Fix iPhone Face ID Not Working: Move A Little Lower/Higher

Do you get a message saying "move a little lower/ higher" when trying to set up the iPhone Face ID? Today, we will share you the iPhone Face ID repair tips about the Move A Little Lower/Higher issue. Problems may come from both software and hardware. Here is iPhone X and later model repair method. Let’s get started!

If it is a problem with software or temporary system failure, it is generally resolved after reboot. Beside, the three parts, infrared camera, flood illuminator and dot projector, are paired to the phone. Damage of any one of them can cause Face ID failure and such an issue is irreparable.

Hardware Issue:

Step 1: Test the Flood Illuminator

There are two important Face ID parts whose behavior relies on the support of the Flood Illuminator. So we can test the Proximity Sensor and the iPhone Ambient Light Sensor Cable to confirm whether the Flood Illunmunator is working normally

You can make a phone call to confirm whether the Proximity Sensor is working. During the phone call, cover the top of the screen with one hand. If the screen turns black immediately, the Proximity Sensor is working normally.

Step 2: Test The iPhone Front Camera Parts

We can test the iPhone front camera by opening the camera app and swiping to portrait Mode. The background is not blurred, which is abnormal.

Step 3: Observing the Dot Projector

At the Portrait Mode, there is no flashing red light from the Dot Projector. But the Dot Projector should emit flashing red light in normal status. We can confirm now that the Dot Projector has malfunctioned. This is the fault that causes the Face ID to set up failure. And we can fix it by JC V1S dot projector test board and JC v1s dot matrix flex cable.

Software Issue:

Step 1. Restart Device

Press the side button and any iPhone volume button until the slider is displayed, then slide the slider to shut down; then press the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Step 2. Take off the film or check if there is dirt

Check if there is a stain or occlusion near the front camera, and clean it.

Step 3. Update the IOS system

If the device is not accidentally water damaged, you can try to update the system to the latest version. If the problem is still unable to resolve, you should check your hardware in no time.

Face ID repair has become a common problem in our daily repair work. You can check the cause of your phone's malfunction according to the above method and take the corresponding solution.

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