is a flux chemical that helps the solder flow and reduces the effects of oxidation.

4. De-soldering Wick

This wick has the capability to soak up molten solder which makes it easy to clean the excess solder. This can be helpful to resolve those mistakes and they usually come with a squeeze ball, place and nozzle.

When the pressure is released, the de-soldering pump sucks the air in to remove liquefied solders.

5. Rosin Flux Pen

It helps the flow of a lead-free soldering. Besides, diagonal cutting pliers are useful to trim off the leads after completing the soldering process.

6. Soldering Mat

It protects your workbench surface while soldering and it is perfect assistant for anyone.

7. Magnifying Glass/Microscope

Trinocular Microscope helps you hold the components together and get a closer and better while you are soldering. Best soldering techniques include two alligator clips and magnifying glass. It is difficult to solder without one.

As an ideal solution for an electric solder, it is useful for both beginners and people with good soldering experience.

Cleaning Tools

1. Cleaning Sponge

In order to clean the soldering tips, you need heavy-duty sponge cleaners. By using it regularly, you can remove corrosion effect on the tips.

2. Soft Steel Wire Ball

The golden solder iron tip cleaner cleaning wire ball can be used for soldering iron cleaner, welding nozzle cleaning tool for universal soldering iron tips cleaning. It is designed to clean your soldering tips without water or messy wet sponges.

3. Soldering Smoke Absorber

FUME strong suction extractor smoke absorber is designed for phone PCB BGA soldering. Coming with 1.2m bamboo smoke tube, its suction is very strong, can quickly absorb smoke, odor, and dust.

Safety Tips to Use Soldering Stations Accessories:

1. As mentioned by almost all the manufacturers, you should never come in direct contact with soldering iron element.

2. To hold wires, we recommend to use either tweezers or clamps. When not in use, we recommend to turn off the soldering station. And make sure to unplug it as well.

3. Make sure the cleaning sponge is always wet while using. Never place your soldering iron on workbench. Place it on the stand.

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