How Do I Pick Soldering Iron to FIX My Phone

If you work in cell phone repair field, you must be familiar with soldering iron. Soldering iron can be used for jumper wire connection, it is a must-have skill in motherboard repair. In this blog, VIP FIX Shop Team will you lead you to understand the importance of a soldering iron in cell phone repairs.

Basically, soldering irons include the following different types:

1. External heating electric soldering iron

The welding head of the external heating electric soldering iron is installed in the iron core, and the welding head is made of copper alloy material with copper as the base. The length of the welding head can be adjusted. The shorter the welding head, the higher the temperature of the welding head. High-power external heating electric soldering iron is usually used for welding iron plate parts.

2. Internally heated electric soldering iron

The core of the internally heated electric soldering iron is installed in the welding head. The iron core is made of nickel-chromium resistance wire wound on a porcelain tube. It has fast heating speed and high thermal efficiency. It has the advantages of low price, light weight, small size, fast heating, and low power consumption. It is very suitable for welding small electronic components and printed circuits, so it is widely used for instrument maintenance.

3. Thermostatic soldering iron

Constant temperature electric soldering iron has temperature sensor and controller. When the temperature of the soldering iron tip reaches the set value, the temperature of the welding head can be manually changed to stop heating, thereby improving the welding quality and prolonging the service life of the welding head. There are not many types of constant temperature electric soldering irons, and a simple temperature control circuit is installed on the handle of the soldering iron.

The more complex structure is called soldering station, it uses positive temperature coefficient heating elements in the welded core. After the set temperature is changed, the welding head can quickly reach the new set temperature. You can not only adjust the temperature and constant temperature, but also prevent static electricity and induced electricity, which is very suitable for welding CMOS devices. Some products also have a digital temperature display.

How to choose the right soldering iron for phone repairs? If you are a professional repairer of mobile phones, we advise you to buy a professional soldering iron with temperature-adjustable and thermostatic function.

Let's take Quick TS1200A soldering station as an example to explain. Generally, the default adjustment temperature of our motherboard repair is 380 degrees, and it can be adjusted to 320 degrees with jumper soldering. In most cases, the soldering iron tips we use are mainly small blades.

Note: After using the soldering iron, before putting it into rack, the soldering iron must be covered with solder balls. This operation is actually a maintenance of the soldering iron. The more you maintain the soldering iron, the better it will be used. If it is not maintained well, the life of the soldering iron tip will be very short, and it is also very easy to oxidize.


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