Hot Air Rework Station VS Lead-free Soldering Station

You'll need a soldering station with different capabilities and specifications depending on what kind of work you're going to finish . With a better idea of things to look for, let's take a closer look at main sample about hot air rework station and lead-free soldering stations, as well as what makes them unique.

Usually, we need considering digital or analog, wattage rating, variable temperature, replaceable Soldering Iron Tip, accessories when choosing a soldering station.

1. Hot Air Gun Rework Station

Hot air soldering stations work similarly to infrared soldering stations in that the user places a soldering mixture between the joint and then heats the joint to create a connection.

A: YIHUA 995D+ Soldering Station With Hot Air Gun

YIHUA 995D+SMD Soldering Station Features:

A: Heat gun part
Airflow Type: Brushless fan soft wind
Temperature Range: 100°C~480°C
Wind flow: 120 L/min (max)
Temperature Stability: Good
Display type: LCD
Handle length: ≥100cm
B: Soldering iron part
Temperature Range: 200°C~480°C
Temperature Stability: Good
Tip-to-ground voltage: less than 2mV
Tip resistance to ground: less than <2ohm
Display type: LCD  
Handle length: ≥100cm

B: YIHUA 8509 Micro Hot Air Rework Station

In automatic mode, temperature will cool down to 100℃ when hot air handle is put in the holder because holder is equipped with an automatic sensor.

With rotatable display screen, it is convenient to adjust the display screen position via slight press.

When in max air volume, the noise from detector is less than 60DB which is similar to normal indoor conversation sound.

2. Lead-Free Soldering Stations

Lead’s harmful effects on health, including anemia, weakness, as well as kidney and brain damage, which have prompted a move in the electronic community to create lead-free solders.

Standard leaded machines may not reach a high enough melting temperature for lead-free solder or, if they do, the tips will often burn out quickly.

A: SUGON T26 Lead-free Soldering Station

The single-chip microcomputer control system can make the temperature of the soldering iron head rise in 2 seconds. When the C210 Iron Handle is placed on its holder, it will be in the sleep state, which can prolong the life time of heating element.

Three memory channels are CH1, CH2, CH3, and the temperature of each channel can be set separately for storage and recall.

This machine also has soldering iron function, if you have the device, you can use it for all of the iPhone Screen Display solder, desoldering, preheating, repair all components, especially Micro BGA components.

B: SUGON T3602 Lead-free Soldering Station

120W SUGON T3602 Soldering Station can reach from 100℃-450℃. 1s Rapid Heating humanized design is convenient for the use and it immediately into sleep mode when the handle is placed on holder.

It has independent control of A/B zone. Two independent soldering iron handle plug settings can be used separately at the same time for different maintenance operations, which has no influence, no interference, more convenient when you operate it on under the trinocular microscope.

Soldering station comes with better temperature control, you can set the temperature of the tip precisely to suit your needs and they are always powerful enough to melt away thick layers of solder. So don’t let an inferior soldering station melt your patience any more, and pick the most suitable soldering station for your projects right now.

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