Here: The Best iPhone 12 Replacement Parts
What are all the different parts you need to build your own iPhone 12? Here's a list of iPhone 12 replaceable parts, the main parts you need are an  iPhone 12 motherboard, iPhone dispaly screen, iPhone battery, and iPhone case, but what about the rest? Today, we discuss the basic iPhone spare parts.

The best-sellers of iPhone spare parts are without a doubt the screen and the battery!

1. iPhone 12 Motherboard

As the main circuit board, logic board contains the CPU, RAM, flash storage, and the majority of the other sensors and circuitry. It’s the most expensive part of the phone and also the hardest part.

2. iPhone 12 Rear Housing

iPhone 12 rear case assembly comes with several small components on the iPhone back cover– the button covers, sim card tray, rear camera lens cover, flash cover, two vents that go in the bottom of the phone, and a couple other more optional fittings.

3. iPhone 12 Display Screen

Every kit comes with a screen replacement assembly, instruction and precision tools, includes everything we need to successfully fix the phone, even a tempered glass.

4. iPhone 12 Battery

The iPhone 12 Battery is non-removable and is not easily changed. You have to disassemble your phone to replace the battery.

5. iPhone 12 Camera

- iPhone 12 front camera

- iPhone 12 Rear Camera

Professional installation skills is required for the Replacement part of front camera flex cable for iPhone.

This is the cable assembly that is installed on the top of the screen. It has the front and rear camera, and it can contacts for the earpiece speaker, a light sensor, etc.

6. iPhone 12 Earpiece Speaker

The speaker that is installed in the screen, for the earpiece when you hold the phone up to your head to talk.

7. iPhone 12 Battery Adhesive


There are two main adhesives you need – the battery strips for holding down the battery, and the screen gasket for sealing the screen.

Basically, these are the most used replacements, but I would like to remind you that the basic and most important mobile phone repair tool is screen and the battery.

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