Fix iPhone 12 Front/Back Camera Not Working Issue
"iPhone camera not working" is one of those common complains iOS users generally do even for iPhone 12. If you have faced such issue, read this article because it contains a variety of remedies for iPhone 12 camera that don't work

we can't be sure whether your iPhone 12 Rear Camera is not working because of a software or hardware issue. Just like any other built-in iOS app, the Camera app is prone to crashes from time to time.

Hardware Issue:

There are various reasons for iPhone 12 Front Camera not Working. Today, we will focus on what to do if the front camera and the rear camera can not be activated. The flashlight also can not be activated.

Check the motherboard. Due to improper operation, components were pried off when an unknown repairman disconnected the dynamic flex cable. Its adhesive pad has also been pried off the board.

Open the JC Drawing Diagram Bitmap. The missing component is inductor FL3903 which is the protective inductor on the 1V1 power supply line of the rear camera.

Connect Pin 1 of FL3903 with Pin 1 of C3928 by jumping wire. Remove black adhesive around FL3903 and C3928. Clean with PCB Cleaner afterwards.

For better operation when jumping wire, apply some solder paste to the bonding pad with i2C 2SEN Soldering Station at 360℃.

Apply Mechanic Flux Paste. Prepare a section of enameled wire with a diameter of 0.02 mm. Use a soldering iron to jumper the two wires around. Then complete the fault left by the engraving cutter head.

Then clean it with some PCB cleaner. Coat some lightning pinch layer on the wire for insulation protection. Then bury the box under the nickel plated lamp for 5 minutes.

Now, assemble the phone and test. Connect the battery with tweezers and press the power button. Tap ‘Camera’ icon and enter into camera mode. The phone turns on normally. The front camera and the rear camera work normally. Fault cleared.

Software Reasons-Why iPhone Front/Back Camera Not Working

1. Due to faulty Camera App.

2. Your iOS is not updated recently.

3. Faulty iOS update.

4. Software bug.

5. Malware (rare).

6. Camera lens is covered.

7. Hardware issue of the iPhone.

There's a chance the camera on your iPhone 12 isn't working because of a software crash, and we'll show you how to fix that problem below.

6 Basic Solutions to Fix iPhone Front/Back Camera Not Working

Solution 1. Remove Case from iPhone

Solution 2. Restart Your iPhone

Solution 3. Clean Camera Lens

Solution 4. Quit Camera App

Solution 5. Upgrade iOS Version

Solution 6. Reset All Settings

3 Advanced Ways to Fix iPhone Front/Back Camera Not Working

All options we have mentioned above are basic solutions. If none of those remedies address this issue, you can try these advanced options.

Way 1. Erase All Content and Settings

Way 2. Restore iPhone with JC B-BOX PRO.

However, unless you use the Standard Mode of JC B-BOX Pro, Connect iOS device with JC C2 box and computer, and then enter recovery mode automatically, restoring firmware quickly.

Way 3. Restore iPhone via iTunes

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect the device to the same computer.

Step 2: Select the device in iTunes (under the Devices).

Step 3: Right-click on the device and choose the option “Restore from Backup”.

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