Components List of iPhone X for Repairing
To build your own iPhone X, the main parts you need are a logic board, screen, battery, and case, but what about the rest? What are all the different parts you need? Check the article, here is a list of iPhone X components.

All of the parts for an iPhone X spread out

iPhone X Display Screen

This item includes the LCD screen, digitizer touch screen, front frame, and the part is only compatible with iPhone X.

It is a 5.8 inch "all-screen" OLED multitouch Super Retina HD display, with 2436 × 1125-pixel resolution (458 ppi).

iPhone X logic board

The heart of the phone (and the brains). This is the main circuit board that contains the CPU, RAM, flash storage, and the majority of the other sensors and circuitry. It’s the most expensive part of the phone, the most fragile, and also the hardest to get.

It’s cryptographically paired to the touch id button, so you MUST buy them together if you want the home button OR touch id to work.

iPhone X Back Cover Assembly

The metal shell the phone is contained in. You can get them in a variety of colors and designs. There are a bunch of small fittings and accessories you need with the case – the button covers, iPhone X sim card tray, rear camera lens cover, flash cover, two vents that go in the bottom of the phone, and a couple other more optional fittings.

iPhone X battery

The iPhone X Battery is non-removable and is not easily changed. You have to disassemble your phone to replace the battery. China Phonefix provides brand new and original iPhone X Battery replacement, and the replacement battery is compatible with iPhone X only.

iPhone X rear camera

The iPhone rear camera assembly is used to fix camera problems, such as iPhone camera rear camera sensor issue, rear camera focus issue, or other malfunctions, iPhone camera replacement.

iPhone X Rear Camera Metal Bracket

iPhone X rear camera bracket is designed for replacing the metal bracket that holds the body of the rear-facing camera in alignment in the rear case.

iPhone X front camera assembly

Small camera flex cable front camera flex cable can be used as replacement part for broken or damaged or shored iPhone small camera.

iPhone X earpiece speaker

The iPhone X earpiece speaker is installed in the screen, for the earpiece when you hold the phone up to your head to talk.

iPhone X top flex cable and iPhone X bottom flex cable

iPhone X top flex cable is installed in back of the case. It has the actually buttons for lock, volume up/down, and the silent switch, and has the flash and a microphone.

iPhone X bottom flex cable also installed in the back of the case. Has the lightning dock, several microphones, and connections for the taptic engine and main speaker.

iPhone X brackets

There are a bunch of little sheet metal and plastic brackets for both holding things in place, as well as electrically connecting various parts of the phone.

iPhone X Battery Adhesive Strap

This iPhone X battery sticker is used to make the battery attach on your back cover firmly, and prevent the battery from getting knocked around inside the case and getting damaged.

iPhone X Screws

There are a ton of screws of and it is CRUCIAL to get the right screw in the right place. Best to buy a kit containing all the right screws as you’re guaranteed to drop some screws, and looking for them on the floor really sucks.

Disassembly kits

The plastic spudger, stainless steel pry opening disassembly blade are used for mobile phone back cover pry opening repair.

The plastic triangle cards can be used for cell phone LCD screen battery replace repair, and all parts of 25 in 1 kits are indispensable tool for iPhone repair.

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