How to Fix iPad 5 Cannot Charge - Replace iPad USB Charging IC
This is an iPad 5 that cannot be charged. The charger is plugged in, but the iPad shown that the charging failed. We tried to use other charger, but still cannot charge the device. Therefore, we confirm the problem is not on lingtning cable, but an iPad motherboard problem. We need to disassemble the machine for repair.

Firstly, test the iPad 5 with a 1503D+ DC power supply, when charge the iPad 5, the charge current reacts.

Disassemble the iPad 5, and then the relevant external accessories. After replacement, test the iPad 5, but the iPad 5 still won't charge.

Disassemble the iPad 5 again, and then test the iPad 5 with a DC power supply, press the iPad power button, the boot current jumps from 250mA, which is abnormal.

As we know, for Apple product charging failure, if the boot current jumps from 230mA-280mA, mostly it's caused by iPad USB charging IC.

Log in to ZXW dongle to check iPad schematic diagram, we know that when we plug the Apple lightning cable to the iPad, J4600 tail plug flex cable will supply 5V USB power to Q1823, and then supply voltage to iPad power IC and iPad USB charge IC. If the charge current is too large, it will easy to damage the iPad charging IC.

Attach the iPad motherboard to the PCB holder fixture, and then put it under a Black Double Arm Microscope, use hot air rework station and BGA graver to remove the iPad USB charging IC. After the iPad USB charging IC is removed, use DC power supply to test the iPad again now the boot current jumps from 100mA, which is normal.

Install a new iPad USB charging IC to the motherboard, and then assemble the iPad 5.

Insert a Apple lightning cable to charge the iPad 5, now the iPad 5 can be charged successfully, the problem has been fixed!

Hope the above methods are helpful to you. If you have other methods, please leave a comment in the comments below.

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